recitant* - one who recites or repeats

varsatile - obs. variant of versatile

ology - a branch of knowledge, science

Augustan - connected with the reign of Augustus Csar, the palmy period of Latin literature; hence applied to the period of highest purity and refinement of any national literature.

justly* - with good reason or truth; rightly, properly

in the first place* - at the beginning of the discussion of a matter, to start with.

supine - lying on one's back, lying with the face or front upward

tautological* - repeating the same word, or the same notion in different words.



subjunctive - a relative (obs. rare.); Gram. That is subjoined or dependent.

paltry - petty, insignificant, trifling; contemptible, despicable; of worthless nature.

flippant* - displaying unbecoming levity in the consideration of serious subjects or in behaviour to persons entitled to respect.

onomatopeia* - the formation of a name or word by an imitation of the sound associated with  the thing or action designated.

stop - Gram. Short for full stop

fondness* - foolish affection; unreasoning tenderness

twine - to separate, part, etc.

twos - a group or set of two persons or things; a pair, couple. Usually in pl.


furbelow* -a piece of stuff pleated and puckered on a gown or petticoat; the pleated border of a petticoat or gown. Now often in pl. as a contemptuous term for showy ornaments or trimming, esp. in a lady's dress.

farthingale - a frame-work of hoops, usually of whalebone, worked into some kind of cloth, formerly used for extending the skirts of women's dresses; a hooped petticoat.

undoubting* - harbouring no doubts, confident

unbelieving* - not giving belief

dactyl* - Prosody. A metrical foot consisting of a long syllable followed by two short.


ticklish - easily tickled; sensitive to tickling                                                                                                                    English

namer - one who, or that which, gives a name or names

ending - termination, conclusion, completion; the concluding part of a piece of work, a book, etc.

stress - the overpowering pressure of some adverse force or influence.

sunder - to dissolve connexion between two or more persons or things, to separate or part one from another.

enliven - to give fuller life to; to animate, inspirit, invigorate physically or spiritually; to quicken (feelings).

ay - Indicating assent to a previous statement, and preliminary to a further or more forcible one.

clasp - taking in the arms, embrace

deciduous - fig. Fleeting, transitory, perishing or disappearing after having served its purpose.

mike - a rest, a period of idleness

positively - definitely, explicitly, directly, downright; with assurance or confident assertion.

alarm - a warning; the apparatus or mechanism which sounds the alarm

put on - to bring into action or operation; to cause to act

hereby - by, through, or from this fact or circumstance; as a result of this


amble - Of a horse, mule, etc.: To move by lifting the two feet on one side together, alternately with the two feet on the other; hence, to move at a smooth or easy pace; Hence, To move in a way suggesting the motion or pace of an ambling horse; Said fig. of any easy motion.

mitch - to shrink or retire from view, to lurk out of sight; to complain, whine                                                                       itching

mizzle - to disappear suddenly; to run or slink away, decamp, vanish, take oneself off.

sarve - obs. form of serve

gulp - to swallow in large draughts or morsels hastily or with greediness

bumper* - a cup or glass of wine, etc., filled to the brim, esp. when drunk as a toast.

whenever - at whatever time, no matter when

tempos - pl. of tempo (rate of motion, pace, rhytmic recurrence)

fidget - to make movements indicative of impatience, restlessness, or uneasiness.

fiacre* - a small four-wheeled carriage for hire, a hackney-coach

Monomark* - a combination of letters and/or figures used as an identification mark for goods or personal property.

undulant - fluctuating, rippling, having a form of waves

hoodie - the Hooded or Royston Crow, Corvus Cornix

tway - two

mew - a gull, esp. the common gull, Larus canus

freer - comp. of free; friar

bawl - to shout at the top of one's voice

sawdust - wood in the state of small particles, detached from a tree, plank, etc. in the process of sawing.

collie - a Scotch shepherd's dog

shack - a roughly built cabin or shanty of logs, mud, etc.; a house (U.S. slang.)

Azores - islands of north Atlantic;                 azure - the clear blue colour of the unclouded sky, or of the sea reflecting it.

chorine - a chorus girl

heath - open uncultivated ground; an extensive tract of waste land.

sistra - a musical instrument consisting of a thin oval metal frame furnished with transverse metal rods loosely fixed in it and a handle by which it was shaken; Originally peculiar to Egypt and the worship of Isis, but subsequently used in other Oriental countries.

banshee* - a supernatural being supposed by the peasantry of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands to wail under the windows of a house where one of the inmates is about to die.

peel - to take off one's clothes or outer garments; to strip

houri - a nymph of the Muslim Paradise; Hence applied allusively to a voluptuously beautiful woman;                Haar (d) - hair.

hoar - to become hoary or grey-haired; fig. To grow old