lay - common, ordinary, not clerical

payee - the person to whom a sum of money is, or is to be, paid; esp. the person to whom a bill or cheque is made payable.

Norsk* = Norse - a Norwegian

raven - of the colour of a raven, glossy black

slaver - a vessel engaged in slave-traffic

trow - to trust, have confidence in, believe (a person or thing)

pon - upon

faolchu (Irish) - wolf 

scaper - obs. form of shaper

barnet - In full Barnet fair, the hair; hence, the head

trusty - that may be trusted or relied upon, trustworthy

crouch - to stoop or bend low with general compression of the body, as in stooping for shelter, in fear, or in submission.

pigeon - a young woman, a girl; a sweetheart; also, a coward (obs.)

tan - the brown colour of tan; tawny

tress - a plait or braid of the hair of the head, usually of a woman


wolfhound. = wolf-dog - any of several large varieties of dog formerly kept for hunting wolves, esp. the Irish greyhound or wolf-hound.

folklore - the traditional beliefs, legends, and customs, current among the common people.

crusade - to engage in a crusade, go on a crusade

parent ship - a ship which protects smaller vessels or which acts as a base for ships or aircraft.

prophet - to prophesy                                                                                                                                            permitting

bona fide* - acting or done in good faith; sincere, genuine

heeltap* - the liquor left at the bottom of a glass after drinking

middy - a midshipman (In the navy, the designation of a rank intermediate in the line of promotion between that of naval cadet and that of the lowest commissioned officer)                                                                                                                         midday

levantine - of or pertaining to the Levant; in early use, pertaining to the east, eastern.

ponente* - a Westerly wind in the Mediterranean

oxeyed - having large full eyes like those of an ox

magnus (l) - great

spadebeard - a spade-shaped beard; a beard cut or trimmed to the shape of a (pointed or broad) spade-blade.

corset* - a close-fitting body-garment; esp. a laced bodice worn as an outside garment by women in the middle ages and still in many countries.

crosser* - one who crosses, in various senses; one who makes the sign of the cross.

welsher - a bookmaker at a race-meeting, who takes money for a bet, and absconds or refuses to pay if he loses; a Welshman.

perfide* - [Fr., = treacherous.] In phr. perfide Albion - 'perfidious Albion'.

destroyer - a person or thing that destroys; a type of small, fast warship armed with guns, torpedoes, etc.

sign - to make a sign or signs by some movement of the hand, etc.

baling - the emptying of water from a boat or other vessel

scoop - a utensil for bailing out, ladling or skimming liquids; usually in the form of a ladle or a concave shovel with a straight handle; Now chiefly Naut. and dial.

suckle - to give suck to, to nurse (a child) at the breast;                    ... St. Patrick's Confessio mentions a pagan initiation ceremony which he resisted, involving sucking a man's breast.

ecce - Latin for 'lo!' or 'behold!';                        Ecce Homo - 'behold the Man' (John xix. 5); hence used subst. for a picture representing Christ wearing the crown of thorns.

hagious (gr) - holy

Jeyes fluid* - the proprietary name of a disinfectant consisting of a saponified solution of phenols, resins, and other ingredients.

hootch - alcoholic liquor, spirits, esp. of low quality or illegal provenance.

copper - a policeman; a cup-bearer

enkel (l) - uncle

Bill - [Shortened f. old bill] the police-force, a policeman

...Old Bailey in London, the seat of the Central Criminal Court.

ate - pa. tense of eat (v.)

tripe - the intestines, bowels, guts, as members of the body; hence, the paunch or belly including them.

acushla - darling

wrynecked* - having a wry or crooked neck; Of persons or animals: Affected with distortion of the neck, having wryneck;
Reinicke Fuchs - Goethe's Reynard the Fox.

fix - a position from which it is difficult to escape; a difficulty, dilemma, predicament.


grimbarb - badger (in Reynard the Fox)

Panzerkreuzer (d) - armed cruiser;                     pancer - beaver (in Reynard the Fox).

dread - extreme fear; apprehension or anxiety as to future events

vice - - With personal designations, especially titles of office, indicating that the person so called acts temporarily or regularly in place of, in the absence of, or as assistant to, another  who properly holds the office or bears the title or name.

encompass - to surround entirely, overlay as with an envelope or shell.

milky - Of persons, their actions, attributes, etc. Soft, gentle; in bad sense, timorous, effeminate, weakly amiable.

lyceum - (With capital initial.) The proper name of a garden with covered walks at Athens, in which Aristotle taught his philosophy; Used allusively as the proper name of certain places of study or instruction.

couard = coward (obs.); hare (in Reynard the Fox)

dob - to betray, inform against

like old boots* - vigorously, thoroughgoingly (slang.)

courteous - graciously polite and respectful of the position and feelings of others; kind and complaisant in conduct to others.

cub - orig. A young fox; By extension: The young of the bear and of other wild beasts.

totem - Among the American Indians: The hereditary mark, emblem, or badge of a tribe, clan, or group of Indians, consisting of a figure or representation of some animal, less commonly a plant or other natural object, after which the group is named.

pack - a number of animals kept or naturally congregating together; applied spec. to a company of hounds kept for hunting, and to those of certain beasts (esp. wolves), and of birds (e.g. grouse) which naturally associate for purposes of attack or defence.

vuk (sr) - wolf



gang* - U.S. A collection or herd of animals of the same species, esp. of elk or buffalo; Also, a pack of dogs.

harrier - a kind of hound, resembling the fox-hound, but smaller, used for hunting the hare.

wiseacre - one who thinks himself, or wishes to be thought, wise; a pretender to wisdom.

milkman - a man who sells milk; a man who milks cows

lupus - an ulcerous disease of the skin, sometimes erosive, sometimes hypertrophous; a wolf.

whoa* - a word of command to a horse or other draught-animal to stop or stand still.