bastun (bostun) (gael) = bostoon (Anglo-Irish) - poltroon, blockhead + Boston (the pub's radio, operating between 10 and 11 P.M. receives a range of transcontinental and transatlantic signals) + The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. IV, 'Boston', 295c: 'in 1704, the first newspaper in America, the Boston News-Letter, which was published weekly until 1776'.

vae victis (l) - woe to the vanquished + why was.

anguished - distressed with severe pain or grief, tormented + vanquished.

victor - to overcome, vanquish (obs.) + victor victus (l) - the winner defeated.

vex - to trouble, afflict, or harass (a person, etc.) by aggression, encroachment, or other interference with peace and quiet; to afflict with mental agitation or trouble + victum vexatum (l) - the loser tormented.

perambulator - a hand-carriage, with three or four wheels, for one or two young children, pushed from behind

ram - to dash violently against, to strike with great force + ran

"M' Turk's knee in the small of his back cannoned him into Stalky, who punted him back."


acolyte - Eccl. An inferior officer in the church who attended the priests and deacons, and performed subordinate duties, as lighting and bearing candles, etc.; an attendant or junior assistant in any ceremony or operation.




ever since - throughout all the time before or after a specified date

Madonna - an Italian designation of the Virgin Mary + Thomas MacDonagh - Irish rebel of 1916 rising.

chield - child, lad + madonna in cielo (Italian) - madonna in heaven.

brilliance - intense or sparkling brightness or radiance, lustre, splendour

James Joyce: The Day of the Rabblement: (refers to Giordano Bruno as) 'the Nolan'

nominally - by name, as regards a name or names; in name, as opposed to really

pronominally - with the force of or as a pronoun; by means of a pronoun + numina - a spirit which inhabits object or phenomenon + pro numina (l) - in place of a god.

Gott (ger) - god + gab (ger) - gave + Baggot Street, Dublin + "Glugg, geminally about caps or puds or tog bags or bog gats" [220.14]

a noun can represent a thing, a person or a place

reeker - one that reeks + [h]eureka (gr) - I have found; I have it.

pat - exactly suitable or to the purpose, apposite + stand pat - to oppose or resist change + Patrick.

name + shame.

yahoo - a name invented by Swift in Gulliver's Travels for an imaginary race of brutes having the form of men; hence transf. and allusively, a human being of a degraded or bestial type.

houyhnhnm - the name given by Swift in Gulliver's Travels to one of a race of beings described as horses endowed with reason and bearing rule over a degraded brutish race of men, called the Yahoos + homonym - the same name or word used to denote different things; a person or thing having the same name as another, a 'namesake'.

gab - mockery, derisive deception; a lie, deceit + Gottgab + gab (ger) - gave + gut (ger) - well.

memoirs - a record of events, not purporting to be a complete history, but treating of such matters as come within the personal knowledge of the writer, or are obtained from certain particular sources of information + Joyce's note: 'Search yr memory it wd be'.

impersonate - to invest with a supposed personality; to represent in a personal or bodily form; to personify + personal pronoun + (notebook 1924): '*V* impersonating medium' Travers Smith: Psychic Messages from Oscar Wilde 78: 'I should not attribute any messages so characteristic of the whole man to an impersonation on the other side. I think in this case it is a choice of two hypotheses; either Oscar Wilde is speaking, or the whole script, ouija board and automatic writing must be derived from the subconsciousness or clairvoyance of two mediums'.

foul - grossly offensive to the senses, physically loathsome; primarily with reference to the odour or appearance indicative of putridity or corruption + William Shakespeare: Macbeth I.1.11: 'Fair is foul, and foul is fair / Hover through the fog and filthy air'.

twofold - composed of two parts or elements; existing in two relations or manners; of two kinds; double, dual

untaken - not taken by force; not made prisoner; uncaptured

expatriate - an expatriated person; In modern usage, a person who lives in a foreign country + misopatris (gr) - a hater of this country + Emily Monroe Dickinson, sister of Parnell: A Patriot's Mistake.

doppleganger = double-ganger - the apparition of a living person; a double + Doppelganger (ger) - double + Alfred Döblin - 20th century German novelist (reviewed Joyce's Ulysses enthusiastically in 1928; his 1929 novel Berlin Alexanderplatz termed as somewhat imitative of Ulysses; after being expatriated from Germany in 1933, met Joyce in Paris).

much about - very nearly

medium - a middle quality, degree, or condition; Spiritualism, etc. A person who is supposed to be the organ of communications from departed spirits + (notebook 1924): 'much about his own size'.

sandy - having hair of a yellowish-red colour; of hair, yellowish-red + SDV: — Now will you just search your memory for this impersonating medium! Without revealing names Would it be a fellow much about your own size with a buff whiskers?

whiskers - the hair that grows on an adult man's face; formerly commonly applied to that on the upper lip, now called moustache, and sometimes to (or including) that on the chin (beard); now usu. restricted to that on the cheeks or sides of the face + (notebook 1924): 'fellow with a red whiskers'.

nab - the head; a policeman + poke (one) in the ribs - to hit (a person) in the side of his chest esp. with one’s elbow in order to draw his attention to something funny or unusual.

erst - earliest, soonest, first in order of time + erst (ger) - first + Wort (ger) - word + take the words out of someone's mouth - to say what someone else was intending to say before he does so himself.

treble - three times as much or as many; triple + SDV: — Stouter is doing the dirty on me so he is with her tantrums & all the these kilowatts that I'd be better off without. / — Stouter & stouter, I see. Now you told us of a this tryst. I wonder now, without revealing names secrets, do I know the name? / — Marik! Marik! Marik! Wha lost his drariks in the parik. / He'd want to hark harik his character / christened by the / harkbishop of Yark Yarik  1. Marik! Marik! Marik! / 2. Ha drappid drappad has drariks draraks in the parik. / 3. And ha had to barrow tha / watercrass shortclothes / off tha arkbishop of Yorik. / — O cross of Cong there was a lad chancer for ye.

stutter + treble stout (drink).

Baggot Street, Dublin (the offices of Maunsel and Company, which eventually refused to publish Dubliners in 1912, were located there from 1916; James Joyce: Letters II.382: letter 01/09/16 from May Joyce: 'Eva applied for a position in Maunsells... The place in Abbey St. was destroyed last April and they have taken a place in Baggot St. now').

surpass - to go beyond (another) in degree, amount, or quality; to be or do more or better than + surprised.

yod (Hebrew) - hand (name of letter)

ayin (Hebrew) - eye (name of letter)

pe (Hebrew) - mouth (name of letter) + pier.

Nöel (fr) - Christmas + Noah's Ark + (arch of rainbow).

foster - a foster-parent, nurse; an officer who watches royal forest + Foster Place, Dublin.

do the dirty - to play a dirty trick

tantrum - an outburst or display of petulance or ill-temper, a fit of passion; Freq. in pl. Now often spec. a fit of bad temper in a young child + (notebook 1923): 'Trist uses warpath words: tantrums' ["you bloody bitch" in extension?].

kilowatt - a thousand watts + (notebook 1924): 'kilowatt'.

which he is better off without (notebook 1924)  Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 64: 'I marvelled at the tenor's rigidity at denying himself those things of which he is fond - pastries and such, which he contends he is better off, as a singer, without'.

redivive - revived, come to life again + rediviva (l) - that lives again + Jenny is alive again (Children’s game) + Gradiva Rediviva and Norbert Hanold [next line .27] are the heroes of a story by W. Jensen (discussed by Freud in Delusions and Dreams in W. Jensen's "Gradiva").

toot - an act of tooting; a note or short blast of a horn, trumpet, or other wind instrument + (postman's knock).



tut - an ejaculation (often reduplicated) expressing impatience or dissatisfaction with a statement, notion, or proceeding, or contemptuously dismissing it + tat-tat - a tapping sound (especially a knock at a door).


red letter day - a saint's day or church festival indicated in the calendar by red letters; hence, any memorable, fortunate, or specially happy day + 'Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May, On a cold and frosty morning' (song) + rat-tat-tat - a tapping sound (especially a knock at a door).

contra (l) - over against, opposite + countryman + (rival).

tuar ceatha (Irish) - rainbow + Teamhar (Irish) - Tara, ancient capital of Ireland (Pronunciation 't'our') + Cathay - a name for China.

righting - reparation or redress of wrongs, injuries, etc. + writing.


what though_? - (somewhat arch.) what happens or would happen in view of the fact that, or on the supposition that_?

sow - the female of swine; an adult or full-grown female pig, esp. a domestic one used for breeding + Peg O' My Heart (song) + James Joyce: A Portrait V: 'Ireland is the old sow that eats her farrow'.

poule (fr) - hen

Peg O'My Heart - heroine of J. H. Manner's play, 1912. Peg O'Connell is a winsome Irish-American colleen who bewitches an English lord + -een (Irish) - (diminutive) 

windowsill - the piece of wood- or stone-work forming the lower horizontal part of a window-opening

bos (l) - ox, bull