FDV: [Repulsing all aid, he kicked himself up &] While all the February Filtdyke's daughters showed their approval in the usual fashion by [dropping to their knees and] applauding with their hands He took from the gentle gentlest weeper among the waiters the yellow label in which he dropped a tear, smothered a cough, spat a spit & blew his nose. He then licked its stickyback, clapped the badge of belief to his brow, waved a hand across the sea as notice to quit and in selfrighting himself toppled on his way to the left and so he was couriered off and on his way.

asno (sp) - donkey + no es nada (sp) - it's nothing.

nada - nothing; inchoate or elemental sound considered as the source of all sounds and as a source of creation, the 'inner' sound of the body

hermetic - relating to or dealing with occult science, esp. alchemy + Hermetikos (gr) - pertaining to Hermes, messanger of the gods, identified with Mercury + Hermes Psychopompos - Hermes conductor of the souls: prods the dead along with his staff.

prod - an act of prodding; a thrust with some pointed instrument; a poke, a stab + Joyce's note: 'gave him a kind of kick or a prod'.

take notice - to give heed, bestow attention

phalanx - fig. A number or set of persons, etc. banded together for a common purpose, esp. in support of or in opposition to some cause + (notebook 1924): 'phalanx' → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 3: 'The hundreds of thousands who comprise the McCormack phalanxes'.

February filldike - a popular appellation indicating the prevalence of either rain or snow in this month + (notebook 1924): 'Feb bad month fill dyke' + *Q*.

embush - ambush (obs.)

rambler - one who rambles; In later use, one who walks through the countryside on a specified route, freq. in company with others.

weep - a fit or bout of weeping; Also 'the weeps': a fit of weeping or melancholy.

voiced (Joyce's note) → Mordell: The Erotic Motive in Literature 185: 'writers with radical opinions. In our time there have arisen a number of geniuses who voiced such opinions'.

dropped to their knees (notebook 1924)Freeman's Journal 14 Mar 1924, 5/6: 'Officer Hanged': (during the hanging of a murderer) 'A group of sympathisers dropped to their knees'.

concelebrate - to celebrate together, or in great numbers; to publish the fame of, extol loudly

sunflower - fig. Applied to a person of resplendent beauty + Midnight Sun.

piopa (pipe) (gael) - pipe + Paddy.

solace - comfort, consolation; alleviation of sorrow, distress, or discomfort + solas (sules) (gael) - light + sol (l) - sun.

darkness + dorkas (gr) = dorcas (l) - gazelle + dorcha (durukhe) (gael) - dark, darkness.

splatter - to splash continuously or noisily + Joyce's note: '*V* applauded'

plap - to come down or fall with a flat impact, and with the sound that this makes + palms

distress - the sore pressure or strain of adversity, trouble, sickness, pain, or sorrow + (Joyce's note): 'cry of genuine distress'.

prettily - in a way that pleases the eye, ear, or Šsthetic sense

polylogue - a discussion between more than two persons + polylogy (Archaic) - loquacity, much speaking + (notebook 1922-23): 'Stories monologue / 1 pers to 1 / 1 - - 2 / 2 " " 1 / 2 - - 2 / polylogue (broadcasting?)' (dashes and double inverted commas ditto 'pers to').

just - that does what is morally right, righteous

*V* view him away (notebook 1924)

favour - exceptional kindness; gracious or friendly action due to special goodwill, and in excess of what may be ordinarily looked for

wherefore - on which account, for which reason

wail - to express pain or sorrow by prolonged piteous cries

aujourd hui (fr) - today + Weh (ger) - woe, pain.

desiriously - with desire or longing; wishfully, longingly + Osiris.

psalmody - to sing psalms

Gestern (ger) - yesterday

loflied (Dutch) - hymn, song of praise

tomorrow night's + Maronites - Christian sect of Syrian origin that is in communion with the Roman Catholic Church and living chiefly in Lebanon.

"O Isis and Osiris," from The Magic Flute.

cedar + Vulgate Apocrypha: Sirach 24:13: 'As cedar I was exalted in Lebanon and as cypress on Mount Zion. And as palm-tree I was exalted in Cades and as rose transplanting in Jericho. As beautiful olive in the fields and as plane-tree I was exalted by the water in the open spaces'.

esaltare (it) - to exalt

cypress + cupressus (l) - cypress.

platanus (l) - plain-tree


miserere nobis (l) - have mercy on us + (the choir of girls splits in two, those who pronounce Oasis and those who pronounce Oisis, 6 x 4 + 5 = 29 words in threnody).

scuttle - to run with quick, hurried steps

hop off - Aeronaut., the take-off of an aircraft; depart (Slang)

wean - one who takes care of a young person (obs.)

Weiner (ger) - one who cries

dropleaf - table that has a fixed section in the center and a hinged section (leaf) on either side that can be folded down (dropped)

label - an adhesive postage-stamp, bill-stamp, or the like

smother - to hush up (a matter, etc.); to repress, retain from displaying, (feeling, etc.) by the exercise of self-control

choke - to suppress or smother any feeling, or aspiration + FDV: He took from the gentle gentlest weeper among the waiters the yellow label in which he dropped a tear, smothered a cough, spat a spit & blew his nose.

guffaw - a burst of coarse laughter

expectorate - to eject, discharge (phlegm, etc.) from the chest or lungs by coughing, hawking, or spitting

blow own trumpet (Joyce's note) Irish Independent 1 Apr 1924, 6/4: 'The Gift of Spring. Scattered Gold in Ireland': 'Hardy fellows those daffodils, and well able to blow their own trumpets, so to speak; they simply shout to us that Spring is here! - is here! - is here!'

gummy - gum-like, sticky, viscid

stickyback - a small photograph or poster with a gummed back

stamp - to impress with a device or lettering indicating genuineness, quality, or official inspection and approval

badge - a distinguishing 'sign,' emblem, token, or symbol of any kind

angellus (l) - little lamb + agnolo (it) - angel.

dash - a violent blow, stroke, impact, or collision, such as smashes or might smash

irrepressible - that cannot be repressed, restrained, or put down + (notebook 1924): 'irrepressible piety (Croke)' → Kinane: St. Patrick v: (preface by T.W. Croke, Archbishop of Cashel) 'it breathes forth a spirit of what may be aptly styled irrepressible piety and prayerfulness'.

ladylike - wellbred, weak, soft, yielding

manzelle (it) - young cows + manzette (it) - young girls + Tippmamsell (ger) - lady typist (jocular).

topsy turvy - turned upside down; fig. utterly confused or disorderly

scamp - a good-for-nothing, worthless person, a ne'er-do-well + (notebook 1924): 'Scamp *V*' + smoke


frisky - lively, playful + whisky

Jameson - the proprietary name of a brand of Irish whiskey + Juan, Jaime (sp) - John, James.

hastaluego (sp) - so long 

shag - a mass of matted hair


Hands across the Sea (song)

'quit wreck USA' (notebook 1924)

widdershins - in a direction contrary to the apparent course of the sun (considered as unlucky or causing disaster) + Wiedersehn (ger) - see again + Widersinn (ger) - contradiction + (girls turn one to another, calling out one another's name joyfully).

Frida, Freda, etc. - Joyce wrote (Letters, I, 264): "These are 29 words for 'Peace' taken from or modelled on the following tongues and variations (German, Dano-Norwegian, Provenšal, French, Greek, French variations, Malay, Echo, Gipsy, Magyar childrens, Armenian, Sengalese, Latin variation, Irish, Diminutive, N. Breton, S. Breton, Chinese, Pidgin, Arabic, Hebrew, Sanscrit, Hindustani and English). This word was actually sighed around the world in that way in 1918" + frid (Swedish) - peace + Friede (German) - piece + *Q* (29 peace-words in 14 pairs + 1).