partake - to give a part of (something) to to share it with another or others.

abide - to wait for, await; remain ready for, watch for, expect

octopod - an animal having eight feet; spec. an octopus

own - to acknowledge (something) in its relation to oneself; also, more generally, to acknowledge (a thing) to be what is claimed, or to be the fact; to confess to be valid, true, or actual.

mansuetude - gentleness, meekness

Odeon* - the name of any of numerous cinemas in a chain built by Oscar Deutsch or his company in the 1930s. Hence in wider use, any cinema, esp. of similar lavish architectural style.

sore - mental suffering, pain, or trouble; grief, sorrow, anxiety


to make an errand* - to make a short journey; to find a pretence for going.

allocute* - to deliver an allocution, to address formally


next best* - second-best

blabber - to chatter, babble, talk idly or senselessly

delate - to accuse, bring a charge against, impeach                                                                                                     delighted



topple - to cause to tumble over or fall headlong; to thrust over, overturn, throw down.


night office - R.C. Ch., (until 1971) the part of the canonical office performed during the night hours.

annex - to add to a composition or book, to append; to attach as a consequence.


snub - to scold; to sob                                                                                                                                                  snoop

enclose - to insert in a frame or setting, or in a surrounding mass of material; to shut up in a case, envelope, or receptacle; Also fig. In mod. use esp.: To place (a letter, document, etc.) for transmission within the cover of another.

catechumen* - a new convert under instruction before baptism

quoniam (l) - whereas


uppish - elated, in high spirits; characterized by presumption or affectation of superiority.

insulant - any substance or medium which insulates (electrically, thermally, etc.);                insulate - Electr. and Heat. To cut off or isolate from conducting bodies by the interposition of non-conductors, so as to prevent the passage of electricity or heat.

end - to bring to an end, conclude

chunk - to hit, or throw at, with a missile; to make a dull sound


Chink - a Chinaman

autokinesy* - self-movement, spontaneous motion

forasmuch as - in consideration that, seeing that, inasmuch as

tooken - obs. f. token

temporality - pl. Temporal or material possessions (esp. of the church or clergy).


improperium* - pl. A series of antiphons with responses forming part of the liturgical service of Good Friday, expressing the reproach or sorrowful remonstrance of Christ with the Jewish people.

hind = behind

blind Harry* - blind-man's-buff (a game in which one player is blindfolded, and tries to catch and identify any one of the others, who, on their part, push him about, and make sport with him).

burghmote - the judicial assembly of a borough

legatine - of or pertaining to a legate (an ecclesiastic deputed to represent the Pope and armed with his authority).

episcopy* - survey, superintendence; the body or bench of bishops (rare.)

circumdedi (l) - to surround

loup - leap; obs. form of loop

lazary - leprosy;                     ...Lazarus, who was raised from the dead.

lapsus linguĉ* - a slip of the tongue

washy - watery

honorific - doing or conferring honour; importing honour or respect.

make - doing, action; the manner in which a thing is made

ruridecanal - of or pertaining to a rural dean or deanery

caste - a hereditary class resembling those of India; fig. A class who keep themselves socially distinct, or inherit exclusive privileges.

a cut above (some person or thing) - a degree or stage above

peregrine - a pilgrim; a traveller in a foreign land


Theophrastus* - a Greek philosopher of Eresus in Lesbos (4th c. b.c.)

ochlocracy - government by the mob or lowest of the people, mob-rule.

Christopher Columbus

sequence* - Eccl. A composition in rhythmical prose or accentual metre said or sung, in the Western Church, after the Alleluia and before the Gospel.

facsimile* - an exact copy or likeness; an exact counterpart or representation.

foreign - ellipt. for foreign language

ahem - an exclamation to attract attention to the speaker, or to give him time to consider what he is to say.

Anglice* - in English; in plain English

'You can't make a Mercury out of just any piece of wood' (Pythagorean Latin);                squawfish - a fresh-water cyprinoid fish (Ptychocheilus Oregonensis) of the Western U.S.