alter (l) - other + after-effects.

"Whatsoever personage a man takes upon himself to perform, he ever mixes his own part with it."

twist - fig. To wrest the form or meaning of, to pervert, to distort.

penman - a writer or composer of a book or other writing; an author, a writer + to twist the lion's tail (phrase).

otherwise + pen/post (motif).

gist - the substance or pith of a matter, the essence or main part + gest + Genesis 27:22: 'The voice is Jacob's voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau'.

Sean (shan) (gael) - John + Schaum (ger) - foam.

Seamus (shemus) (gael) - James (Pronunciation 'shaymus')

Shan - (A member of) a group of Mongoloid peoples of the Tai family, inhabiting parts of Burma, south China, and Indo-China + sean (shan) (gael) - old + shan (Gipsy) - you are, they are.

shin (Gipsy) - thou art

counterfeit - that pretends or is falsely represented to be (what is denoted by the noun); sham, pretended + Joyce's note: 'counterfeit'.

there is a strong suspicion on Tom Bane (notebook 1924) Connacht Tribune 7 Jun 1924, 2/5: 'Shooting Outrage': (in a trial of armed raid) 'Justice: Do you know who threatened you? - Witness: No, sir, but there is a strong suspicion on Tom Bane'.

ye - and; also, too

reverie - a state of joy or delight (obs. rare.); a fit of abstracted musing, a 'brown study' or day-dream + Yeats: Reveries over Childhood.

The Bells of Shandon (song)

grumble - to utter murmurs expressive of discontent

Genesis 31:49: 'the Lord watch between me and thee'

preach - to talk seriously in the way of persuasion or moralizing

turky = turkey + say or talk turkey - to talk agreeably or affably, to say pleasant things + Turkey divided into Turkey-in-Europe and Turkey-in-Asia.

Indians + dinde (fr) - turkey.

tidings - reports, news, intelligence, information

bonze - a term applied by Europeans to the Buddhist clergy of Japan + bronze.

ante- - before + pro- - before + resurrectionism - the practice of body-snatching.

borsaiolini (it) - pickpockets (diminutive) + Joyce wore a Borsalino hat.


Have you a strong doubt (Joyce's note) Connacht Tribune 7 Jun 1924, 2/5: 'Shooting Outrage': (in a trial of armed raid) 'Inspector Tobin... to witness:... whose voice came to the window? - It was like Bane's voice. - Mr. Hosty: Have you a strong doubt it was Bane? - Yes. - Do you know the meaning of your answer which is that you are quite sure it was not Bane's voice? - I cannot swear it was he was in it'.

red mass - a mass (usually one of the Holy Ghost) at which red vestments are worn by the priest

post - an office or situation to which any one is appointed; position, place + (notebook 1924): 'I am in my post' tá mé i mo fhear an phuist (Irish) - I am a postman (literally 'I am in my postman').

andate! (it) - go! (plural) + andagt (Danish) - religious devotion + that + Irish riddle: 'Londonderry, Cork and Kerry, Spell me that without an R'; answer: 'THAT'.

sans - without; Before the time of Shaks. used almost exclusively with ns. adopted from OF., in collocations already formed in that language, as sans delay + FDV: Or Are you in your post, tell spell me that without a Kay. + (spell me that without a K).

pard - a panther or leopard (now only an archaic or poetic name)

Fyrapel, Sir - leopard in the Reynard cycle + fier (fr) - proud + appel (fr) - appeal + fiera (it) - fierce; wild beast + appel (Dutch) - apple.

book + (Saint Patrick holding a crozier).

worder - one who puts something into words; one who frames the words or terms of a subject + word + warder.

See you further (notebook 1924) → Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 246 (sec. 245): 'euphemisms like deuce for devil and 'the other place' or 'a very uncomfortable place' for hell' (glossed in a footnote: 'Compare also 'I will see you further'').

blarney - to use flattering speech

marcantonio (it) - tall strong man + Mark Antony + FDV: Well, I'll see you further blarneying Mark. That innocent did I alter him towards purefat? hogfat? I don't know but God knows I was altered first. If I confessed in clean before him & you why did you say blather you would recommend back me for the post to Humphrey & Nephew and then you, my best friend, go and you canvass the other side crowd & you say I'm uppish & not mere Irish, waiting your chance chances to run yr knife into my me. [Well, I might as well correct that now] [Victoricus] blew in. I've my pockets full of you lay cardinals. My caste is a cut above yours. Look at my the brand on me. [Eggs Egg squawfish lean a bus yoe n. . . s nun ca.... feed Mercurius Marecurious] I can point to my patrician coat of arms always. And it was mine is the only proper name to be found in all doomsday book. Suckat.

doom - to pronounce judgement or sentence against; esp. to condemn to some fate + do

wombful - as much as will fill the womb or the stomach + Jacob and Esau struggled in the womb (Genesis 25:22).

mischief - a cause or source of harm or evil: often applied to a person whose conduct or influence is harmful

initium (l) - beginning; a going in, entrance + 'Initium' - opening of Vulgate Mark.

hairy - having much hair + Esau means 'hairy', Jacob means 'one who takes by the heel' (Genesis 25:25-6).

Rebecca ("noose") - wife of Isaac, mother of Jacob and Esau + ALP + beccare (it) - to peck + alphabet.

unwashables + wachs (ger) - grow.

an (Irish) - the

eikon (gr) - likeness, image

am (Irish) - time

principial - standing at the beginning, initial (obs. rare.) + in principio (l) - in the beginning (Vulgate: first words both of Genesis and John) + Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727) - English natural philosopher, author of the Principia and Universal Arithmetic.

lepered - affected with leprosy; fig. foully infected + leperd (Dutch) - cunning + leopard.

brethren - special pl. of brother + brother

puer (l) - child, boy

ens (l) - being, creature + innocens (l) - harmless, guiltless + ens innocens (l) - innocent thing + Puer, ens innocens (l) - A boy, a harmless being.

Prime, or the First Hour, is a fixed time of prayer of the traditional Divine Office (Canonical Hours), said at the first hour of daylight (approximately 6:00 a.m.), between the morning Hour of Lauds and the 9 a.m. + Patrick: Confessio 27: 'I told my most intimate friend what I had one day done in my boyhood... I know not, Got knows, whether I was then fifteen years of age' ('in pueritia mea... annos quindecim').

ya - repr. U.S. and dial. pronunc. of you + ja (Serbian) - I.

Kalb (ger) - calf + Luke's emblem is a calf, Mark's emblem is a lion.

lustrum - period of five years (i.e. 3 x 5 = 15)

Realschule (ger) - non-classical secondary school

saviour - one who delivers or rescues from peril; savour (quality in relation to the sense of taste; a specific mode of this quality, as sweetness, bitterness, etc.) + Matthew 5:13: 'if the salt have lost his savour'.

wie (ger) - as

bread + brood (Dutch) - bread + British custom of presenting newborn children with gifts of matches, eggs, salt and bread to ensure virtuous life (upright, healthy, safe and good).

parallel - to be parallel or equal to; to correspond or be equivalent to; to come up to, equal, match

brother + butyrum (l) - butter.

flare - dazzling but irregular light like that of torches, a sudden outburst of flame; the fat about the kidneys of a pig

hogfat (notebook 1924) Freeman's Journal 11 Feb 1924, 3/4: 'Leopardstown. Excellent Racing and Big Fields': 'the horse looked hog fat' + Oxford.

bin ich (ger) - was I, am I + ben ik (Dutch) - am I + ben (Hebrew) - son, son of + ike - colloq. abbrev. of iconoscope (a kind of television camera tube in which the target plate that receives the image consists of a mosaic of photoemissive material on an insulating sheet that is backed with a conducting sheet, the video signal being obtained from the variation in the current flowing to or from this latter sheet as the mosaic is scanned with an electron beam).

ins (ger) - in the + hin (ger) - thither + hins (Irish Pronunciation) - hens.

kindergarten - a school for the instruction of young children according to a method devised by Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852), for developing the intelligence of children by interesting object-lessons, exercises with toys, games, singing, etc.

acushla + a chuisle (a khushle) (gael) - my pulse (endearment) + Genesis 4:9: 'I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?'

off - to go off, make off (illiterate.); Also 'to off it', to depart.

habitant - resident

under - to cast down, depress

mes enfants (fr) - my children + mais enfin (fr) - but finally.

first mover - a prime source of motion or action; an original cause or spring of activity

frommen (ger) - avail, benefit + (notebook 1924): 'I don't know, God knows S P' → Riguet: Saint Patrice 104: (quoting Saint Patrick) 'Je ne sais, Dieu le sait, si' (French 'I do not know, God knows, if').

ayr - obs. form of air + AYR - County and town, South-West Scotland + ayr (Cornish) - air, sky. 

plage - the beach or sea-front promenade at a seaside resort; any one of the four principal directions or quarters of the compass (obs.)

Watford - the name of a town on the N.W. edge of the London conurbation, used with allusion to the view attributed to Londoners that north of the metropolis there is nothing of any significance to English national or cultural life + water

as to - 'as it regards, so far as it concerns, with respect or reference to'

altered + FDV: I don't know but God knows I was altered first.

impostus (l) - placed upon, set, put upon; deceived + postulant - one who petitions for something (e.g. admission into a religious order).

Terce or Mid-Morning Prayer (Third Hour = approximately 9 a.m.)


Mezentius (l) - Etruscan king killed by Aeneas

Methodios (l) - apostle to the Slavs + sosie (fr) - double, counterpart.

vert - to become a convert from one religion to another, esp. to Roman Catholicism + vert (fr) - green.

embrace - to adopt (a doctrine, opinions, religion, etc.); often with the notion 'to accept joyfully'

pilgrim - fig. The course of mortal life figured as a journey, or a 'sojourn in the flesh', esp. as a journey to a future state of rest or blessedness + pale green.

circumcise - to cut off the foreskin or prepuce of (males); fig. To cut short + (tonsure).

Laud, William (1573-1645) - English archbishop + Lauds or Dawn Prayer (at Dawn, or 3 a.m.) + Lord.

patristic - of or pertaining to the study of the writings of the Fathers of the Church + Saint Patrick.

mea (l) - my + minimus (l) - smallest + mea minima culpa (l) - my smallest fault + Confiteor: 'mea maxima culpa'.

icon - an image, figure, or representation; a picture, cut', or illustration in a book; Eastern Church. A representation of some sacred personage, in painting, bas-relief, or mosaic, itself regarded as sacred, and honoured with a relative worship or adoration + eikon (gr) - image, likeness + ic (Old English) = ik (Dutch) - I + the sick.

ickle = icicle - a pendent spear of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water + little.

crouch - to bow or bend humbly or servilely

thrue (Irish Pronunciation) - true

scatological - dealing pruriently with excrement and excretory functions