Diana - an ancient Italian female divinity, the moon-goddess, patroness of virginity and of hunting + Dinah, Won't You Blow Your Horn (song) + FDV: to hear with [the] unaided ear the concert harp in the air, wild as wild, the bugleblowing, the mockingbird whose word is misfortune, so 'tis said, the bulbul down the wind.

wild as wild (notebook 1922-23)

mock bird - an American passerine song-bird of the genus Mimus, esp. Mimus polyglottus, characterized by its habit of mimicking the notes of other birds + (notebook 1923): 'mocking bird'.

bulbul - a species of the genus Pycnonotus, belonging to the Thrush family, much admired in the East for its song; hence sometimes called the 'nightingale' of the East + Joyce's note: 'bulbul'.

runs down wind (Joyce's note) Quarterly Review Oct 1922, 273: 'Reynard the Fox': 'When hunted... cares little about being able to see or hear his pursuers as long as he can wind them... It is for this reason, of course, that he habitually runs down wind'.

FDV: The proto was traipsing [on the weatherside of him] through the tangle then & held extended aloft a silencing hand. All The buckos on the lee stood where they were found around the poster's bed & set a watch about him, the claymen four the quatyouare of stenogers in their broadawain broadawake hats, the probers, & the ass, odd trick of the pack. Be all of yous hooshet! Let sleeping letters yawn! Twas so he sang even thus opened he his lips & while mist & moonset melded into song to them, half ensorcelled. The song of a selfspinning sun, a satrap amid satellites. For old Matt Gregory he had a star menagerie: Marcus Lyons and Lucas Metcalf Tarpey and the man mack that never forgot the forgave their ass that went lurked behind them, Johnny na Hazzle Hosseleen.

proto- - 'first in time, earliest, original, primitive' + proto (it) - foreman.

traipse - to walk in a trailing or untidy way, e.g. to walk or 'trail' through the mud; a tedious or tiring journey on foot

tangle - a confused mass of something twisted together

godson - a male god-child

godfather - a male sponsor considered in relation to his god-child + gudfar (Danish) - godfather + bedstefar (Danish) - grandfather (literally 'best father').

deputize - to act as a deputy

gossip - one who has contracted spiritual affinity with another by acting as a sponsor at a baptism; idle talk, trifling or groundless rumour + gossip (Archaic) - godfather.

perch - a measure of length, esp. for land, palings, walls, etc.; in Standard Measure equal to 512 yards

weather side - the side (e.g. of a building, a tree) that is most exposed to injury from weather + (notebook 1924): 'weather side lee side' Irish Independent 13 Mar 1924, 6/5: 'On Some Popular Phrases... Three Sheets in the Wind': 'In a three-masted sailing ship the three largest sails are fastened on the lee side (which is the most sheltered from the wind) by ropes called sheets. Should however, the wind unexpectedly shift round so that the side on which the sheets are made fast becomes the weather, or windy side, then these sheets are "in the wind," and the vessel staggers and yaws about in a manner reminiscent of a person intoxicated'.

knoll - a small hill or eminence of more or less rounded form; a hillock, a mound

UISNEACH (USHNAGH) - Hill, 10 miles South-West of Mullingar, County Westmeath; traditionally regarded as the geographical center of Ireland + (notebook 1924): 'Usnach hill centre of I-' Gwynn: The History of Ireland 13: 'the Hill of Usnach, the central point of Ireland, about ten miles west of Mullingar'.

protend - to stretch forward; to stick out, protrude + proextendo (l) - to stretch out for + (notebook 1923): 'Priest extends nonreading hand = Silence!'

aloof - at a distance, distant + SDV: The proto was traipsing then through the tangle then and his station was a few perch to the weatherside of the knoll of Usnach and it was from there he extended aloft the hand of silence.

ether - the upper regions of space beyond the clouds; In ancient cosmological speculation conceived as an element filling all space beyond the sphere of the moon, and as the constituent substance of the stars and planets and of their spheres; it was variously regarded as a purer form of fire or of air, or as differing in kind from all the 'four elements'.

Mesmer, Franz (1733-1815) - Austrian doctor who gave us the word "mesmerism". He believed that a subtle universally-diffused fluid permitted mutual influence between heavenly bodies, the earth and living bodies.

manuum (pl.) (l) - hands', of hands

bucko (Nautical Slang) - a blustering, swaggering, or domineering fellow (also used as a term of address) + (notebook 1924): 'my bucko' my bucko  (Irish) - Familiar, often mildly contemptuous, form of address.

lea - a tract of open ground, either meadow, pasture, or arable land + lee side [.05]

ward - defence, protection, shelter (obs.); the action or function of a watchman, sentinel, or the like + SDV: The buckos on the lee then stood wherever they found their standings, and set a watch about him, with their broadawake prober's hats on their firrum heads

making obeisance + Muslim prayer involves a sequence of postures.

curtsey - to make a curtsy, to do reverence to

prospect - a scene presented to the mental vision, esp. of something future or expected; a mental vista + Prospekt - In the Soviet Union: a long, wide street; an avenue, a boulevard. Esp. used of the great avenues of Leningrad, e.g. Nevsky Prospekt + Prospect Cemetery, Dublin (Glasnevin) + Prophet (Mohammed).

uphold - to support or sustain physically; to keep from falling or sinking

broad awake - fully awake, wide awake + wideawake - soft felt hat with wide brim + (notebook 1924): 'broadway hat' Irish Statesman 7 Feb 1924, 4/2: 'A Terrible Swell': 'Mrs. Merriman said... the man who took her bag was a terrible swell, wearing evening dress and a Broadway hat'.

prober - one who or that which probes + (notebook 1924): 'probe (inquiry)'.

firrum (Irish Pronunciation) - firm + ferrum (l) - iron

finding - the result of a judicial examination or inquiry

circuit - to go, pass, move, or travel round


Fallen (ger) - traps

crack - pre-eminent, superexcellent, 'first-class'

quattuor (l) - four + (notebook 1924): '*X* quatuor' quatuor - a quartet (applied chiefly to instrumental compositions).

stenog (United States Colloquial) - stenographer + (notebook 1923): 'to stenog' → O. Henry: The Four Million 141: 'Springtime la Carte': 'So, not being able to stenog, she could not enter that bright galaxy of office talent'.

Solon - a sage, a wiseacre. Also (with small initial) in the U.S., in weakened sense: a legislator, congressman + solan - very large white gannet with black wing tips.

psychomoros (gr) - soul-fool + "to the solans and the sycamores" [384.01]

all told - when all are counted, in all

daimon - one's genius or demon (a supernatural being of a nature intermediate between that of gods and men)

spite - a strong feeling of (contempt,) hatred or ill-will; intense grudge or desire to injure

clop - a sharp sound such as is made by shoes or hoofs on the ground + hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs.

seclusion - the state of being private and away from other people

odd trick - each trick in excess of six won by declarer's side at bridge + FDV: All The buckos on the lee stood where they were found around the poster's bed & set a watch about him, the claymen four the quatyouare of stenogers in their broadawain broadawake hats, the probers, & the ass, odd trick of the pack.

pack - a complete set of playing-cards + SDV: and a crack quatyouare of stenoggers they made together, with having their ass beast by them, the odd trick of the pack.

trump - a playing-card of that suit which for the time being ranks above the other three, so that any one such card can 'take' any card of another suit; spec. the card, usually that last turned up by the dealer, determining this suit.

carrots... (notebook 1924)

fornenst - right opposite to, over against; facing

Joyce's note: 'Let lying doges / sleep'; MS 47482b-063, MT: Let sleeping letters yawn! | JJA 58:004 | probably Nov-Dec 1924| III:3A.*1 | FW 476.14 + FDV: Be all of yous hooshet! Let sleeping letters yawn!

asprawl - in a sprawling posture, sprawling + SDV: Yawn was before them all of asprawl and I will tell you more than that he was profoundly asleep.

poppy - annual or biennial or perennial herbs having milky juice with narcotic properties, showy flowers with petals (usually four in number) of delicate texture and various colours (often becoming 'double' in cultivation), and roundish capsules containing numerous small round seeds + Joyce's note: '...poppy *V*b'.

drear - Of persons, their actions, state, aspect, etc.: Full of sadness or melancholy; sad, doleful, melancholy + dear. 

deave - to deafen; to stun or stupefy with noise (formerly also with a blow); to bewilder, worry, or confuse + be deaf + believe.

Osca (l) - town in Hispania + Osci (l) - the Oscans: primitive Italic people, neighbors of the Romans + oscitare (l) - to yawn + Oscar Wilde (his trial resulted from the Marquis of Queensbury's accusation that he was 'posing' as a sodomite [.23]) + (notebook 1924): 'he was in bed & I tell you more than that he was soundly asleep'.

satrap - a subordinate ruler; often suggesting an imputation of tyranny or ostentatious splendour + Joyce's note: 'satrap' + FDV: Twas so he sang even thus opened he his lips & while mist & moonset melded into song to them, half ensorcelled. The song of a selfspinning sun, a satrap amid satellites.

unctuous - of the nature or quality of an unguent or ointment; oily, greasy + (notebook 1924): 'unctuous beauty' Kinane: St. Patrick 108: (of Patrick's use of the shamrock to explain the Trinity) 'We can well conceive with what unction our Saint preached... the vast multitude, charmed by the beauties of the new Gospel, embraced Christianity'.

poser - a person who acts in an affected manner in order to impress others

lumen (l) - light + Lord Lucan (Crimean War) + (Lucifer).

coach - to prepare (a candidate) for an examination; to instruct in special subjects; to tutor

menagerie - a collection of wild animals in cages or enclosures, esp. one kept for exhibition, as in zoological gardens or a travelling show

Mr Metcalfe (notebook 1924) → John Joyce stayed as a lodger with the Medcalf family in Drumcondra for many years, from 1920 onwards.

mac (mok) (gael) - son + FDV: For old Matt Gregory he had a star menagerie: Marcus Lyons and Lucas Metcalf Tarpey and the man mack that never forgot the forgave their ass that went lurked behind them, Johnny na Hazzle Hosseleen.

The Girl I Left Behind Me (song) + SDV: And it was more similar to a satrap he lay there surrounded by satellites or the Lord Lumen, instructing his constellations in faith and doctrine for old Matt Gregory, 'tis he had the starmenagerie, Marcus Lyons and Lucas Metcalfe and the mack that never forgave the ass that lurked behind him, Johnny na Hossaleen.  

na h-asailin (nu hoselin) (gael) - [of] the little asses; also allusion to "Myles na gCopaleen (na gcapaillin: 'of the little horses'); The Colleen Bawn.

ensorcell - to enchant, bewitch, fascinate + (notebook 1923): 'ensorcelled' The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, vol. I, 36: The Third Shaykh's Story: 'This dog is a man whom his wife hath ensorcelled' + encircled.

fuming - that fumes, angry, raging; Also, characterized by or exhibiting anger.

censor - an adverse critic, one given to fault-finding; an official in some countries whose duty it is to inspect all books, journals, dramatic pieces, etc., before publication, to secure that they shall contain nothing immoral, heretical, or offensive to the government.

heels to sit on (notebook 1924) + can't tell his arse from his elbow - i.e. stupid, clumsy, simpletonic.

crouched + SDV: More than half ensorcelled you would say they were they couldn't tell a their heels from a their stools as they cooched down by his crib, curchy curchy,

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John + mammalucco (Italian) = marmaluco (Spanish) - simpleton, blockhead.

cubical - of the form of a cube, cube-shaped

crib - a small rectangular bed for a child, with barred or latticed sides + (notebook 1924): '*V* crib'.

nigh - to draw near; to approach

relief - a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress; sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background.

top - a toy of various shapes, but always of circular section, with a point on which it is made to spin, usually by the sudden pulling of a string wound round it

curchy-curchy (Dialect) - to curtsey

gawk - to stare or gape stupidly [(notebook 1924): 'gawk']

issuance - the action of issuing, putting forth, or giving out

name + pneuma (gr) - breath, spirit.

bequest - to give as a bequest (transference or bestowal by will, or by a similar procedure), to bequeath; a legacy + SDV: gawking on him and softnoising orderly one to another one, the boghnaquisthers boghnaqueesthers. And. So they began to say to him what way was he.