evoker - one who or that which evokes (to bring or recall to the conscious mind) + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: The Meeting of the Waters: 'Sweet vale of Avoca!'

shamrockshire - a jocular name for Ireland + seamrog (shamerog) (gael) - shamrock, trefoil, clover + (notebook 1924): 'shamrockshire shamrogue' Freeman's Journal 10 Mar 1924, 8/5: 'By the Way': 'Since 1681, when Thomas Dinely, who travelled in Ireland, drew attention to the wearing of the shamrock, "the vulgar superstitiously wear shamroges, three-leaved grass," there have been many references to the chosen leaf... James Farewell, in his satire, 1689, alludes to Ireland as "Shamrogshire"'.

googoo - an imitative representation of baby talk + goo, googaw, googeen (Anglo-Irish) - light-headed person (from Irish: guag).

bolly - a bogy, hobgoblin

copiosity - abundance, plentifulness

friary - of or pertaining to the friars

pulpit - a raised platform or lectern in a church or chapel from which the preacher delivers a sermon + barrel-shaped pulpit (in Boucicault's Arrah-na-Pogue, Sean the Post gives his wedding speech standing on a barrel).

tawny - name of a composite colour, consisting of brown with a preponderance of yellow or orange + bawn (Anglo-Irish) = ban (ban) (gael) - white + (notebook 1924): '*C* blacker & blacker *V* whiter & whiter'.

wisehead - one who has a wise head; always in ironical sense, One who fancies himself wise, a wiseacre + whiteheaded boy (Irish) - a favourite + FDV: May your bawny head hair grow whiter & fairer and rarer, our [own] whiteheaded boy!

mint - to make (coin) by stamping metal + mind your P's and Q's - remember to say 'Please' and 'Thank you'.

peace + (notebook 1924): 'feed (of pea)'.

blarney - smoothly flattering or cajoling talk (Colloquial.) Also, nonsense + Dun Blairne (dun blarni) (gael) - Little-field Fort: Blarney Castle, Co. Cork + Lios Dun Bhearna (lis dun varne) (gael) - Fort of Gap-Fort, Co. Clare; anglic. Lisdoonvarna.

'The Groves of Blarney They look so charming... By the sweet rock close' (song)

hymn - to sing as a hymn; to express in a hymn or song of praise

casa (it) - house + ciesa (Italian Dialect) - church.

theorbo - an instrument made like large lute, but having two necks, with two sets of pegs, the lower set holding the strings governed by frets, while to the upper set were attached the long bass strings used as open notes.

songster - one who sings, a singer; a poet, a writer of songs or verse

angler - one who angles or fishes with a hook and line

choreographer - a designer or arranger of a ballet

piper - one who plays on a pipe (esp. a strolling musician)

prisoned - confined in or as in a prison; imprisoned

musicianship - skill as a musician

ambassador-at-large - (U.S.), an ambassador appointed to perform special duties, and not accredited to any one government or sovereign

by design - on purpose, purposely + (notebook 1924): '*V* natural *C* artificial' The Catholic Encyclopedia vol. I, 'Abel', 36a: (quoting Josephus) 'God was more delighted with the latter (Abel's) oblation, when He was honoured with what grew naturally of its own accord, than He was with what was the invention of a covetous man, and gotten by forcing the ground'.

a Sheainin (a hyanin) (gael) - Johnny (vocativePronunciation 'a Hauneen') + (notebook 1924): ', Shaun lad,' Irish Independent 15 Apr 1924, 8/6: 'To the Editor "Irish Independent"': 'the erection of the monument to our brave lads in Merrion Square' + (notebook 1924): 'had Collins been spared'.

Doran's Ass (song): 'says he, what use my walking quicker, Sure I know she'll meet me on the way' + FDV: Just by nature & natural by design you will be longed for & looked after while you are away.

joss - a Chinese figure of a deity, an idol + el (Hebrew) - God + Jove + Jehovah.

Krishnamurti - 20th-century Indian "sage" + [Chris] na Muircheartaigh (Chris nu mwirkharti) (gael) - [the Chris] of the descendant of Muircheartach ("navigator") + Christ + Krishna.

photophore - a luminiferous organ in certain animals + (notebook 1924): '*V* ray of light travelling backward'.

pilgrimage - a journey (usually of considerable duration) made to some sacred place, as an act of religious devotion + (notebook 1924): 'pilgrimage to the past' + (Shaun grows younger through book III).

antipodes - the exact opposite of a person or thing (In this sense the sing. antipode is still  used.) + Joyce's note: 'antipodes'.

consign - to hand over formally, to send to an address

distributory = distributive - concerned with the supply of goods to stores and other businesses that sell to consumers + distributive justice - one of the two divisions of Justice, according to Aristotle (the other being commutative), that which consists in the distribution of something in shares proportionate to the deserts of each among the several parties.

tidings - the announcement of an event or occurrence, a piece of news + Luke 2:10: 'tidings of great joy' + FDV: [As a the beam of light we follow receding [in the antipodes.]] You, who so often brought dropped delivered us a drop of great joy [dear pennyatimer [into our never too late to post box.]]

too late box (notebook 1924) Ulysses.15.2778: 'I stand, so to speak, with an unposted letter bearing the extra regulation fee before the too late box of the general postoffice of human life'.

mansuetude - gentleness, meekness

victorious + hoarse.

adieu - good-bye! farewell! + as true as a die - completely true (the phrase originated as 'as smooth as a die', no doubt referring to the smoothness of the bone that dice were made from. It migrated to 'as true as a die' in the 18th century, as in: "You'll know me truer than a die.") + hodie (l) - today.


lampadafer (l) = lampadephoros (gr) - 'torch-bearer' + lampada (Italian) - lamp.

Petulengro - head of the English gypsies, died in the '50s. + petul-engro (Gipsy) - horseshoe-maker, smith, tinker (the name of a Gypsy tribe). 

Romany chal (Gipsy) - Gypsy fellow, Gypsy lad + Daily Mail 28 Dec 1922, 6/5: 'Gipsies in Winter': 'the Romanichal, the true-bred gipsy, scorns the "mumpers" or road-folk who seek cover at night under house-roof'.

pall - to become faint, to become pale or dim (obs.)

lucerne - a lamp, lantern + Lake Lucerne (placename derived from Latin lux: light).

splutter - to utter hastily and indistinctly, to talk or speak hastily and confusedly + Joyce's note: 'if it cd speak'

canton - a corner, an angle (obs.); a subdivision of a country; a small district + Lake of Four Cantons - Lake Lucerne.

pattern - an example; esp. a typical, model, or representative instance, a signal example + pattern (Irish) - a patron saint's day, religious gathering on a patron saint's feast day.

Joyce's note: ''How grateful should be' For he it was that said if God said may I say it - offence. I rarely hear service in one man' ('How' and 'hear' not clear; crayoned only from 'may' to the end)

indivisible - that which is indivisible; an infinitely small particle or quantity + individuals

continuum - a continuous thing, quantity, or substance; a continuous series of elements passing into each other

overlord - to lord it over, domineer over; to rule as an overlord or superior authority

interlard - to intersperse or embellish speech or writing with different material; fig. To diversify by intermixture or interjection; to mix, mingle, or intersperse with.

accidence - hap, mishap, chance; fortuitous circumstance

fervently - with warmth of feeling; ardently, passionately + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: When He, Who Adores Thee: 'In my last humble prayer to the Spirit above, Thy name shall be mingled with mine'.


postexilic - after exile