sagart (ir.) - priest 

nonobstant* - notwithstanding

Roman Catholic

patrician - of noble or high birth or rank; noble, aristocratic

coat of arms - a coat or vest embroidered with heraldic arms; a shield, escutcheon.

crest* - Her. A figure or device (originally borne by a knight on his helmet) placed on a wreath, coronet, or chapeau, and borne above the shield and helmet in a coat of arms.

caudal - of or belonging to the tail; situated in or near the tail

motto* - a short sentence or phrase inscribed on some object, and expressing a reflection or sentiment considered to be appropriate to its purpose or destination.

ichthyal* - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of fishes


Domesday - a Middle English spelling of doomsday, day of judgement, now commonly used as a historical term, in the following: Domesday Book, colloquially Domesday: the name applied, from the 12th c., to the record of the Great Inquisition or Survey of the lands of England, their extent, value, ownership, and liabilities, made by order of William the Conqueror in 1086.

hasta la vista* - goodbye, au revoir

allemande (fr) - German

sugar stick - a stick of sweetstuff; also fig.

wisha* - an exclamation indicating dismay, emphasis, or surprise

Yid - a (usu. offensive) name for a Jew                                                                                                                    you would

...'All done up like a sore toe' describes someone dressed over-elaborately; many New  Zealand children go barefoot much of the time, and it is with this circumstance in mind that we must interpret the simile;               sore - Of parts of the body: In pain; painful, aching. Now spec., having the skin broken or raw.

gaspy - having a tendency to gasp

tosser - one who or that which tosses; a term of contempt or abuse for a person, a 'jerk'.

gag - a 'made-up' story; a piece of deception, an imposture, a lie                                                                                             god

plebs - the common people of ancient Rome

voyou - a street urchin, a lout or hooligan                                                                                                                          vowels


hacker - a 'cutter', cut-throat, bully                                                                                                                                     Harry

...The York and Landcaster Rose, is half white, half red in the leaves: but in Herauldry it is a white Rose, in a red Rose.

blanche - obs. form of blanch (white, pale)

speach(e - obs. forms of speech

sprechen (d) - to speak

deutsch (d) - german

oy - an exclamation used by Yiddish-speakers to express dismay, grief, etc. Occas. in wider use; Also oy vay, vey.

bothersome - troublesome, annoying

baddy - a criminal or desperado (cf. bad man), esp. a villain in a play or film, esp. a western; hence gen. (as a jocular designation), a person of bad character.

cum - with                                                                                                                                                                         come


rowly = rawly

thruppenny - repr. colloq. or dial. pronunc. of  threepenny

croucher - one who crouches

spare me (or my) days!* - an exclamatory ejaculation

bona fide - acting or done in good faith; sincere, genuine

esquire - a man belonging to the higher order of English gentry, ranking immediately below a knight; As a title accompanying a man's name.


boost - a lift, a shove up; help, encouragement                                                                                                                      best

shanghai - Naut. slang (orig. U.S.). To drug or otherwise render insensible, and ship on board a vessel wanting hands.

swabber* - one of a ship's crew whose business it was to swab the decks, etc.

twicer - one who does something twice; a crook, liar, cheat

trifold* - threefold, triple


outerly - in an utter or extreme degree, entirely, absolutely; in an outward direction, towards the outside.


inner ear

heerd - obs. form of herd                                                                                                                                                hardly

mo - more

lingua (l) - language

nicey - nice



Topside - the upper or ruling classes, the Establishment; Freq. attrib. passing into adj.

fella - representing an affected or vulgar pronunciation of fellow

savvy - practical sense, intelligence; to know; to understand, comprehend.

singsong* - a ballad, a piece of verse, having musical rather than poetical qualities, esp. one of a monotonous or jingling character.

ma'am - a colloquial shortening of madam


Jack in a box* - a name for a sharper or cheat; spec. 'a thief who deceived tradesmen by substituting empty boxes for others full of money'.

boohoo* - a word imitative of the sound of noisy weeping or laughter.


thot - repr. a U.S. pronunc. of thought                                                                                                                                that's

postal clerk* - a clerk in a post office;                         cleric - a clergyman.

chin chin - casual or trivial talk; a phrase of salutation; Also used as a drinking toast.