whither - obs. form of whether

indwellingness - the quality of indwelling (that dwells within, inhabits, occupies, or possesses; Usually fig.)

entwine - to twine or twist together; to plait, interlace, interweave

brethren - special pl. of brother

stationary - residing or established in one place, not itinerant or migratory.

orangey - resembling an orange in colour, taste, etc.



monopolize* - transf. and fig. To obtain exclusive possession or control of, to get or keep entirely to oneself.

unwillingly - contrary to one's will, against one's wish or desire, reluctantly.


id est - two Latin words, meaning 'that is', used in works written in Latin to introduce an explanation of a word or phrase = 'that is to say'.

omnibus* - a book or volume having a large and occas. varied content, spec. one containing several reprinted works by a single author or works of the same kind and published at a price designed to place it within the reach of a wide public.

et in saecula seeculorum (l) - world without end


Bruin - the name of the bear in Reynard the Fox

aver - to assert as a fact, to state positively, affirm

nolens volens* - willing or unwilling, whether willing or not, willy-nilly.

to stand mute of malice* - in Law, to refuse deliberately to plead.

justify* - to confirm or support by attestation or evidence; to corroborate, prove, verify.

breather - one that utters or speaks; one who lives, a living being.

blither - one who makes blithe, a gladdener

oyes* - 'Hear, hear ye'; a call by the public crier or by a court officer (generally thrice uttered), to command silence and attention when a proclamation, etc., is about to be made.





attaboy* - An exclamation expressive of encouragement or admiration.

cabler - one who sends a cable message

said - named or mentioned before



Hallowe'en* - the eve of All Hallows' or All Saints'; the last night of October.

scenograph* - a scene-painter, one who draws buildings, etc. in perspective.

All Souls' Eve* - the evening of November 1st.;                     All Souls' Day - the second of November.

deferred - postponed, put off for a time, delayed;                    deferred telegram - one not for immediate delivery.

midden - a dunghill, manure-heap, refuse-heap

clare - clear (obs.)




neuropath - a person with nervous disorder                                                                                                                      Europa


wire - to send by telegraph

splosh - money (slang.)

sobrinus (l) - brother

blighter - a contemptible or unpleasant person (slang.)




Hail Mary* - As a devotional recitation = Ave Mary


minny - a familiar word for mother; minnow (dial.)

wast = was