the first liar - the Devil

whither - obs. form of whether

indwellingness - the quality of indwelling (that dwells within, inhabits, occupies, or possesses; Usually fig.)

fie, for shame! (phrase)

entwine - to twine or twist together; to plait, interlace, interweave

simplicissime (l) - most simply

brethren - special pl. of brother

BROWNE AND NOLAN - Printers, publishers, and booksellers; at 24-25 Nassau Street at the turn of the century, now in Dawson Street, with works at Clonskeagh; owners of the Richview Press + Bruno of Nola discussed identity of opposites + Nola (l) - very ancient Ausonian city in Campania (home of G. Bruno). 

leymon (Turkish) - lemon + limon (French) - mud + layman.

bogholder (Danish) - bookkeeper

stationary - residing or established in one place, not itinerant or migratory + stationery - paper cut to an appropriate size for writing letters, usually with matching envelopes.

orangey - resembling an orange in colour, taste, etc. + Oranje Nassau - Dutch Royal family, William III's ancestors + " This same prehistoric barrow 'tis, the orangery." [477.36]

a vicenda (it) - each other; in turn + Avicenna - 11th century Arabian philosopher and alchemist.

yesterweek (Archaic) - last week + Easter week.

Ibsen + Ibn Sen: Avicenna.

monopolize - transf. and fig. To obtain exclusive possession or control of, to get or keep entirely to oneself.

egobruno (notebook 1924)

unwillingly - contrary to one's will, against one's wish or desire, reluctantly

seizes + senses + sese (l) - himself, by himself.

ipso (l) - self + SDV: Bruno & Nolan partners off Nassau street were explaining it all round to each other others ere yesterday when heuponolan Bruno monopolises his brunoego egobruno most unwillingly senses by the mortal powers alionolan's alionolan equal and opposite brunoipso, ipso, that is id est, eternally provoking alio opposite equally as provoked as Bruno at being eternally contradicted opposed by Nolan.

id est - two Latin words, meaning 'that is', used in works written in Latin to introduce an explanation of a word or phrase = 'that is to say'.

omnibus - a volume containing several novels or other items previously published separately + pro omnibus (l) - for everyone + pro omnibus, saeculo saeculorum (l) - for everyone, world without end + per omnia saecula saeculorum (l) - for ever and ever.

singa (Malay) - lion + Lwe (ger) - lion.

Finn MacCool + Felis leo - lion.

Bruin - the name of the bear in Reynard the Fox

Nobel - lion in Reynard cycle

aver - to assert as a fact, to state positively, affirm + aber (ger) - but + Averroes - Arabian philosopher [.06-.07].

volans (l) - flying + nolens volens - willing or unwilling, whether willing or not, willy-nilly.

Mutemalice - a defendant who refused to speak in court in a felony case was declared "mute of all malice" and put to death + stand mute of malice - in Law, to refuse deliberately to plead.

*C* we enjoy in plural *V* suffer in sing (notebook 1924) → Czarnowski: Le Culte des Hros, Saint Patrick XC: 'When people experience the need to transpose into an elevated mode what they do or suffer, think they do or think they suffer in the plural and in the collective, the same verbs, in the singular, have the hero as a subject'.

justify - to confirm or support by attestation or evidence; to corroborate, prove, verify + testify.

breather - one that utters or speaks; one who lives, a living being + brother.

blither - one who makes blithe, a gladdener + brother.


oyes - 'Hear, hear ye'; a call by the public crier or by a court officer (generally thrice uttered), to command silence and attention when a proclamation, etc., is about to be made + o yes.


Australian + Ost (ger) - East.

multus (l) - much, many + most.

lubens (l) - with pleasure + deluded + my dearly beloved.

attaboy - An exclamation expressive of encouragement or admiration + alibi (l) - elsewhere.

Wyndham Lewis' Egoist + nego (l) - to deny, refuse.

cabler - one who sends a cable message (as Joyce did as a young man, asking for money) + cobber (Slang) - close friend.

said - named or mentioned before

scapegoat + (atheist).


Hallowe'en - the eve of All Hallows' or All Saints'; the last night of October

scenograph - a scene-painter, one who draws buildings, etc. in perspective + kenographos (gr) - an empty writing + kainographos (gr) - new writing.


All Souls' Eve - the evening of November 1st. + All Souls' Day - the second of November.

BRAZIL (BRASIL) - Hy Brasaille, Ir. "Enchanted Isle," the Irish Atlantis. St Brendan (d 578) of Clonfert (in Galway), one of St Patrick's 4 saints, was in legend the first to cross the Atlantic, and the discoverer of the "Promised Land of the Saints," or "Isle of the Blest," an island West of Ireland. From the 6th to as late as the 18th century, geographers accepted its existence; it was sometimes identified with Labrador, sometimes with Atlantis. St Brendan's Isle was in the middle ages confused with "brazil," a red dye-wood. It is for the latter that Brasil in South America was named.  

deferred - postponed, put off for a time, delayed + deferred telegram - one not for immediate delivery.

midden - a dunghill, manure-heap, refuse-heap + middle earth - an archaic term for the spiritual plane between heaven and hell.         

clare - clear (obs.) + County Clare.

nein (ger) - no + 0009 (phone number) + Message was sent from Shem's house, 'Nixnixundnix', at nine minutes past midnight (00.09) on a Satruday ('Assass' - the Devil's own day) for Dublin, via Europe (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

S.S. (steamship) + ass.

Dublin + due lire (Italian) - little money (literally 'two lire').

neuropath - a person with nervous disorder + neuron (l) - nerve + Europa

stop + Punkt (ger) - period + "the most notable word in this message is 'punk,' which is archaic term for tinder (again suggesting the 'Fireless' signature from previous telegram)." 

plus + please.

wire - to send by telegraph

splosh - money (slang.)

please + how to pay.

albi- (l) - white

sobrinus (l) - brother, maternal cousin + sobrino (sp) - nephew.

Jeff and Mutt [.16]

blighter - a contemptible or unpleasant person (slang.)


colonial + coglioni (it) - testicles + coglione (it) - stupid.

expansion + pancia (Italian) - belly.

Hail Mary - As a devotional recitation = Ave Mary

helmet + hail fellow well met (phrase).

Cabler + cappello (Italian) hat + Capel Street, Dublin.

minny - a familiar word for mother; minnow (dial.) + endings of foreign surnames: -kov, -ich, -mini, -rati, -opoulos.

opulus (l) - maple-tree

Albigenses (French heretics)

Emily Monroe Dickinson, sister of Parnell: A Patriot's Mistake

wast = was + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies; song: The Harp That Once through Tara's Halls [air: Gramachree].

gradh mo chroidhe (gra mu khri) (gael) = graw machree (Anglo-Irish) - love of my heart.