hail - to salute with 'hail!'; to salute, greet; to call or shout to (a ship, a person, etc.) from a distance, in order to attract attention.

holystone - a stone with a natural hole in it, used as an amulet or charm.

courser - a jobber; esp. a horse-dealer, a horse-couper; var. of corser, Obs., dealer.

recourse - to run back, return (to a place); to rescue

eld - occas. used in poetry for old

endall - that which 'ends all'; Now only dial. exc. in Shaksperian phrase, the be-all and the end-all.

cataleptic - affected by catalepsy (Med. A disease characterized by a seizure or trance, lasting for hours or days, with suspension of sensation and consciousness).

phallic - of or relating to the phallus or phallism; symbolical of the generative power in nature.

fulcrum - a prop or support; in class.L. 'the post or foot of a couch';                    totum fulcrum est (l) - 'all is a bed'.

dies irae* - 'day of wrath', the first words, and hence the name, of a Latin hymn on the Last Judgement ascribed to Thomas of Celano (c 1250).

anima mundi* - the soul of the world; a power or spirit supposed to be diffused throughout the material universe, organizing and giving form to the whole and to all its parts, and regularizing the motions and alterations of the parts.

bawd - one employed in pandering to sexual debauchery; a procurer or procuress                                                                 boys


nonday - Nonce-translation of dies non (in Law, a day on which no legal business is transacted, or which is not reckoned in counting days for some particular purpose; Also transf., a day that does not count or on which there is no activity).

sinflood* - the Deluge (spec. The great Flood in the time of Noah (also called the general or universal deluge).)

befurchten (d) - to be afraid                                                                                                                                             before

tristich - a group of three lines of verse, a stanza of three lines

recur - to return, go back, in thought, memory, or discourse

nown - obs. variant of own (a.)                                                                                                                                          down

asphalt - a composition made by mixing bitumen, pitch, and sand, or manufactured from natural bituminous limestones, used to pave streets and walks, to line cisterns, etc.                                                                                                                     abstract

concrete - existing in a material form or as an actual reality, or pertaining to that which so exists; Opposed to abstract (The ordinary current sense.)

brute - a man resembling a brute in want of intelligence, cruelty, coarseness, sensuality, etc.

oceanic* - of or pertaining to, situated or living in or by, the ocean.

vulgarize* - to make common or popular; to reduce to the level of something usual or ordinary.

toun = town                                                                                                                                                                     Tom

rambling - Of persons or things: Wandering, moving about                                                                                             rumbling

underground* - the region below the earth; the lower regions or underworld.

reoccur - to occur again

ad horam (l) - in time

suburb;                    by - a place of habitation; a village or town;                        urbs (l) - city.


brauchbar (d) - useful, beneficial

Apabhramsa - an Indic language differing from Sanskrit


locative - Gram. The name of the particular case-form which denotes 'place where'.

bap - a small loaf of bread                                                                                                                                         (onomat.)

ouer - obs. f. over                                                                                                                                                             our

tad - a young or small child, esp. a boy. Occas. used joc. of old men                                                                                  dad

Ali Baba

orbit - Astron. The path or course of a heavenly body; fig. A 'sphere' or region of action or activity, an organized or collective whole.

assert* - to declare formally and distinctly, to state positively, aver, affirm.

re - 'about, concerning'

home place* - the place or piece of ground where one's home is situated.

Salem - name of a place in Gen. xiv. 18 (Heb. Shalem), understood to be another name for Jerusalem and to mean 'peace'.

childer* - obs. and dial. pl. of child

suffix - to add as a suffix, to subjoin                                                                                                                              suffice

Rhondda - city in Wales

stepstone - a stone laid before an outside door as a step; a raised stone on which the foot can be placed to facilitate a climb or ascent.

tumbledown* - that is in a tumbling condition; falling or fallen into ruin; dilapidated, ruinous.



binge - to make a low obeisance, to curtsey; drinking-bout, a spree                                                                                           be

much as - however much, even though

vicious* - Of persons: Addicted to vice or immorality; of depraved habits; profligate, wicked.

dosshouse - a common lodging-house

true to - consistent with, exactly agreeing with

handicapped - of persons, esp. children, physically or mentally defective.

flat - a race over clear and level ground, as opposed to hurdle-racing or steeple-chasing; U.S. colloq. to give the flat: to give a flat refusal (to a suitor).

terracotta - a hard unglazed pottery of a fine quality, of which decorative tiles and bricks, architectural decorations, statuary, vases, and the like are made; a brownish orange.

das - pl. of da (father)

founder - one who sets up or institutes for the first time; one who gives its first beginning to (an institution, sect, etc.).

Pfander (d) - executive

Pfund (d) - pound

furst - var. of frist

pater (l) - father

filius (l) - son