tetrahedrally - in a tetrahedral manner or form;                 tetrahedral - having four sides (in addition to the base or ends).

give - to put forth, emit (a cry, a sound, a sigh, etc.)                                                                                                        dying

bairn - a child

yerra - an asseverative oath or exclamation

dat - Repr. dial. (esp. Ir.), W.I., and U.S. Black pronunc. of that

wisha - an exclamation indicating dismay, emphasis, or surprise

boose - to drink deeply, or for the sake of enjoyment or goodfellowship;                    boozed - intoxicated, drunk, fuddled. 

alanna* - My child! Used as a form of address or as a term of endearment.

lesten = listen (obs.)

rehearse - to give an account, or make mention, of something (obs. rare.)

whisht - an exclamation enjoining silence: Hush!

hubba-hubba* - used to express approval, excitement, or enthusiasm

octopus* - a genus of cephalopod molluscs, characterized by eight 'arms' surrounding the mouth and provided with suckers.

...I spred abrode a towel on the grene grasse; ...The morning light was scarce fully spread abroad.

drifter - a boat or man engaged in fishing with a drift-net (a large kind of net used in the herring, pilchard, and mackerel fishery, extended by weights at the bottom and floats at the top, and allowed to drift with the tide).

chromous -  of or pertaining to chromium: applied to compounds in which it combines as a dyad.

gleamy - that gleams or sends forth gleams (of light)

seiner - a fisherman who uses a seine, or one employed to haul in a seine (a fishing net designed to hang vertically in the water, the ends being drawn together to inclose the fish).

assonance - the correspondence or rhyming of one word with another in the final (sometimes also the initial) consonant, but not in the vowel; a word or syllable answering to another in sound.

softspoken - Of words: Spoken softly, gently, or affably

quartermaster - a petty officer who attends to the steering of the ship, the binnacle, signals, stowing of the hold, etc.

chirpy - given to chirping; cheerful, lively, merry, hilarious

come - As a call or appeal to a person to bethink himself, implying impatience, remonstrance, or, more usually, mild protest or deprecation on the speaker's part. Often emphasized by repetition, or by the addition of such words as now, then, but

hospice - a house of rest and entertainment for pilgrims, travellers, or strangers; a nursing-home for the care of the dying or the incurably ill.

take on - to engage (someone) in a fight, contest, argument, etc.

one's mind's eye* - mental view or vision, remembrance

temptive - tending to tempt, tempting

lissom* - supple, limber                                                                                                                                                 listener

quadrilibral* - containing four pounds

azure - coloured like the unclouded sky; orig. of a deep intense blue, now usually of a soft clear bright blue, as is the sky of our more northern latitudes.

attractable - capable of being attracted

mystagogue - In Ancient Greece: One who gave preparatory instruction to candidates for initiation into the Eleusinian or other mysteries. Hence gen., one who introduces to religious mysteries, a hierophant; a teacher of mystical doctrines.

thence - from that place, from there (now chiefly literary.)

puisne* - Applied to an inferior or junior judge in the superior courts of common law.

donkeyman - a man in charge of a donkey

crucifer - Eccl. An attendant who carries a cross in a procession, a cross-bearer.

cauda - a tail-like appendage



mesh - to catch in the meshes of a net; fig. To entangle, involve inextricably.

rise - Of a fish: To come to the surface of the water to take a fly, bait, etc. 


at play - engaged in playing

quiver - an act of quivering, a tremble

scaly - abounding in, covered with, or consisting of scales; having a surface that peels off in  thin plates or layers.

silver - a silvery colour or lustre

clutch - the claw of a beast or bird of prey, or of a fiend: mostly in pl. claws, talons, paws;  Also contemptuously of a human hand.

chrome (gr) - colour

lucid - translucent, pellucid, clear

whilst - while

give way - to make room for, be superseded by. Const. to

mazing - causing confusion, bewilderment, or perplexity

thrip - short for threepence

ope = open

classy - of high or superior class, stylish, smart

myrrh - a gum-resin produced by several species of Commiphora: used for perfumery and as an ingredient in incense.

molten - dissolved (in a liquid); also, loosely, reduced to a partially liquid condition, e.g. by putrefaction.

meld - to merge, blend; to combine, incorporate

melliform* - resembling honey

ecko - obs. form of echo;                           ecce - Latin for 'lo!' or 'behold!'

odor - that property of a substance that is perceptible by the sense of smell; scent, smell; sometimes spec. sweet or pleasing scent; fragrance.

yur - obs. form of your

groun - obs. f. grown;                    ground - Preceded by a descriptive or limiting adj., or an attributive n.: Area or space having a specified extent or character, or adapted for a specified purpose (lit. and fig.);                 ...On historical grounds, the names sabadine and sabine (for the ester and alkamine respectively) deserve preference.

barrow - a mountain, mount, hill, or hillock; a mound of earth or stones erected in early times over a grave.

orangery - a place appropriated to the cultivation of orange-trees