longsuffering - patient endurance of provocation or trial

decennia - ten years

matter - to arrange the subject-matter of

wither - to lose vigour or freshness, to languish, decline, pine away, fade.

Sylvester - St. Sylvester's day, Dec. 31

whimsicality* - oddity, fantasticalness

murmurant* - murmuring (obs.)

no more - not any more; no further

know - knowledge

Moloch* - the name of a Canaanite idol, to whom children were sacrificed as burnt-offerings.

slip - a strip, a narrow piece or stretch, of land, ground, etc.

rived - riven, rent, torn apart; Also fig.                                                                                                                             right

chill - cold

spatch - to slay, kill; aphetic form of dispatch

furlong - the present statute furlong is 220 yards, and is equal to the eighth part of a statute mile.

slick - first-class, excellent

slapstick - knockabout comedy or humour, farce, horseplay

record - a performance or occurrence remarkable among, or going beyond, others of the same kind; spec. the best recorded achievement in any competitive sport.

farfetched - Of an argument, notion, simile, etc.: Studiously sought out, not easily or naturally introduced.

in troth - truly, verily, indeed

docile - apt to be taught, ready and willing to receive instruction, teachable.

bouncing - that bounces: in various senses of the verb relating alike to loudness, brag, and vigorous or ungainly movement.

contest - to contend in rivalry, vie, compete (with)

phoenix* - a mythical bird, of gorgeous plumage, fabled to be the only one of its kind, and to live five or six hundred years in the Arabian desert, after which it burnt itself to ashes on a funeral pile of aromatic twigs ignited by the sun and fanned by its own wings, but only to emerge from its ashes with renewed youth, to live through another cycle of years.

Erebus* - the proper name of 'a place of darkness, between Earth and Hades'                                                                     Arabia

smother - dense, suffocating, or stifling smoke, such as is produced by combustion without flame.

to shoot up - to assail (a person, thing) by shooting

eftsoon - Indicating sequence or transition in discourse: Again, moreover, likewise; afterwards, soon afterwards.

spirt - to sprout or germinate; to squirt


sunward - toward the sun

rampant* - unchecked, unrestrained, aggressive, etc.

flambe - a torch

sombre - depressingly dark, dusky, or obscure

opacity - the quality or condition of being impervious to light; darkness, dimness, obscurity.

gloom - an indefinite degree of darkness or obscurity, the result of night, deep shadow, etc.


footsore - having sore or tender feet

win out - to come out successfully, succeed in attaining one's end

whereon - on which

amain - with all one's might, at full speed; vehemently, violently                                                                                        amen