spiritus (l) - spirit

sanction - Law. The specific penalty enacted in order to enforce obedience to a law;                            sancti (l) - holy.

breeze - to buzz as a breeze or gadfly                                                                                                                             breathe


eyelash* - the row or line of hairs fringing the edge of the eye-lid;           luscious* - sweet and highly pleasing to the eye, ear, or mind.

muddy - Of the voice: Thick, esp. through drinking; morally impure or 'dirty' (now rare.)

pursy - short-winded, asthmatic, puffy; fat, corpulent

riley - thick, turbid, muddy; angry, irritable, bad-tempered

get off - to start on a journey, or in a race; Also, to succeed in falling asleep, to fall asleep;                where one gets off - the point beyond which one is not competent, entitled, or required to go.

chiseller - a child or youngster, a youth; a swindler, cheat (colloq.)

Haltestelle (d) - station

vulva - Anat. The external organ of generation in the female; esp. the opening or orifice of that organ.

onargus (l) - wild ass

that is - accompanying (usu. following) an explanatory limitation or condition of a preceding statement.

stavros (gr) - cross

Maho = Mahu - Used as the name of a devil

Schotte (d) - Scot, a native of Scotland

spread eagle - a representation of an eagle with body, legs, and both wings displayed, esp. as the emblem of various states or rulers, or as an inn-sign.

to pull one's weight - to row with effect in proportion to one's weight; also fig., to perform one's share of work, to take one's share of responsibility.

original sin* - (Theol.): the innate depravity, corruption, or evil tendency of man's nature, in all individuals of the human race, held to be inherited from Adam in consequence of the Fall.

the garden of Eden* - the abode of Adam and Eve at their creation, Paradise.

ken - to recognize (at sight, or by some marks or tokens); to identify

Schuler (d) - schoolboy

psychical - of or pertaining to the soul or the mind; mental, as distinguished from physical.

chirography - handwriting

outer - one who or that which puts out, utters, or gives vent to

posthorn - a horn formerly used by a postman or the guard of a mail-coach, to announce arrival.

shoo - to scare or drive away (fowls, etc.) by calling out 'shoo' or by means of movement or gestures.

Guinea bird* - a guinea-hen or guinea-fowl

poule (fr) - hen


illegible - not legible, that cannot be read

uneligible - incapable of being elected, legally or officially disqualified for election to an office or position; unworthy of choice.

sainted* - enrolled among the saints, canonized; holy, sacred

sageness - the quality of being sage

to cry stinking fish - to speak badly of one's own profession, efforts, family etc.

stroke oar - the oar nearest the stern of a rowing-boat; the rower who handles this oar.

handle - fig. That by which something is or may be taken hold of; one of two or more ways in which a thing may be taken or apprehended; a person's name, a nickname (slang.)

cock of the North - the brambling (a bird (Fringilla montifringilla) belonging to the finch-tribe).

matty - matted                                                                                                                                                               Matthew

due - under engagement or contract to be ready, be present, or arrive.

leal - loyal, true

protos (gr) - first

ultimately - in a final or conclusive manner, definitely

poeta (l) - poet


eschatology - the department of theological science concerned with 'the four last things: death, judgement, heaven, and hell'.

Book of Kells* - illuminated gospel book that is a masterpiece of the ornate Hiberno-Saxon style. It is probable that the illumination was begun in the late 8th century at the Irish monastery on the Scottish island of Iona and that after a Viking raid the book was taken to the monastery of Kells in County Meath, where it may have been completed in the early 9th century.

counterpoint - the art of adding one or more melodies as accompaniment to a given melody or 'plain-song' according to certain fixed rules; the opposite point, the exact opposite, antithesis.

aye - Indicating assent to a previous statement, and preliminary to a further or more forcible one.

obtain - to attain to, get as far as, reach, gain

occasion - to be the occasion or cause of (something); to give ground for, give rise to, cause, bring about, esp. in an incidental or subsidiary manner.