hyperborean* - of or pertaining to the fabled Hyperboreans; of, pertaining to, or characterizing the extreme north of the earth.

quick - of ready apprehension or wit; prompt to learn, think, invent, etc.

quack - to talk pretentiously and ignorantly, like a quack

per accidens* - by accident, by virtue of some accessory or non-essential circumstance, contingently, indirectly.

secession - the action of seceding or formally withdrawing from an alliance, a federation, a political or religious organization, or the like                                                                                                                                                                          succession

complementary - forming a complement, completing, perfecting

shudder - to tremble with horror or dread; esp. in colloq. phr. I shudder to think.

take on trust - to accept or give credit to without investigation or evidence.

thenk = think (obs.)                                God be thanked - Ejaculatory phrase.

flea - a small wingless insect, well known for its biting propensities and its agility in leaping; it feeds on the blood of man and of some other animals.

jake - fellow;                    Jack Jones - rhyming slang for 'alone'; usu. in phr. on one's Jack Jones: on one's own.

scabby - fig. Contemptible, mean, vile; stingy, 'shabby'

apert - open, manifest, public, plain; straightforward, direct                                                                                                 apart

guess;                        qua.

messmate - a companion at meals; one of a mess, esp. of a ship's mess;               mess - In the Army and Navy: Each of the several parties into which a regiment or ship's company is systematically divided, the members of each party taking their meals together.


periculous* - perilous

Scotch - Of persons: Of, belonging to, or native to, Scotland

pottage - a dish composed of vegetables alone, or along with meat, boiled to softness in water, and appropriately seasoned; soup, esp. a thick soup.

middle ageing - becoming middle aged


baste - a variant of beast, of which it retains the former pronunciation, the spelling being altered to suit.

jolly - Used as an admiring intensive, deriving its meaning from the context: Admirably great, large, big, etc.

becomingly - in a becoming manner, befittingly, with graceful fitness.

craythur - creature

becoming - a coming to be, a passing into a state                                                                                                         beginning


frere - obs. form of friar

Esau* - name of the elder of the twin sons of the patriarch Isaac, who sold his birthright to his brother Jacob for 'a mess of pottage' (Gen. xxv. 25 ff.), used symbolically for: one who prefers present advantage to permanent rights or interests.

empathy - the power of projecting one's personality into (and so fully comprehending) the object of contemplation.


mush - anything soft and pulpy; Radio. Interference or noise heard as a hissing or the sound.

God save the mark* - an exclamatory phrase, prob. originally serving as a formula to avert an evil omen and hence used by way of apology when something horrible, disgusting, indecent or profane has been mentioned. In mod. literary use (after some of the examples in Shaks.), an expression of impatient scorn appended to a quoted expression or to a statement of fact.

strict - Of inquiry, investigation, inspection, observation, calculation, and the like: Characterized by close and unrelaxing effort, so as to let nothing escape notice.

crossquestion* - a question put by way of cross-examination

nonsensical - having no sense, absurd

backword - withdrawal from a promise or from an accepted invitation; also dial. a contradiction, rude answer                backwards

dark horse - (Racing slang), a horse about whose racing powers little is known; hence fig. a candidate or competitor of whom little is known or heard, but who unexpectedly comes to the front.

simpliciter - simply, absolutely, unconditionally; without any condition or consideration;                            simpliciter (l) - simple.

arduus (l) - exalted, sublime

ars (l) - art

thieving - the action of a thief, stealing