halt (ger) - hold, stop

sob story - a report or article designed to make a sentimental appeal to the emotions; a narrative of one's misfortunes, a 'hard luck story'

lambda (Greek letter) + granddad's + lamb's tail + Sinbad the Sailor (pantomime) + Charles and Mary Lamb: The Adventures of Ulysses (Joyce read at age twelve and was impressed).

Patrick (Saint Patrick landed in Ireland in A.D. 432) + Roman Catholic.

quadri- - 'characterized by the number four' + quadriga - a chariot drawn by four horses harnessed abreast + quadrigae (l) - set of four, yoke of four horses + (notebook 1924): 'biga triga quadriga' Gallois: La Poste et les Moyens de Communication 31: 'Race chariots (currus, curriculum), that were named according to the number of horses yoked Biga, Triga or Quadriga'.

(notebook 1924): 'yoke 4 abreast - aline' Gallois: La Poste et les Moyens de Communication 34: 'The ancients preferred yoking horses abreast rather than aline; they were known to yoke together four, six and even ten horses' + FDV: Fourfold Quadrige Quadrigue my witness yoke

triple - to make three times as great or as many as before

tryst - a secret rendezvous (especially between lovers) + Tristan + FDV: Triple my trust tryst.

tandem - a two-seated carriage + Joyce's note: 'tandem' + tandem (l) - at length, at last.

sire - a father; a lord, master, or sovereign + FDV: A twicer Tandem my sire. + SDV: — Quadrigue my yoke / Triple my tryst / Tandem my sire.

harp - to render in verse, to 'sing' + Millington: English as She is Spoke.

owld = old (obs.) + owl (Slang) - whore + frow (Archaic) - woman (especially, a Dutch or German woman); a dirty woman.

lied (Dutch) = Lied (German) - song + the tune the (old) cow died of - humorously applied to a grotesque or unmusical succession of sounds, or a tedious ill-played piece of music.

Tantris is shadow of Tristan (EP) (notebook 1923) [EP = Ezra Pound] When Tristan went to Ireland, he inverted his name to Tantris. Joyce pointed out (Letters, III, 174) that Swift and Lewis Carroll did the same, and so in FW do all three and lots of others. Tantris also has doubtless to do with the Hindu Tantric Sects whose texts were revealed by Siva. There are "right hand and left hand sects," and the left-hand ones practice orgiastic rites (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake) → In fact, left hand tantric (adherant of Vama Marg) awakes Fire Snake by physical means, worshiping actual woman representing the Goddess. In this, he uses bodily elixirs or secretions usually considered unclean, hence the moral stigma attaching to Vama.

hat trick - any trick with a hat, e.g. one performed by a conjurer; a skillful maneuver + Patrick.

tryst - an appointment or engagement to meet at a specified time and place

vowelglide - the gliding movement from one vowel component to another, as in a diphthong

overspeak - to speak too strongly; to speak extravagantly, exaggerate

dragoman - an interpreter; strictly applied to a man who acts as guide and interpreter in countries where Arabic, Turkish, or Persian is spoken

understudy - to study (a part or character) in order to be able to take the place of a principal actor or actress if necessary; to act as understudy to (a principal actor or actress) + Studium (ger) - studies, curriculum + studium (l) - inclination, desire; study.

plunger - one who plunges, a diver; a diving bird; spec. the Black Gull + Joyce's note: 'plunger (tongue)'.

word - to utter in words, say, speak (occas. as distinct from singing)

paddle - the act of paddling, or of rowing lightly; an act of paddling in mud or shallow water + paddle (Slang) - tongue.

mime - Antiq. A kind of simple farcical drama among the Greeks and Romans, characterized by mimicry and the ludicrous representation of familiar types of character.

jest - a mocking or jeering speech; a saying intended to excite laughter + God is just.

Alfred Lord Tennyson: Morte d'Arthur: 'The old order changeth, yielding place to new, And God fulfils Himself in many ways'.

Matthew 19:30: 'the last shall be first'

chink - a fissure caused by splitting; a cleft, rift, or crack + (the saying that every third man born is Chinese).

jape - a trick, a device to deceive or cheat + Japan.

minutius (l) - very small + Mencius - Latinized form of Meng-tse on Mr Meng, Chinese philosopher (d. 289 B.C.) + Minucius, Felix Marcus - early Latin apologist for Christianity, author of Octavius.

mandrake - any plant of the genus Mandragora; the mandrake is poisonous, having emetic and narcotic properties, and was formerly used medicinally. The forked root is thought to resemble the human form, and was fabled to utter a deadly shriek when plucked up from the ground + drake (Archaic) - dragon.

psychosinologia (gr) - spiritual study of China or the Chinese, study of the Chinese soul.

armer - one who arms + Armer (ger) - poor one.

"Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy. Thou art the governor of Tattu (Busiris), and also the mighty one in Sekhem (Letopolis). Thou art the Lord to whom praises are ascribed in the nome of Ati, thou art the Prince of divine food in Anu..." from HYMN TO OSIRIS (THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD).

T square - a square of the form of a T, used by mechanics and draughtsmen for drawing lines parallel, or at right angles, to each other (PICTURE) + Chinese character for 'stone' consists of a T and a square + Vulgate Ezekiel 9:6 mentions God putting Tau on foreheads of those in Jerusalem who were not to be killed + (*T*).

jade = nephrite - a silicate of lime and magnesia, a hard, translucent stone, in colour light green, bluish, or whitish (PICTURE).

Templar - a member of a military and religious order, consisting of knights, chaplains, and men-at-arms, founded c 1118, chiefly for the protection of the Holy Sepulchre and of Christian pilgrims visiting the Holy Land; a member of an order of Freemasons calling themselves Knights Templars, extensively established in the United States.

Black friar - a member of the order of Dominican friars, founded at the beginning of the 13th century by St. Dominic, so called from the colour of their dress.

pastrycook - one whose occupation it is to make pastry or articles of food in which pastry is an essential part

brainpan - that which contains the brain, the skull

cathedral (Slang) - high hat

jelly - A sweet, clear, semisolid, somewhat elastic spread or preserve made from fruit juice and sugar boiled to a thick consistency

tiens (fr) - look! see! (interjection)

distress + tristesse (French) - sorrow, sadness + Tristan and Isolde.

orizzontare (Italian) - to place horizontally + *I* (Isolde) = horizontal *T* (Tristan).

serpe = sarpe - a collar, neck-ring of gold or silver + serpens (l) - creeper, crawler; snake + serpe (it) - serpent.

ramshead - decoration in Greek art + PICTURE + Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. I, vignette description: 'priest... holds in his right hand the instrument UR HEKA in the form of a ram-headed serpent... and in his left hand an instrument in the shape of an adze... employed in the ceremony of opening the mouth'.

still - motionless; not moving from one place, stationary

isinglass - a kind of gelatin obtained from fish, esp. sturgeon, and used in making jellies, glue, etc., and for clarifying ale + Isis and Osiris - chief deities of Egypt, brother and sister, husband and wife.

Isolde of the Fair Hair - King Mark's wife and Tristan's lover

Isolde of the White Hands - Tristan's wife in Brittany

twinkler - anything which emits intermittent, transient, or faint radiance; sometimes applied to eyes + (stars).

O la la! (French interjection) + {Tristan had French influence}

pia e pura bella - Vico's Latin catch-phrase for holy wars: 'pious and pure wars' + Vico's pura et pia bella (see New Science, 958, 1049) -  In FW the phrase is sometimes used for a girl's name - say, Issy or Stella - and ought, I'm sure, to connect with Plurabelle. It must be remembered that a girl, Biddy O'Brien, caused the war at Finnegan's wake. (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake

sey (German Archaic) - be

essay - to make an attempt; to try to do, effect, accomplish, or make (anything difficult) + Swift, Stella, Vanessa.

troth - to plight one's troth to; to engage in a contract, esp. of marriage + truth

trend - fig. The general course, tendency, or drift (of action, thought, etc.) + [ge]trennt (ger) - separated + trenna (Cornish) - to thunder.

initial - an initial letter + the T, upside down (*L*).

tripartite - a book, document, or treatise in three parts + (notebook 1923): 'Tripartite Life' → Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 106: 'it is stated in the Trepartite Life' (of Saint Patrick).

sternly - in a severe manner; harshly, unbendingly + Sterne.

adze - a carpenter's or cooper's tool, like an axe with the blade set at right angles to the handle and curving inwards towards it. In ancient Egypt, miniature model of this agricultural implement was used in the opening of the mouth ritual and called ahnetjer (aH-nTr) [PICTURE]. The shape of the adze also corresponds to the constellation "The Great Haunch", now called the "Big Dipper" (the component stars are the seven brightest of the formal constellation Ursa Major). That constellation is ancient seat of Typhon cult, Muladhara chakra of the Universe + Tailcenn (gael) - "Adze-head"; early name for Patrick, from tonsure or bishop's miter.

breastplate - a piece of armour for protecting the breast; also, any plate worn on the breast + Saint Patrick's hymn Breastplate (Cry of the Deer).

hopper - one that hops; a leaping insect (grasshopper); a brewery worker

behide - to hide away, conceal + behind

slap - to beat or strike on or against something with a slapping sound

bran - the husk of wheat, oats, or other grain, separated from the flour after grinding (PICTURE) + rain + "And look where Bran is, that is, the hound of Finn mac Curnaill, that we may send him to him, for Finn himself is not dearer to him than Diarmuid is; and, O Oscar, tell Bran to go with a warning to Diarmuid, who is in Doire Da Both”..." Cross & Slover: Ancient Irish Tales: The Pursuit of Diarmud and Grainne

bellax (l) - warlike, martial + Bellatrix is the third brightest star in the constellation Orion. The name Bellatrix is Latin for female warrior. Orion is Sahasrara chakra of the Universe, final destination of the Fire Snake. However, Osirians and Typhonians are at war since the time unknown (Hastur vs Cthulhu) + Robert Bauval, REFERENCE.

triptych - Antiq. A set of three writing-tablets hinged or tied together; a set of three operas or pieces of music intended to be performed together.

hillside - the lateral slope of a hill

shee - fairy

deliciate - to take one's pleasure, enjoy oneself; to fill with delight

picaresque - belonging or relating to rogues or knaves: applied esp. to a style of literary fiction dealing with the adventures of rogues, chiefly of Spanish origin; Of a situation: transitory, impermanent + picturesqueness.

images + irma (Portuguese) - sister + Irma, patient in Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams.

oneiros (gr) - dream + oneirourgos (gr) - dream-maker + other

interpellant - interrupting + interpellate - to interrupt (a person) in speaking + iter (l) - journey + impellent - impelling, that impels + iterimpellens (l) - setting in motion on a journey.

qua - in so far as; in the capacity of + (notebook 1924): 'Did it never occur to you...' → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 18: 'does it occur to you that he might be prejudiced?'