lowly - in a low voice

longly - for a long while (obs.)

wail - expression of pain or grief by prolonged vocal sound


to lay low - an occas. use erroneously developed from to lie low (to lie on or in the ground, lie prostrate).

mead = meadow - Originally a piece of land permanently covered with grass which is mown  for use as hay. In later use often extended to include any piece of grass land, whether used for cropping or pasture; and in some districts applied esp. to a tract of low well-watered ground, usually near a river.

hillock - a little hill

dormant - sleeping, lying asleep or as asleep

mid - poetical aphesis of amid (in the middle, in the midst (obs.); surrounded by, among).

shadowed - protected from light and heat, furnished with shade

landscape* - a view or prospect of natural inland scenery, such as can be taken in at a glance from one point of view; a tract of land with its distinguishing characteristics and features.

brief - a formal letter, dispatch; a letter, dispatch, note (obs.)

wallet - a bag for holding provisions, clothing, books, etc., esp. on a journey either on foot or on horseback.

loose - Of living beings or their limbs: Free from bonds, fetters, or physical restraint.

staff - a stick carried in the hand as an aid in walking or climbing

citron - the tree Citrus Medica, which bears this fruit; (Formerly including the Lemon C. Limonum, and Sweet Lime C. Limetta, which most botanists consider to be established varieties that have arisen under cultivation from the typical species.)

briar - a prickly, thorny bush or shrub in general

cause - that which produces an effect                                                                                                                             course

para - - outside of, beyond, beside

poly - - many, much, multi;                     polylogue - a discussion between more than two persons.

lock - one of the portions into which a head of hair naturally divides itself; a tress.

Lucan - pertaining to the evangelist St. Luke

tinge - a slight shade of colouring, esp. one modifying a tint or colour.

ripely - in a ripe, mature, or fully developed manner

ripple - to have or present a ruffled surface, to be covered with small waves.

fillet - to bind or tie up (the hair) with or as with a fillet (a ribbon, string, or narrow band of any material used for binding the hair, or worn round the head to keep the headdress in position, or simply for ornament).

betassel - to adorn with tassels

ouze - obs. form of ooze                                                                                                                                                        out

sidewise - directed towards one side, sideward

languishing - pining with love or grief

princely - like a prince, princelike

treble - consisting of three members, things, or sets combined

treacle - a medicinal compound, orig. a kind of salve, composed of many ingredients, formerly in repute as an alexipharmic against and antidote to venomous bites, poisons generally, and malignant diseases.

lichee - variant of litchi (the fruit of an evergreen tree, Litchi chinensis, of the family SapindaceŠ, native to southern China but widely cultivated in tropical countries elsewhere; the fruit is a large berry with a rough, brown skin and sweet, white flesh, which is eaten fresh or preserved).

chowchow* - a mixture or medley of any sort; e.g. mixed pickles or preserves. Also, food of any kind.

purse - a money-bag or -receptacle and its contents

swoon - the action of swooning or the condition of one who has swooned; a (deep or sound) sleep (obs. rare.)

helping - a portion of food served at one time

honeyful - full of or abounding in honey or sweetness

sweet head

phew - a vocal gesture expressing impatience, disgust, discomfort, or weariness.

earpiercing - shrill and irritating to the ear

dulcitude - sweetness

blunt - Of an angle, edge, or point: Not sharp, obtuse

cushionet - a little cushion, a pin-cushion

chubby - round-faced; plump and well-rounded

buzzer - an electric mechanism for producing an intermittent current and a buzzing sound or series of sounds; used chiefly as a call or signal.

keep the home fires burning - to keep everything in good condition in one's own country, home, etc. during a war or time of trouble.

churr - a deep or low trilled or whirring sound made by some birds, etc.

midland - the middle part of a country. Also pl. esp. applied to the middle counties of England.

suit - a livery or uniform; also, in wider use, a dress, garb; any of the four sets (distinguished by their several marks, as spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds) of which a pack of playing-cards consists.

crowner - one who crowns (to invest with the regal crown, and hence with the character and dignity of a king or ruling prince).

cardinal points* - the four points of the horizon (or the heavens) which lie in the direction of the earth's two poles (cardines), and of sunrise and sunset respectively.

amber - of the colour and clearness of amber, of a clear yellowish brown; fig. Referring to the property of amber as enclosing and preserving insects of past ages.

Brosna - river at center of Ireland (meeting point of four provinces)

furzy - covered or overgrown with furze; spiny yellow-flowered European shrub (aka gorse).

quaint - strange, unusual

screech* - a loud shrill cry, usually one expressive of violent and uncontrollable pain or alarm.

gloaming - evening twilight; Said occas. of morning twilight

to hop it - to be off, go away quickly

mountany - belonging to or dwelling in the mountains

molehill - a small mound, or occas. a ridge, of earth thrown up by moles in burrowing near the surface of the ground;
to make a mountain (out) of a mole-hill - to attribute great importance to something (esp. a difficulty or grievance) which is really insignificant.

clime - fig. Region, realm

two-ply, three-ply, four-ply - a fold of two, three, etc., layers.