languish - the action or state of languishing                                                                                                                     language

scandal - to disgrace, bring into ill repute or obloquy; to spread scandal concerning (a person), to defame.

bosky - consisting of or covered with bushes or underwood; full of thickets, bushy.


horner - one who blows a horn, one who cuckolds another man

box - to fight with fists; now mostly of purely athletic practice with boxing-gloves.

jilt - to deceive after holding out hopes in love, to cast off (a lover) capriciously.




to do one's stuff - to do what is required or expected of one, to perform one's role.

husbandman - a man who is the head of a household; the 'goodman' of the house;                vir - force, vigour, energy.

weih = wy - man  


smallclothes - small articles of clothing (as underclothing); breeches; knee-breeches.

hatch - to bring forth from the egg either by natural or artificial heat


biss (d) - bite;                         bis (d) - until.

bud - fig. To spring forth, as a bud, to develop

bashfully - in a shy or shamefaced manner

by all means* - in every way possible

incensive - something that arouses feeling, or incites to action; an exciting cause or motive; an incitement, provocation, 'spur'.

semiological - pertaining to semiology (sign language (obs.); the branch of science concerned with the study of linguistic signs and symbols).

agglutinative - that fastens as glue, that adhers or cements

yez - you                                                                                                                                                                              yes

idos - international artifical language

to ask after - to look for, search for

tripartite* - divided into or composed of three parts or kinds; threefold, triple.

stablelad = stable-boy - a boy or man employed in or about a stable

Shinner - colloq. abbrev. of Sinn Feiner 

tertium quid* - something (indefinite or left undefined) related in some way to two (definite or known) things, but distinct from both.

rave - to utter in a frenzied or enthusiastic manner

sniffer - the nose (slang.)

fall foul - fig. To clash, come into conflict (with); to get into disputes; to quarrel (''A mans companions are (like ships) to be kept in distance, for falling foule one of another''). 

to be there for the asking* - to be obtainable if one wishes it

tuppenny - twopenny

go off - to depart (often implying suddenness or haste); to deteriorate; to lose brightness,  quality, or vigour.

pullet - a young (domestic) fowl, between the ages of chicken and mature fowl

canon - a rule, law, or decree of the Church

conjugation - the action of joining together or uniting; union in wedlock (humorous.)

shadow - to conceal from view

liberally* - abundantly, amply, plentifully

bilabial - two-lipped

earring - a ring worn in the lobe of the ear for ornament

chink - an imitation of the short, sharp sound produced by pieces of metal or glass striking one another.

curly - having or adorned with curls; having curled hair

bard - a tribal poet singer; a poet

kitchin = kinchin - a child, a 'kid'

tich - the stage name Little Tich of the dwarfish music-hall comedian Harry Relph (1868-1928).

to twist the tail (of a person)* - to annoy, to coerce (someone)

race is

racy - Of persons: Having a distinctive quality or vigour of character or intellect; lively, spirited, full of 'go'.  

rossy - rubbishy; rosy (obs.) (rose-coloured, rose-red)

kith and kin* - orig. Country and kinsfolk; in later use, acquaintance and kinsfolk, one's friends and relatives. 


property plot - a list of the properties required for a play

York* - pertaining to the royal house of York


Mackinaw* - a thick blanket, such as used to be distributed to the Indians of the North-west by the U.S. government.




give up - to divulge, reveal

gripe - the 'clutch' or 'pinch' of something painful; Formerly often in pl.: Spasms of pain, pangs of grief or affliction;
to give (one) the creeps - to cause (someone) to have feeling of dislike, fear, nervousness, etc.

to take (one's) time* - to allow oneself sufficient time (to do something).

leady - resembling lead, usually in colour;                      lady of the lake - the designation of a personage in the Arthurian legends, Nimue or Vivien; a nymph; a kept mistress.

convict - a condemned criminal serving a sentence of penal servitude