aforetime - before in time, in former time, formerly, previously

godsend - some desirable thing received unexpectedly and as it were from the hand of God, esp. something of which the recipient is greatly in want.

dearling - obs. form of darling

Deuteronomy* - the name or title of the fifth book of the Pentateuch, which contains a repetition, with parenetic comments, of the Decalogue, and most of the laws contained in Exodus xxi-xxiii, and xxxiv.

audibly - in audible manner, so as to be heard, aloud

magger - variant of maugre, maggot

interpreter - one who interprets or explains; one who translates languages.

ragwort* - the popular name of several species of the genus Senecio; the wild parsnip (obs. rare);         rag - transf. and fig. A fragment, scrap, bit, remnant.

mal - - 'ill', 'wrong', 'improper(ly)';                        herbal - belonging to, consisting of, or made from herbs.

Magism* - the beliefs, principles and practices of the Magi (pl. of Magus - Hist. A member of the ancient Persian priestly caste, said by ancient historians to have been originally a Median tribe. Hence, in wider sense, one skilled in Oriental magic and astrology, an ancient magician  or sorcerer; Applied by Irish historians to the heathen sorcerers who opposed St. Patrick).


Wald (d) - forest

resin - a vegetable product, formed by secretion in special canals in almost all trees and plants, from many of which (as the fir and pine) it exudes naturally, or can be readily obtained by incision.


hace - Sc. form of hoase (hoarse (a.))                                                                                                                                  have

to blow in - to shatter, burst or destroy by explosion

vallum - a wall or rampart of earth, sods, or stone, erected as a permanent means of defence; esp. one of those constructed by the Romans in northern England and central Scotland.

signify - to be a sign or symbol of; to represent, betoken, mean

majestate - majesty

provisionally - in a provisional (provided or adopted for present needs or for the time being) manner, as a temporary measure.


turpentine* - a term applied originally (as in Gr. and Lat.) to the semifluid resin of the terebinth tree, Pistacia Terebinthus.

via - a way or road

aurelian* - of or pertaining to an aurelia; gen. gold-coloured, golden

gape - a rent or opening of any kind

rut - a track or passage hollowed out, cut, or excavated in the ground (rare.)

trek - a long journey or expedition, esp. one overland involving considerable physical effort; S. Afr. In travelling by ox-wagon, a stage of a journey between one stopping-place and the next.

crux = cross, in heraldic and other expressions;                crossway - a way or road crossing another, or leading across from one main road to another; a by-way.

moorhen - the female of the red grouse, Lagopus scoticus

mooner - a kind of watch-dog (obs.); one who moons about;               moon - to move or look listlessly or aimlessly (as if moonstruck).

frankly - without concealment, disguise, or reserve; avowedly, openly, plainly. Now freq. with ellipsis of to speak.

enarratio (l) - narration

hoc (l) - and

intellego (l) - understanding


monsieur* - Used (vocatively or otherwise) as a title of courtesy substituted for the name of the person addressed or referred to.

trouver (fr) - to find

poddy - corpulent, obese

velour (OF) - velvet

hep - Usu. hep, hep! The cry of those who persecuted Jews in the 19th century.

come on

valure - worth, importance, efficacy

inclining - tendency, propensity, bent (physical or mental)

Messiah - the Hebrew title (= 'anointed') applied in the O.T. prophetic writings to a promised deliverer of the Jewish nation, and hence applied to Jesus of Nazareth as the fulfilment of that promise.


tactile - of or pertaining to touch; characterized or influenced by, or relating to the sense of touch.

soho - a call used by huntsmen to direct the attention of the dogs or of other hunters to a hare which has been discovered or started, or to encourage them in the chase                                                                                                                        so cold

shever - obs. forms of shiver

ultramontane - a strong adherent or supporter of the Papal authority; an inhabitant or native of a country north of the Alps; ...A group of troubadours in the most northerly districts of Provence, who were called 'Ultramontanes' by the poets of the plains south of the Garonne and the Cevennes; In general sense: Situated beyond, belonging to the other side of, the mountains.

doraphobia - a dread of touching the skin or fur of an animal


schoolmarm* - a schoolmistress

...St. Patrick in his youth was enslaved in Ireland near the woods of Fochlut

whisht - an exclamation enjoining silence: Hush!

greylag* - the common wild goose of Europe, Anser cinereus