evoker - one who or that which evokes (to call (a feeling, faculty, manifestation, etc.) into being or activity).

shamrockshire* - a jocular name for Ireland

googoo - an imitative representation of baby talk

bolly - a bogy, hobgoblin

copiosity - abundance, plentifulness

friary - of or pertaining to the friars

pulpit - a raised structure consisting of an enclosed platform, usually supplied with a desk, seat, and other accessories, from which the preacher in a church or chapel delivers the sermon, and in which in some denominations the officiating minister conducts the service.

tawny* - name of a composite colour, consisting of brown with a preponderance of yellow or orange.

wisehead* - one who has a wise head; always in ironical sense, One who fancies himself wise, a wiseacre.


mint - to make (coin) by stamping metal                                                                                                                             make


blarney* - smoothly flattering or cajoling talk (Colloquial.) Also, nonsense.

hymn - to sing as a hymn; to express in a hymn or song of praise

casa (it) - house

theorbo - a large kind of lute with a double neck and two sets of tuning-pegs, the lower holding the melody strings and the upper the bass strings.

songster - one who sings, a singer; a poet, a writer of songs or verse

angler - one who angles or fishes with a hook and line

choreographer - a designer or arranger of a ballet

piper - one who plays on a pipe (esp. a strolling musician)

prisoned - confined in or as in a prison; imprisoned

musicianship - skill as a musician

ambassador-at-large* - (U.S.), an ambassador appointed to perform special duties, and not accredited to any one government or sovereign.

by design - on purpose, purposely

joss - a Chinese figure of a deity, an idol

photophore - a luminiferous organ in certain animals

pilgrimage - a journey (usually of considerable duration) made to some sacred place, as an act of religious devotion.

antipodes - the exact opposite of a person or thing (In this sense the sing. antipode is still  used.)

consign - to hand over formally; to seal, sign, subscribe

distributory = distributive - of, belonging to, or arising from, distribution;                    distributive justice - one of the two divisions of Justice, according to Aristotle (the other being commutative), that which consists in the distribution of something in shares proportionate to the deserts of each among the several parties.

tidings - the announcement of an event or occurrence, a piece of news

mansuetude* - gentleness, meekness

adieu* - good-bye! farewell!;                                In comparisons: as smooth, true, straight as a die.

pall - to become faint, to become pale or dim (obs.)

lucerne - a lamp, lantern

splutter - to utter hastily and indistinctly, to talk or speak hastily and confusedly.

canton - a corner, an angle (obs.); a subdivision of a country; a small district.

pattern - an example; esp. a typical, model, or representative instance, a signal example.

indivisible - that which is indivisible; an infinitely small particle or quantity                                                                     individuals

continuum - a continuous thing, quantity, or substance; a continuous series of elements passing into each other.

overlord - to lord it over, domineer over; to rule as an overlord or superior authority.

interlard - fig. To diversify by intermixture or interjection; to mix, mingle, or intersperse with.

accidence - hap, mishap, chance; fortuitous circumstance

fervently - with warmth of feeling; ardently, earnestly, hotly, passionately.


postexilic - after exile