mourn - to lament the death of some one; to exhibit the conventional signs of grief for a period following the death of a person.

astand - to remain standing; to continue, abide, persist

haire - cloth made of hair, haircloth; esp. a hair shirt worn next the skin by ascetics and penitents.

on the whole* - when everything is considered


bereft - taken away, removed, quite gone (obs.)

oremus - a liturgical prayer introduced by the word oremus (in the service of the R.C. Church).

fraternus (l) - brother


faithful departed* - the blessed dead

wrong - to do injustice to (a person) by statement, imputation, opinion, etc.


Tass - the official Soviet news agency

ditto - the aforesaid, the same

antipathy - constitutional or settled aversion or dislike;                    antipodes - places on the surfaces of the earth directly opposite to each other, or the place which is directly opposite to another; esp. the region directly opposite to our own.

Austrasia - Germanic part of the Frankish empire east of the Rhine.

fawnguest* - one who robs or swindles another under the guise of friendship.

hushmoney* - money paid to prevent disclosure or exposure, or to hush up a crime or discreditable transaction.

to hop it - to be off, go away quickly

to throw (a) light on* - to contribute to the elucidation of, to make clearer or plainer.

obiism* - the practice of or belief in obeah (an amulet, charm, or fetish used by Negroes for magical purposes).

working - a place in which mineral is or has been worked; a mining excavation.

N.S.W. - New South Wales (Austral.)

jerrybuilt - built unsubstantially of bad materials; built to sell but not to last; Also fig.


bro - a written or colloq. abbrev. of brother

sis -  colloq. abbrev. of sister

castor - a reddish-brown unctuous substance, having a strong smell and nauseous bitter taste, obtained from two sacs in the inguinal region of the beaver; used in medicine.

porridge - a soft food made by stirring oatmeal (or occas. some other meal or cereal) into boiling water (or milk).

clarus (l) - clear, shiny

negus - a mixture of wine (esp. port or sherry) and hot water, sweetened with sugar and flavoured.

teetotum - a very little person

abstainer - one who abstains; esp. one who abstains from eating or drinking particular things; in older writers a Nazarite, in modern use an abstainer from alcoholic beverages, a 'total abstainer.'

ashun - to shun, avoid, escape from

clot - a mass, lump, rounded mass

beholding - under obligation, obliged, indebted; In late use often: Dependent.


Amharic - of or pertaining to Amhara, its people, or its language; the language itself, the principal language of modern Ethiopia                                                                                                                                                                     American

doubly - twofold; dishonestly, deceitfully

outpassed hearts grow small

worndown - impaired by wear or use, or by exposure; showing the results of use or attrition.

redress - remedy for, or relief from, some trouble; assistance, aid, help (obs.)

spare - to give or grant; to supply (a person) with (something) out of a stock, quantity, etc.

scholar - a learned or erudite person; esp. one who is learned in the classical (i.e. Greek and Latin) languages and their literature.

copper - copper money; a copper coin; a penny or halfpenny; a cent of the United States.


moonshine* - moonlight

freer - one who frees or sets free; obs. and Sc. dial. form of friar.

halfbrother - a brother by one parent only, a brother of the half-blood.

otium - the Latin word for 'leisure, freedom from business, ease', in occasional English use.

brothel - a worthless abandoned fellow, a wretch, scoundrel, scapegrace, good-for-nothing.

jollity - gaiety, merriment

benighted - fig. Involved in intellectual or moral darkness                                                                                                     united


belabour - to labour at, work at (obs.); fig. To assail with words.

penned - written (with a pen); set down in writing

nonday - nonce-translation of dies non (in Law, a day on which no legal business is transacted, or which is not reckoned in counting days for some particular purpose; Also transf., a day that does not count or on which there is no activity).

allnight - a service of food, fuel, or light for the whole night

nurseryrhyme;                        reel - Sc. A noise, tumult, disturbance.


rooster - a cock; transf. of persons

peck - Of birds: To take (food) with the beak; esp. in small bits at a time. Often with up; to  pick.