why - Used interjectionally, before a sentence or clause: As an expression of surprise.

pin - As a type of something very small, or of very slight value or significance.

tossup - the throwing up of a coin to arrive at a decision

courting - the paying of courteous attention, in order to win favour or love.

quack - the harsh cry characteristic of a duck; a sound resembling, or imitating this.

love potion* - a drink to excite love

put down - to write down; to enter in a written account, list, etc.  

ringside seat - a seat immediately adjacent to a boxing contest or other sporting activity.

corrupt - to render morally unsound or 'rotten'; to destroy the moral purity or chastity of.

recoil - to cause to retreat or retire

sprout - to grow, issue, or proceed as a sprout or sprouts; to shoot forth or spring up by natural growth.

scruple - a thought or circumstance that troubles the mind or conscience; a doubt, uncertainty or hesitation in regard to right and wrong, duty, propriety, etc.

trope - Rhet. A figure of speech which consists in the use of a word or phrase in a sense other than that which is proper to it; also, in casual use, a figure of speech.

popetry - pertaining to or of the nature of a puppet                                                                                                             poetry

dear* - to inspire or create affection for (a person or thing); to treat affectionately or fondly.

mishmash - a confused mixture; a medley, hodgepodge, jumble



Jack the Ripper* - popular name for a murderer of women in London in 1888, who mutilated the bodies of his victims.

to dwell on - to spend time upon or linger over (a thing) in action or thought.

lander - one who lands or goes ashore

appeal - to be attractive or pleasing to (a person)

shuck - to slip out of one's clothes; to strip oneself; to remove, throw or strip off                                                                shock

wheedle - to entice or persuade by soft flattering words

starveling* - fig. Poor in quality or quantity, lean, thin, meagre, scanty

congregational - performed by a congregation of worshippers collectively

rota - Mus. A musical composition which has the form of a round; this form itself. Used esp. of medieval English songs.

pagoda - a temple or sacred building (in India, China, and adjacent countries); fig. = Temple.

diva - a distinguished female singer, a prima donna;                 divna (sr) - very beautiful.

devojka (sr) - girl

dauber - one who plasters or covers walls with mortar, clay, etc.; a plasterer;                     dobar (sr) - good.

dan (sr) - day

sedulous - Of persons or agents: Diligent, active, constant in application to the matter in hand.

singe - to burn (something) superficially or lightly                                                                                                                  sing

grunt - to utter or express with a grunt                                                                                                                                 grant

foreboden - presented beforehand

dea - U.S. colloq. abbrevs. of deacon

coloratura - a showy stile in singing (as in opera); 'divisions, runs, trills, cadenzas, and other florid passages in vocal music'.

harmonize* - Mus. To be in harmony, form a concord

love in a cottage* - a euphemistic expression for marriage with insufficient means.


diddle* - to sing without distinct utterance of words

school colours - the distinctive colours of a school, esp. as conferred as a sign of sporting achievement.

scrap - to quarrel, squabble; to engage in heated argument or angry dispute.

rug - to pull, tear, or tug (at something). Also, to struggle

mat - to become entangled, to form tangled masses. Chiefly with together

chummy - familiar, intimate

bashed - having the surface beaten or smashed in                                                                                                             mashed

spud - a potato (slang and dial.)

holmgang - a duel to the death

attaboy - an exclamation expressive of encouragement or admiration

hoity - to play a fool, foolish

poss - colloq. abbrev. possible

acheve - obs. form of achieve (v.)

taurus (l) - bull

periculosus (l) - dangerous

morbus (l) - illness

miserabilis (l) - miserable

uval - pertaining to a Grape or Vine

preclude - to 'close the door against', shut out, prevent the entrance of

mob - a strumpet (a debauched or unchaste woman, a harlot, prostitute)

begob - a mild oath

to see anything green in (one's) eye* - to detect any signs of gullibility

out of tune* - out of correct intonation in singing