selfrighting - Of a boat: The action of righting itself after being upset

corporeity - bodily personality, body, person (colloq.)

reexchange - to exchange again

wider - comp. of wide (a.)

stella (l) - star

venus* - a beautiful or attractive woman

bad luck to (a person or thing)! - a vulgar form of imprecation, expressive of ill-will, disgust, or disappointment.

star - an ornament, usually of precious metal, representing a star, worn as part of the insignia of an order of knighthood, or as a military decoration.

garter - the badge of the highest order of English knighthood

climax - the highest point of anything reached by gradual ascent

topple - to lean over unsteadily, as if on the point of falling

brandnew - quite new, perfectly new

easting - easterly progress, a going eastward; Of a heavenly body: The reaching the eastern point of its apparent daily path.

Southern Cross - the Australian national flag

bungaloid - having the appearance or style of a bungalow or bungalows

Boreas* - the north wind

hedgy - resembling hedge

bound - a limit or boundary, that to which anything extends in space

to blow off - to allow (steam or the like) to escape forcibly with a blowing noise.

trover - the act of finding and assuming possession of any personal property; hence (in full, action of trover), an action at law to recover the value of personal property illegally converted by another to his own use. Originally the action was brought for damages against one who had found and refused to give up the goods of the plaintiff on demand; this refusal constituted 'conversion'; hence the action was called trover and conversion. Later, the finding became a legal fiction, and it was only necessary to prove the ownership and detention of the goods.

John;                         Shaun.

redhead - a person having a red hair

bucket - ro ride (a horse) hard, reckless of his fatigue

Mecca - Applied to a place which one regards as supremely sacred, or which it is the  aspiration of one's life to be able to visit.

headless - having no head; wanting in brains or intellect, brainless

courier - to travel as a courier

with a rush* - with a sudden onset, in a sweeping or rapid manner

relay - a set of fresh horses obtained, or kept ready, at various stages along a route to expedite travel.

narrowly - only by a (very) little

foul - to defile or pollute (with guilt); to dishonour, disgrace

buttres - a prop, support

but for - except for, were it not for

aqueduct* - an artificial channel for the conveyance of water from place to place; esp. an elevated structure of masonry used for this purpose.

to cock a snook at - to make a derisive gesture (to catch nose with fingers).

stock - a quantity (of something specified, whether material or immaterial) accumulated for future use.

sermon - something that is said; talk, discourse


at the double - as quickly as possible, immediately

hulk - the body of a dismantled ship (worn out and unfit for sea service) retained in use as a store-vessel, for the temporary housing of crews, for quarantine or other purposes.

garron - a small and inferior kind of horse bred and used chiefly in Ireland and Scotland.

pelt - to beat the ground with rapid steps; to move at a vigorous and rapid pace.

Shanks' mare - one's own legs as a means of conveyance

let off - to allow to go or escape

bouchal - young man, boy, herdboy

posse - a 'force', a strong band, company, or assemblage (of persons, animals, or things).

hanker - to 'hang about', to linger or loiter about with longing or expectation.

to (the) windward - to the windward side or direction;                 windward - having a direction towards, i.e. opposite to that of, the wind.

seraph - a seraphic person, an 'angel'                                                                                                                              sheriff

summons - a call or citation by authority to appear before a court or judicial officer.

on the air - (being) broadcast by radio transmission

tempest - a confused or tumultuous throng, a crowded assembly

packet - a small pack, package, or parcel; sometimes (with obvious reference to a packet of letters or news), a false report, a falsehood, a 'packet of lies'.

teem - to discharge (something out of or from a vessel, a cart, etc.); to empty out, pour out.

funnel - a cone-shaped vessel usually fitted at the apex with a short tube, by means of which a liquid, powder, or the like, may be conducted through a small opening.

fan mail - the letters sent to a celebrity by his or her followers


track - the actual course or route followed (which need not be any beaten or visible path, or leave any traces, as the path of a ship, a bird in the air, a comet).

floral - of or pertaining to a flower or flowers

fray - a disturbance, esp. one caused by fighting; a noisy quarrel, a brawl                                                                                 way

borne = berne (obs.) - man

besom - fig. Any agent that cleanses, purifies, or sweeps away things                                                                                  bosom

wring, wrung, wrung - to twist (a wet garment, cloth, etc.) in the hands, so as to force out water.

"How much have we held back? To change course and so goodbye" (Danish)

wethen = whethen (obs.) - whence

God speed you* - a wish for the success of one who is setting out on some journey or enterprise.

rural - Of persons: Living in the country; having the standing, qualities, or manners of peasants or country-folk.

export - to send out (commodities of any kind) from one country to another

crooner - a singer who croons