nada - nothing; inchoate or elemental sound considered as the source of all sounds and as a source of creation, the 'inner' sound of the body.

hermetic - relating to or dealing with occult science, esp. alchemy

prod - an act of prodding; a thrust with some pointed instrument; a poke, a stab.

to take notice - to give heed, bestow attention

phalanx - fig. A number or set of persons, etc. banded together for a common purpose, esp. in support of or in opposition to some cause.

February filldike - a popular appellation indicating the prevalence of either rain or snow in this month.

embush - ambush (obs.)

rambler - one who rambles; In later use, one who walks through the countryside on a specified route, freq. in company with others.

weep - a fit or bout of weeping; Also the weeps: a fit of weeping or melancholy.

concelebrate - to celebrate together, or in great numbers; to publish the fame of, extol loudly.

sunflower - fig. Applied to a person of resplendent beauty

solace* - comfort, consolation; alleviation of sorrow, distress, or discomfort.

splatter - to splash continuously or noisily

plap - to come down or fall with a flat impact, and with the sound that this makes                                                             palms

distress - the sore pressure or strain of adversity, trouble, sickness, pain, or sorrow.

prettily* - in a way that pleases the eye, ear, or ęsthetic sense

polylogue* - a discussion between more than two persons

just - that does what is morally right, righteous

favour - exceptional kindness; gracious or friendly action due to special goodwill, and in  excess of what may be ordinarily looked for.

wherefore - on which account, for which reason

wail - to express pain or sorrow by prolonged piteous cries

aujourd hui (fr) - today

desiriously* - with desire or longing; wishfully, eagerly, longingly

psalmody - to sing psalms

Gestern (d) - yesterday





scuttle - to run with quick, hurried steps

hop off - Aeronaut., the take-off of an aircraft

wean - one who takes care of a young person (obs.)

dropleaf* - designating a table or desk having a hinged flap at the end or side which can be raised to extend the surface area.

label - an adhesive postage-stamp, bill-stamp, or the like

smother - to hush up (a matter, etc.); to repress, retain from displaying, (feeling, etc.) by the exercise of self-control.

choke - to suppress or smother any feeling, or aspiration

guffaw - a burst of coarse laughter, a loud or boisterous laugh

expectorate* - to eject, discharge (phlegm, etc.) from the chest or lungs by coughing, hawking, or spitting.

gummy* - gum-like, sticky, viscid

stickyback - a small photograph or poster with a gummed back

stamp - to impress with a device or lettering indicating genuineness, quality, or official inspection and approval.

badge - a distinguishing 'sign,' emblem, token, or symbol of any kind

dash - a violent blow, stroke, impact, or collision, such as smashes or might smash; a gay or showy appearance, display, parade.

irrepressible - that cannot be repressed, restrained, or put down

ladylike - wellbred, weak, soft, yielding

topsy turvy* - turned upside down; fig. utterly confused or disorderly.

scamp - a good-for-nothing, worthless person, a ne'er-do-well                                                                                         smoke


frisky - lively, playful                                                                                                                                                     whisky

Jameson* - the proprietary name of a brand of Irish whiskey

shag - a mass of matted hair

widdershins - in a direction contrary to the apparent course of the sun (considered as unlucky or causing disaster).