mourn - to lament the death of some one; to exhibit the conventional signs of grief for a period following the death of a person

astand - to remain standing; to continue, abide, persist + John Milton: Sonnet XVI: 'They also serve who only stand and waite'.

Fuchs (ger) - fox + fucks.

lodgers (lice) + badgers.

haire - cloth made of hair, haircloth; esp. a hair shirt worn next the skin by ascetics and penitents + hairs.

B.B.C. - British Broadcasting Corporation + V.C. - Victoria Cross.

muxa (Modern Greek) - mucus, snot + Ondt/Gracehoper & Mookse/Gripes.

hole + on the whole - when everything is considered + have mercy on his soul.


bereft - taken away, removed, quite gone (obs.)

oremus - a liturgical prayer introduced by the word oremus (in the service of the R.C. Church)

fraternus (l) - brother + oremus pro fratribus (l) - let us pray for [our] brothers.

gallows + Daily Sketch 14 Dec 1922: 'Petition for Reprieve of Bywaters is Ready To-Day': 'A commercial traveller: I have discussed the case with many people, and in every instance the view has been expressed that Bywaters should escape the gallows'.

faithful departed - the blessed dead + Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed - All Souls' Day.

wrong - to do injustice to (a person) by statement, imputation, opinion, etc.

earth + air (radio).

Tass - the official Soviet news agency

ditto - the aforesaid, the same

antipathy - constitutional or settled aversion or dislike + antipodes - places on the surfaces of the earth directly opposite to each other, or the place which is directly opposite to another; esp. the region directly opposite to our own.

Austrasia - Germanic part of the Frankish empire east of the Rhine + austrasia (Portuguese) - southern Asia + Australia.

fawnguest - one who robs or swindles another under the guise of friendship

hushmoney - money paid to prevent disclosure or exposure, or to hush up a crime or discreditable transaction

hop it - to be off, go away quickly

throw (a) light on - to contribute to the elucidation of, to make clearer or plainer + light on the subject.

obiism - the practice of or belief in obeah (an amulet, charm, or fetish used by Negroes for magical purposes) + obit (l) - he [she, it] falls, dies + obiit (l) - died.

working - a place in which mineral is or has been worked; a mining excavation

N.S.W. - New South Wales (Austral.); capital is Sydney. Discovered 1770 by Captain Cook; a penal colony was established 1788 at Botany Bay; more than one Irish patriot was transported there. 

jerrybuilt - built unsubstantially of bad materials; built to sell but not to last; Also fig. + Jerry (*C*).

ham (Danish) - him + Ham, son of Noah + him to be.

bro - a written or colloq. abbrev. of brother

sis - colloq. abbrev. of sister

castor - a reddish-brown unctuous substance, having a strong smell and nauseous bitter taste, obtained from two sacs in the inguinal region of the beaver; used in medicine.

porridge - a soft food made by stirring oatmeal (or occas. some other meal or cereal) into boiling water (or milk) + Castor and Pollux.

clarus (l) - clear, shiny + clarens (l) - brightening + claret - a type of red wine.

negus - a mixture of wine (esp. port or sherry) and hot water, sweetened with sugar and flavoured + nego (l) - to deny, refuse + negus (Amharic) - king.

teetotum - a very little person

abstainer - one who abstains; esp. one who abstains from eating or drinking particular things; in older writers a Nazarite, in modern use an abstainer from alcoholic beverages, a 'total abstainer.'

ashun - to shun, avoid, escape from

clot - a mass, lump, rounded mass

beholding - under obligation, obliged, indebted; In late use often: Dependent.


Amharic - of or pertaining to Amhara, its people, or its language; the language itself, the principal language of modern Ethiopia + American + Armorican (Tristan).

doubly - twofold; dishonestly, deceitfully + Dublin televion.

outpassed hearts grow small (Joyce's note) → destitution motif. Joyce's primary lesson: all things shall pass.

worndown - impaired by wear or use, or by exposure; showing the results of use or attrition

redress - remedy for, or relief from, some trouble; assistance, aid, help (obs.) + address.

spare - to give or grant; to supply (a person) with (something) out of a stock, quantity, etc. + Vulgate Psalms 42:5: 'Spera in Deo': 'Hope in God'.

scholar - a learned or erudite person; esp. one who is learned in the classical (i.e. Greek and Latin) languages and their literature

copper - copper money; a copper coin; a penny or halfpenny; a cent of the United States

apricot lumps (sweet) + African lips.

moonshine - moonlight

freer - one who frees or sets free; obs. and Sc. dial. form of friar + The Tyro: A Review of the Arts of Painting, Sculpture and Design was the short-lived (two issues) magazine founded and edited by Eliot's friend (Percy) Wyndham Lewis. Tyro essay by Eliot is titled The Romantic Englishman, the Comic Spirit, and the Function of Criticism. Eliot's essay ends in a few French words: Vous, hypocrite lecteur... Eliot is alluding to the last line of Baudelaire's poem Au Lecteur ('To the Reader') which served as the preface to his collection of poems Les Fleurs du Mal ('The Flowers of Evil'). The line is "Hypocrite lecteur, -- mon semblable, -- mon frère!" and a translation of it is "Hypocrite reader, my double, my brother!" Eliot was to reuse this line in The Waste Land (Part I, line 76).

halfbrother - a brother by one parent only, a brother of the half-blood

otium - the Latin word for 'leisure, freedom from business, ease', in occasional English use

brothel - a worthless abandoned fellow, a wretch, scoundrel, good-for-nothing + brother.

jollity - gaiety, merriment + I Corinthians 13:13: 'faith, hope, charity'.

David (and Jonathan) + Michael Davitt spent eight months in Australia in 1895.

benighted - fig. Involved in intellectual or moral darkness + United Irishman.

belabour - to labour at, work at (obs.); fig. To assail with words + dearly beloved [488.04]

Sydney, Australian city

ALBANY - Seaport town, South-West Australia. Michael Davitt, the Fenian who founded the Land League and was elected to Parliament, after spending years in English jails, spent 8 months in Australia in 1895, lecturing to Irish communities.  

penned - written (with a pen); set down in writing + (Swift accused of writing letters to himself, owing to similarity of Stella's handwriting to his own).

nonday - nonce-translation of dies non (in Law, a day on which no legal business is transacted, or which is not reckoned in counting days for some particular purpose; Also transf., a day that does not count or on which there is no activity).

allnight - a service of food, fuel, or light for the whole night

nurseryrhyme + reel - Sc. A noise, tumult, disturbance + "Stephen was obsessed with the problem of how to capture a 'still' from the motion-picture of life, whereas the later Joyce wanted to keep the camera of his 'allnights newseryreeel' turning with hardly a pause for meditation" (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).


rooster - a cock; transf. of persons

peck - Of birds: To take (food) with the beak; esp. in small bits at a time. Often with up; to pick + pick up Boston (on the radio).