SDV: Of the orangery? / Orangery. / Is it It is in your native orangery, I take it, you have the letter?

thousands + Thor + SDV: Thousands.


aforetime - before in time, formerly, previously + FDV: It was So long ago beforetime? / Thousands.

godsend - a sudden unexpected piece of good fortune + for god's sake (phrase).

dearling - obs. form of darling

Deuteronomy - the name or title of the fifth book of the Pentateuch, which contains a repetition, with parenetic comments, of the Decalogue, and most of the laws contained in Exodus xxi-xxiii, and xxxiv + deuteros (gr) - second.

audibly - in audible manner, so as to be heard, aloud

magger - variant of maugre, maggot + Majesty (The Letter) + FDV: I would bike to ask here on a point of language are we to take it when we interpret this word maggers ......? I understand that there are [over] 600 different words in your language for monarch but that there is no word which signifies majesty.

interpreter - one who interprets or explains; one who translates languages

Hanner (ger) - Johann

asellus (l) - little ass, ass's colt + Esel (ger) - donkey. 

606 (Slang) - Salvarsan, a remedy for syphilis + Revelation 13:18: 'the number of the beast... is Six hundred threescore and six' + (notebook 1924): '600 words for apple (Breton)'.

ragwort - widespread European weed having yellow daisylike flowers, sometimes an obnoxious weed and toxic to cattle if consumed in quantity + rückwärts (ger) - backwards + rag - transf. and fig. A fragment, scrap, bit, remnant.

mal- - 'ill', 'wrong', 'improper(ly)' + herbal - belonging to, consisting of, or made from herbs + François de Malherbe - French critic, thought rhymes should be alternately male and female.

Magism - the beliefs, principles and practices of the Magi (pl. of Magus: Hist. A member of the ancient Persian priestly caste, said by ancient historians to have been originally a Median tribe. Hence, in wider sense, one skilled in Oriental magic and astrology, an ancient magician or sorcerer; Applied by Irish historians to the heathen sorcerers who opposed St. Patrick) + Magi's language + The letter: well Maggy.

Wald (ger) - forest

Wand (ger) - wall

resin - a sticky flammable organic substance, insoluble in water, exuded by some trees and other plants (notably fir and pine) + rhyme and reason.

hace - Sc. form of hoase (hoarse (a.)) + YHVH - Tetragrammaton, God's unpronouncable name in Judaism + you have.

Teer (ger) - tar + term

blow in - to shatter, burst or destroy by explosion

vallum - a wall or rampart of earth, sods, or stone, erected as a permanent means of defence; esp. one of those constructed by the Romans in northern England and central Scotland + vallum (l) - rampart, mound + vellums + volumes.

Taimhleacht (talokht) (gael) - Plague-grave; village S.W. of Dublin; anglic. Talllaght (supposed site of mass burial of Parthalonian colonists, killed by plague)

signify - to be a sign or symbol of; to represent, mean

majestate - majesty

provisionally - temporarily and conditionally

rhaeda (l) - four-wheeled travelling carriage

road + rhoda (pl.) (gr) - roses; female pudenda + roda (Serbian) - stork + Rhaetian Road - chief ancient road across Swiss Alps.

turpentine - a volatile pungent oil distilled from gum turpentine or pine wood, used in mixing paints and varnishes and in liniment + Tarquintine - funeral path between Tarquinia, chief city of the Etruscan, and its famous necropolis.

hallucination + Eleusinia Via (l) - the Sacred Way at Eleusis through which celebrants of the mysteries passed to the hall of initiation, a path followed in Eleusinian Mysteries (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

via - a way or road

aurelian - of or pertaining to an aurelia; gen. gold-coloured, golden + Via Aurelia (l) - Aurelian way: road north from Rome to Arelate + Porta Aurelia (l) - Aurelian Gate: westernmost gate of Rome, across the Tiber.

gape - a rent or opening of any kind

rut - a track or passage hollowed out, cut, or excavated in the ground (rare.) + SUNKEN ROAD - The "Hohle Gasse," a famous road near Kussnacht on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, where William Tell lay in wait for the tyrant Gesslem.


trek - a long journey or expedition, esp. one overland involving considerable physical effort; S. Afr. In travelling by ox-wagon, a stage of a journey between one stopping-place and the next.

crux = cross, in heraldic and other expressions + crossway - a way or road crossing another, or leading across from one main road to another; a by-way + Via Crucis (l) - The Way of the Cross; Stations of the Cross.

moorhen - the female of the red grouse, Lagopus scoticus

mooner - a kind of watch-dog (obs.); one who abstractedly wanders or gazes about, as if moonstruck

Gang (ger) - passage, walk + (notebook 1924): 'gangplank' → gangplank - A board or ramp used as a removable footway between a ship and a pier. Also called gangway.

Copenhagen (Vikings) + hope in heaven.

unde derivatur (l) - whence [it] is derived

casemate - vaulted chamber (under ramparts of fortress) + casamatta (it) - casement, vault.

monsieur (French) - sir, Mr

frankly - Used to emphasize the truth of a statement, however unpalatable or shocking this may be.

enarratio (l) - narration

hoc (l) - and

intellego (l) - understanding + [quo] magis enarratur [eo] minus hoc intellego (l) - the more completely it is explained the less I understand this.

comment? c'est mal prononçable (fr) - how? it's poorly pronounceable + FDV: C'est mal prononcé.

Italian + tartagliano (it) - they stutter.

Francés (sp) - French language + (notebook 1924): '*V* speaks French'.

Boche (fr) - German

Provençale (fr) - Provençal

monsieur - Pronunciation 'moosoo' in Provençe + vous n'avez pas d'eau dans votre bouche provinciale, monsieur (fr) - you have no water in your provincial mouth, sir.

moy (Irish) - plain + majesty.

Klee (ger) - clover, shamrock

trouver (fr) - to find + Joyce's note: 'took the key of fields' je m'incline, mais moi, j'ai trouvé la clef dans les champs (fr) - I acquiesce, but me, I've found the key in the fields + avoir la clef des champs (fr) - to be free to go anywhere + prendre la clef des champs (fr) - to run away, to bolt.

poddy - corpulent, obese

velour (OF) - velvet + et çà n'a pas de valeur, comment (fr) - and that has no value, how.

hep - Usu. hep, hep! The cry of those who persecuted Jews in the 19th century + Hapi (Hep, Hap, Hapy) was a water and fertility god who was popular throughout Ancient Egypt. It is thought that his name was originally the predynastic name for the Nile. however, by the Dynastic period the Nile was known as "iterw" ("the river") and the word was used to refer to the god of the Nile (the name "Nile" derives from the Greek word "Neilos" which was a corruption of the Egyptian word "nwy", meaning "water"). One of the oldest references to Hapi is in the Pyramid Texts of Unas. Hapi (here called Hep) is linked to the Nome of Kenset (including the First Cataract and the islands of Elephantine, Sahel, Philae, and others) and to (Wepwawet (the opener of the ways).

come on + FDV: Hep there? Who's thon talking? Whure you?

valure - worth, importance, efficacy

tête (fr) - head + who's that.

dans (fr) - in, within

jambs (fr) - legs

inclining - tendency, propensity, bent (physical or mental)

Messiah - the Hebrew title (= 'anointed') applied in the O.T. prophetic writings to a promised deliverer of the Jewish nation, and hence applied to Jesus of Nazareth as the fulfilment of that promise.

trifling - the deliberate act of wasting time instead of working + tref (Serbian) - clubs (card suit).

Hure (ger) - whore + who are you?

Tristan + Jonathan (Swift).

Dieu-donné (fr) - God-given + Dieu-donné (French Colloquial) - of uncertain parentage + FDV: Tristan Patrick Dieudonné.

Ppt + type.

tactile - of or pertaining to touch; producing a sensation of touch + dattilògrafa (Italian) - female typist.

Patrick + father + An bhfuil tu i do Phadraig/i d'athair? (gael) - Are you a Patrick/father (i.e., by avocation)? + are you in your (Irish) - are you a... + (notebook 1923): 'Are you - ?...' / '...The same!' → Corkery: The Hounds of Banba 114: 'The Aherns': '"And you," I said, "are Humphrey Ahern." "The same," he said, cautiously'.

Tripartite Life of Saint Patrick - a medieval manuscript describing Saint Patrick's life + God in three persons.

soho - a call used by huntsmen to direct the attention of the dogs or of other hunters to a hare which has been discovered or started, or to encourage them in the chase + Isolde + so cold + hold (ger) - handsome.

you + yu (Chinese) - young, immature.

shever - obs. forms of shiver + FDV: What are ye shevering aboot? Is there cold on ye?

ultramontane - a strong adherent or supporter of the Papal authority; an inhabitant or native of a country north of the Alps + A group of troubadours in the most northerly districts of Provence, who were called 'Ultramontanes' by the poets of the plains south of the Garonne and the Cevennes; In general sense: Situated beyond, belonging to the other side of, the mountains.


doraphobia - a dread of touching the skin or fur of an animal

primary + prima (Italian) - first grade in elementary school + primavera (sp) - spring.

schoolmarm - a schoolmistress

St. Patrick in his youth was enslaved in Ireland near the woods of Fochlut + (notebook 1923): '(Focluth (wood of))' Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 11: (quoting Saint Patrick about the cause for his return to Ireland) '"I saw in the visions of the night a person coming from Ireland with innumerable letters... and I thought... that I heard the voice of those who were near the wood of Focluth, which is adjoining to the Western Sea, and they cried out, as it were with one voice, 'We entreat thee, holy youth, to come and walk still amongst us'... and so I awoke"'.

partridge - a short-tailed Eurasian game bird (family Phasianidae) with mainly brown plumage + Patrick + mis padres (sp) - my ancestors + FDV: The woods of Fochlut.

whisht - an exclamation enjoining silence: Hush! + wait.

greylag - the common wild goose of Europe, Anser cinereus