molar - a molar or grinding tooth

hole in the air* - an old name for an air-pocket (a local condition of atmosphere, as a down current or sudden change of wind velocity, which causes an aircraft to lose height suddenly).


reflex - the reflection or image of an object, as seen in a mirror or surface acting as such.

areesh (scandin.) - dream

intrepid - Of persons and personal qualities: Fearless, daring, brave                                                                              interpreter

ruffle - to seize rudely; to handle (a woman) with rude familiarity (obs.)

bussing - kissing



expressionism - the methods, style, or attitude of expressionists; spec. a style of painting in which the artist seeks to express emotional experience rather than impressions of the physical world.


octave* - Mus. The note eight diatonic degrees above (or below) a given note (both notes being counted), which is produced by vibrations of twice (or half) the rate.

rattle - a rapid succession of short sharp sounds, caused by the concussion of hard bodies.

whoa - a word of command to a horse or other draught-animal to stop or stand still.

twig - to become aware of by seeing; to perceive, discern, catch sight of; to recognize.

scham (d) - shame;                     sham - Of material things or substances: Made in imitation of something else; made to appear to be something which it is not.


ghastly - like a spectre, or a dead body; frightfully, horribly

blousy = blowzy - Of hair, dress: Dishevelled, frowzy, slatternly;                frock - an upper garment worn chiefly by men; a long coat, tunic, or mantle.

emblem* - a figured object used with symbolic meaning, as the distinctive badge of a person, family, nation, etc.

worthy - a distinguished or eminent person

onkel (l) - uncle

garotte - to execute by means of the garrotte (the Spanish method of capital punishment by strangulation; the apparatus for inflicting this).

chop - to eat; to exchange or bandy words, to answer back; fig. Applied to hurried reading or speaking in which the words are 'swallowed' or bolted.


stone;                      battered - bruised and shattered by repeated blows.

tower of Babel* - biblical structure that was erected for the purpose of reaching heaven and incurred the wrath of god who made the builders speech mutually unintelligible;                    balbus (l) - stuttering.

brisk - sharp or smart in regard to movement (in a praiseworthy sense)

scoff up - to eat voraciously, devour

mutton chop* - a piece of mutton for broiling or frying, usually a division of the loin containing one rib (having the end of the bone chopped off) and half the vertebra to which it is attached.

lobscouse - a sailor's dish consisting of meat stewed with vegetables and ship's biscuit, or the like.

duff - dough, paste (dial.); something worthless or spurious

diarrhea* - a disorder consisting in the too frequent evacuation of too fluid fces, sometimes attended with griping pains;
diary - a daily record of events or transactions.

stammer - a stammering mode of utterance

muff - one without skill or aptitude for some particular work or pursuit, a 'duffer'.

canonize* - to place in the canon or calendar of the saints, according to the rules and with the ceremonies observed by the Church.

airy - light in movement, like air in its lightness and buoyancy

churchyard - the yard or enclosed piece of ground in which a church stands; formerly almost universally used as a burial ground for the parish or district, and still so used, esp. in rural districts.

cloister - a place of religious seclusion, a monastery or nunnery, a convent.

cap - to put a cap on (a person, or his head); esp. as the sign of conferring a University degree.

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jactitation* - public or open declaration, esp. of a boastful sort; ostentatious affirmation.

codding - ? Lecherous, lustful

gauche - wanting in tact or in ease and grace of manner, awkward, clumsy

allemande (fr) -  German

husker - one who husks; one who removes the husk of corn

whacker - anything abnormally large of its kind; esp. a 'thumping' lie

auricle* - the external ear of animals; Formerly sometimes restricted to the lower lobe or 'lap' of the human ear.

parle - to speak; to discuss, debate;                        parles - paralysis, palsy.

illstarred - born under, or having one's fortunes governed by, an evil star (according to astrological belief); unfortunate, unlucky, ill-fated.

punster - a professed maker of puns; one addicted to or skilled in punning.

quadra (l) - a square

Cantab - of the University of Cambridge; student of Cambridge

chipper - lively, brisk, cheerful; 'chirpy'

Oxonian* - a member of the University of Oxford

mood - to reflect moodily                                                                                                                                                   met

tiptoe - characterized by standing or walking, on tiptoe; straining upwards, ambitious; eagerly expectant.

p.p. (per procurationem) - by proxy

mimograph - a writer or composer of mimes

pernicious - rapid, swift

ormolu* - Originally, Gold or gold-leaf ground and prepared for gilding brass, bronze, or other metal; hence, gilded bronze used in the decoration of furniture, etc.

turquoise* - a precious stone found in Persia, much prized as a gem, of a sky-blue to apple-green colour, almost opaque or sometimes translucent, consisting of hydrous phosphate of aluminium.

art - are

tallyho - the view-halloo raised by huntsmen on catching sight of the fox