partake - to give a part of (something) to, to share it with another or others + Saint Patrick: Confessio.

abide - to wait for, await; remain ready for, watch for, expect

octopod - an animal having eight feet; spec. an octopus

own - to acknowledge (something) in its relation to oneself; also, more generally, to acknowledge (a thing) to be what is claimed, or to be the fact; to confess to be valid, true, or actual.

mansuetude - gentleness, meekness + Saint Mansuetus - 4th century first bishop of Toul, Lorraine, France (although once believed to be a 1st century disciple of Saint Peter; James Joyce: Ireland, Island of Saints and Sages: 'Even in the first century of the Christian era, under the apostleship of St. Peter, we find the Irishman Mansuetus, who was later canonized, serving as a missionary in Lorraine, where he founded a church and preached for half a century').

Saint Audoen's (or Audeon's) Church, High Street, Dublin

sore - mental suffering, pain, or trouble; grief, sorrow

thrain (Irish Pronunciation) - train

drops + troppo (it) - too much + Träne Tropfen (ger) - teardrops + raindrops.

my + me (Japanese) - eye.

eyesight + Iseult + (tears).

make an errand - to make a short journey; to find a pretence for going

andando (Portuguese) - walking

allocute - to deliver an allocution, to address formally + hi allocuti sunt (l) - these have spoken to, these have consoled.

said + Vulgate Psalms 21:7: 'locuti sunt labiis': 'they shoot out the lip' (in derision).

Sext or Midday Prayer (Sixth Hour = approximately 12 noon) + next best - second-best.

blabber - to chatter, babble, talk idly or senselessly + FDV: If I confessed in clean before him & you why did you say blather you would recommend back me for the post to Humphrey & Nephew and then you, my best friend, go and you canvass the other side crowd & you say I'm uppish & not mere Irish, waiting your chance chances to run yr knife into my me.

delate - to accuse, bring a charge against, impeach + delatus (l) - accused + delighted

Erse (Obsolete) - Scottish Gaelic (also sometimes used for Irish Gaelic) + dann erst (ger) - only then.

moment + Irredentists (it) - a 19th and 20th century Italian party which advocated the recovery of Italian-speaking districts to Italy (from Italian irredento: unredeemed).

topple - to cause to tumble over or fall headlong; to thrust over, overturn, throw down

Tristan, Mark's nephew

laut (ger) - loud + bachelor.

night office - R.C. Ch., (until 1971) the part of the canonical office performed during the night hours

annex - to add to a composition or book, to append; to attach as a consequence


snub - to scold; to sob + snoop

enclose - to insert in a frame or setting, or in a surrounding mass of material; to shut up in a case, envelope, or receptacle; Also fig. In mod. use esp.: To place (a letter, document, etc.) for transmission within the cover of another.

catechumen - a new convert under instruction before baptism

quoniam (l) - whereas, since, because + 'Quoniam' - opening of Vulgate Luke.

celebrandus (l) - fit to be frequented, apt to be much visited

birthday + dag (Dutch) - day.

uppish - characterized by presumption or affectation of superiority + Joyce's note: 'uppish'.


insulant - a material that reduces or prevents the transmission of heat or sound or electricity + (notebook 1931): 'insulance' + insulanus (l) - islander.

end - to bring to an end, conclude

None or Mid-Afternoon Prayer (Ninth Hour = approximately 3 p.m.) + nunmehr (ger) - henceforth.

meer (Dutch) - more + (notebook 1924): 'mere Irish' Lawless: The Story of Ireland 27: (of landowners in Ireland) 'owners of English descent who had become "meere Irish," as the phrase ran, or "degenerate English"'.

hyper (gr) - over, beyond + hybris (gr) - wanton violence, pride + Hibernian + FDV: & you say I'm uppish & not mere Irish,

chunk - to hit, or throw at, with a missile; to make a dull sound + chuck.

Chink - a Chinaman + damned cheek.

autokinesy - self-movement, spontaneous motion + autokineton (gr) - self-moving thing (automobile) + Chinatown.

forasmuch as - in consideration that, seeing that, inasmuch as + Luke 1:1: 'Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth'.

tooken - obs. f. token

Vespers or Evening Prayer ("at the lighting of the lamps", generally at 6 p.m.) + (notebook 1924): 'I correct book now' + FDV: [Well, I might as well correct that now] [Victoricus] blew in.

temporalities - a secular possession, esp. the properties and revenues of a religious body or a member of the clergy + (notebook 1924): 'temporalities' <Irish Times 24 June 1924-7/1: INVITATION TO RESIGN. […] I invite you to resign your parish of Eyeries. I do so for the reasons:— […] (2) Your maladministration of the temporalities of your parish.>.

complet (French) - full + Compline or Night Prayer (before retiring, generally at 9 p.m.).

lay cardinal (notebook 1924) Freeman's Journal 8 Feb 1924, 4/5: 'A Distinguished Lay Cardinal': 'Hercules Cardinal Consalvi, though he lived his most important years of public life while Napoleon filled Europe with the glory of French arms, scintillates through every memoir of the period' + FDV: I've my pockets full of you lay cardinals.

rowdy - a cruel and brutal fellow + a prince (man), a prowler (lion), a prancer (bull), a proud (eagle): emblems of the evangelists.

Improperia ('Reproaches') - Good Friday service, formed of a series of antiphons (sentences represented as sung by Christ to his people concerning his love and their ingratitude), each followed by the Trishagion (Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus) response, for example 'I led thee out of Egypt, drowning Pharaoh in the Red Sea: and thou didst deliver me to the chief priests' [.20-.25] + improperium (l) - reproach, taunt (of Jesus).


The Hittites were an ancient Anatolian people who established a kingdom centered at Hattusa in north-central Anatolia (on the Central Anatolian plateau) ca. the 18th century BC. + Hecate - Greek goddess of magic and the underworld.

hind = behind

blind Harry - blind-man's-buff (a game in which one player is blindfolded, and tries to catch and identify any one of the others, who, on their part, push him about, and make sport with him).

burghmote - the judicial assembly of a borough + mote (Obsolete) - mound (e.g. Thingmote).

aud[ens] dub[itanter] (l) - hesitatingly bold + Aed Dub - a king of Ulster who killed Diarmait, king of Tara; also, a 7th century bishop of Kildare + old Dublin.

S[enatus] P[opulus] q[ue] R[omanus] (l) - the Roman Senate and People

legatine - of or pertaining to a legate (an ecclesiastic deputed to represent the Pope and armed with his authority)

Ailbey, Ciaran, Declan, and Ibar were the four Christian bishops of Ireland before St Patrick came. At first they opposed Patrick, but were reconciled. 

episcopy - survey, superintendence; the body or bench of bishops (rare.) + episkopeô (gr) - to inspect, to observe + episcopus (l) - bishop.

circumdedi (l) - to surround, to have placed around + Vulgate Psalms 21:12: 'Circumdederunt me vituli multi': 'Many bulls have compassed me'.

loup - leap; obs. form of loop + loup (fr) - wolf + in the lap of luxury - in affluent circumstances, equipped with anything money can buy.

lazary - leprosy + Lazarus (who was raised from the dead) + lazaroni (it) - the mob.

lang (Chinese) - wolf + lapsus linguæ - a slip of the tongue.

washy - watery + washi (jap) - I (abbr. of 'watashi') + wattachi (jap) - I (dial. used by men).

watai (jap) - I (familiar, used by women or prostitutes) + watashi (jap) - I (abbr. of 'watakushi').

ore (jap) - I (vulg.) + oira (jap) - I (familiar form of 'ore') + sessha (jap) - I (official, obsolete).

boku (jap) - I (students and soldiers say boku for 'I') + jibun (jap) - I (obsolete) + Joyce's note: 'I. wakatushi / ore (children) / boku (soldiers) / temaye (beggars) / watashi (friends) / watai (W) / washi / wattchi (rustic) / sessha (officer) / jibun (self) / oira (fam) / Tekurada' ('ore' is preceded by an unclear cancelled word; 'friends' not clear).

watakushi (jap) - I (ordinary word for the pronoun of the first person)

tsien sing (Chinese) - humble name

honorific - doing or conferring honour; importing honour or respect

make - doing, action; the manner in which a thing is made + eat humble cake - make a humble apology and accept humiliation + speak humble names.

ruridecanal - of or pertaining to a rural dean or deanery

caste - a hereditary class resembling those of India; fig. A class who keep themselves socially distinct, or inherit exclusive privileges + (notebook 1924): 'Caste - Cain'.

a cut above (some person or thing) - a degree or stage above + (notebook 1924): 'a cut above that *V*'.

peregrine - a pilgrim; a traveller in a foreign land + peregrinus (l) - foreigner + Peregrine O'Duignan [398.15] + pilgrims + FDV: My caste is a cut above yours.

românesc (Rumanian) - Rumanian + romanesco (it) - modern Roman + I wish to remain (or I wish you to remain).

labour + leabhar (lyour) (gael) - book + 'Liber generationis' - opening of Vulgate Matthew + FDV: Look at my the brand on me.

Theophrastus - a Greek philosopher of Eresus in Lesbos (4th c. b.c.) + Paracelsus, Philippus Aureolus, born Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (1493-1541) - alchemist, charlatan. 

sphairopneumatikos (gr) - of rounded breath + Theophrastos Sphairopneumatikos (gr) - Divine Speaker of Rounded Breath + pneuma (gr) - spirit.

ochlocracy - government by the mob or lowest of the people, mob-rule

Christopher Columbus + presto (it) - quick + palumbus (l) - woodpigeon + columbus (l) - dove.

corvus (l) - crow + carrio[n] + crovus carrio (fake-l) - carrion crow + parra (l) - owl.

Terry and Kelly - Letters, II, 314: "... change name of pawnbroker Terry Kelly to Micky Grundy" + terra (l) - earth.  

per (l) - whereby; through

chelys (gr) - tortoise + caelum (l) - heaven, sky.

lepus (l) - hare + l'opposite (fr) - the opposite, the reverse.

jailbird - a prisoner in jail (especially an habitual criminal)

ex quovis (l) - from whatever you like

sequence - Eccl. A composition in rhythmical prose or accentual metre said or sung, in the Western Church, after the Alleluia and before the Gospel + sequentia (l) - that which follows; context + sequencias (Portuguese) - sequences.

I marked

facsimile - an exact copy or likeness; an exact counterpart or representation + mark on my face (Cain).

foreign - ellipt. for foreign language

Gallus and Magnus, Sts - connected with the abbey of St Gall where they keep facsimiles + Pappagallo is Italian "parrot." Pope Pius IX was known as "Papa Gallo" + papa (l) - father + gallus (l) - cock + Gallus (l) - a Gaul + Papa Gallus - Daddy from Gaul (J. Caesar?).

Pompeius Magnus on Pompey (106-48 B.C.) - Roman triumvir and general of the late Republic (1st century BC) + pompa magna (Italian) - great pomp.

ahem - an exclamation to attract attention to the speaker, or to give him time to consider what he is to say + aham (Sanskrit) - I.

Anglice - in English; in plain English + anglais (fr) - English.

squawfish - a fresh-water cyprinoid fish (Ptychocheilus Oregonensis) of the Western U.S.

nun (Hebrew) - fish (also, the name of a letter) + Ex quovis ligno non fit Mercurius (l) - 'You can't make a Mercury out of just any piece of wood' (Pythagorean Latin).

mare (l) - sea + more curious + FDV: [Eggs Egg squawfish lean a bus yoe n. . . s nun ca.... feed Mercurius Marecurious]