turnabout - to reverse one's position or course; to turn so as to face or go in the opposite direction.

red loam - a red soil of the tropics, usually friable and highly leached

trot - to go or move quickly; to go briskly or busily

scream - a cause of laughter, a very amusing person or situation (colloq.)

jig - a piece of sport, a joke

seven hilled* - standing on seven hills: epithet of the city of Rome

beamer - one who beams or smiles broadly

staffette (i) - stirrup

on the spur of the moment* - on impulse, prompted by the occasion, quickly, suddenly.

freeboot - plunder, robbery

pst* - a whispered signal for silence

jehu - a driver, a coachman                                                                                                                                        Jerusalem

clickclack - expression for recurring or successive sounds of the click type.

courser - a runner, one who runs in a race, a racer; a large powerful horse, ridden in battle, in a tournament, etc.

cheer up - to raise the spirits of (anyone) by cheering words; to brighten up.

moyne - mine (obs.)

jee = gee (int.), a word of command to a horse

nettly - irritable     

frog-march - to carry (a prisoner) face downwards; now usually, to hustle (a person) forward after seizing him from behind and pinning his arms together.

defile - Mil. A narrow way or passage along which troops can march only by files or with a narrow front; the act of defiling, a march by files.

running water - water flowing in a stream or river

quicken - to give or restore life to; to make alive; to animate (as the soul the body).

seaborne - transported by ship, conveyed by sea

whaler - a vessel used in whale-fishing; anything unusually large of its kind.

tree - wooden structure; applied poet. or rhet. to a ship

seaweed - a plant growing in the sea, a marine alga

dinky - neat, trim, dainty; small, tiny, trifling

squall - to scream loudly or discordantly

kew - short for thank you

brine - the water of the sea; the sea

macadam - the material of which a macadamized road is made

dank - to wet, damp, moisten; fig. To damp (the spirits or aspirations), to depress;                        dank (d) - thanks.

sight - to get or catch sight of, to see

take off - to go away, take one's departure, be off

nunc (l) - now

nimmer (l) - never

how goes the enemy* - 'what is the time?'

hotfoot - prompt or rapid action or movement; a quick escape

stayer - one who stays or remains

Panroman* - an artificial language invented for universal use by H. Molenaar.

apological - of the nature of an apology or defence; of the nature of an apologue, parable, or fable.

Kerry cow* - a cow of a breed belonging to Kerry, noted for the quality of the milk.

rank - a row or line of persons

to wage battle* - to pledge oneself to judicial combat

bother - petty trouble, worry; disturbance, 'fuss'

thank you

adry - in a dry or thirsty condition; thirsty;                        tri (sr) - three.

to watch someone's smoke - to watch someone go, to observe someone's actions; chiefly imp. in phr. watch my smoke.

Shaun the Post;                     boast - proud or vain-glorious speech; 'tall talk'; vaunt, brag.

fireless - fig. Without energy, life, or animation

postludium = postlude - a closing piece of music; a written or spoken epilogue.

soapbox - a wooden case in which soap is or may be packed, traditionally used as a makeshift stand for a speaker.


pour - Of persons: To run or rush in a stream or crowd


snip - to cut, to cut up or off, by or as by scissors or some similar cutting instrument.

biga - a two horse chariot of ancient Mediteranian countries

triga - an ancient Roman three-horse chariot

rheda - four-wheeled carriage

rodeo - a public exhibition of skill, often in the form of a competition, in the riding of unbroken horses, the roping of calves, wrestling with steers, etc.

cherub - a being of a celestial or angelic order

charabanc* - a kind of long and light vehicle with transverse seats looking forward.


sedan chair - a closed vehicle to seat one person, borne on two poles by two bearers, one in front and one behind.

repulse - to drive or beat back (an assailant)