Sandy - a shortened form of the name Alexander, chiefly used in Scotland; Hence used as a nickname for a Scotchman.

attend - to apply oneself to the care or service of (a person); esp. to watch over and wait upon, to minister to (the sick); to present oneself, for the purpose of taking some part in the proceedings; e.g. to attend church, school, a lecture, a meeting, a funeral.

Goliath - a giant; often with allusion to details in the Scripture narrative.

sagen (d) - to say

croon - to sing (a song, tune, etc.) in a low murmuring undertone; to hum. spec. to sing (a song, etc.) in a low, smooth voice.

theme - Mus. The principal melody, plainsong, or canto fermo in a contrapuntal piece; also, a simple tune on which variations are constructed.


crispin - a name given to a shoemaker, in allusion to Crispinus or St. Crispin, the patron saint of shoemakers.

besoop - ? To thrash, lay about                                                                                                                                     bishops

jut - to strike, knock, or push against something (obs.)

clapperclaw - to claw or scratch with the open hand and nails; to beat, thrash; fig. To revile, abuse.

Irvingite - a member of a religious body founded about 1835 on the basis of principles promulgated by Edward Irving (1792-1834), a minister of the Church of Scotland, settled in London, and excommunicated in 1833.

orthodox* - an orthodox person: a member of the Orthodox Eastern Church; Of opinions or doctrines: Right, correct, true; in accordance with what is accepted or authoritatively established as the true view or right practice.

middleaged spread* - paunchiness in a middle-aged person

mental - pl. nonce-use. Intellectual faculties (obs.) 

lean - to rely or depend on or upon

cop - to capture, catch, lay hold of, 'nab'

corkscrew - to twist spirally; to draw out as with a corkscrew; to elicit by roundabout devices, or with effort.

boulevard - a broad street, promenade, or walk, planted with rows of trees.

billy - fellow; companion, comrade, mate; brother

bint - Meaning and derivation doubtful: cf. Du. bindte 'joint, crossbeam.'                                                                          bend

mittle - to hurt or mutilate                                                                                                                                                 middle


alcove - a vaulted recess

turtur = turtle - turtle-dove (a dove of the genus Turtur, esp. the common European species T. communis, noted for its graceful form, harmonious colouring, and affection for its mate).

mallow - a common wild plant, Malva sylvestris (N.O. Malvaceĉ), having hairy stems and leaves and deeply-cleft reddish-purple flowers.

strike up - to begin to play or sing (a piece of music, a song)


drap = drop

mansionhouse* - the house of the lord of a manor, the chief residence of a landed proprietor; an official residence; esp. that belonging to the benefice of an ecclesiastic.

watercress* - the hardy perennial, Nasturtium officinale (N.O. Cruciferĉ), found in abundance near springs and in small running streams, and now widely cultivated for use as a salad.

short clothes* - an infant's short-coats (the garments in which an infant is clothed when the long clothes are laid aside).

archbishop* - the chief bishop; the highest dignitary in an episcopal church, superintending the bishops of his province.

bummel - a leisurely stroll or journey;                             on the bum - vagrant; begging.

Lilliput* - the name of an imaginary country in Gulliver's Travels (1726), peopled by pygmies six inches high; person of diminutive size, a child.

lea - land 'laid down' for pasture, pasture-land, grass-land

sally - a breaking forth from restraint; an outburst or transport (of passion, delight, or other emotion).

a touch of the tar brush* - Applied to someone of mixed Black (or Indian, etc.) and white origin, as shown in the colour of the skin.

sharepusher - aggressive salesman; one who endeavours to dispose of Shares to the public by circular or advertisement, instead of selling them on the market.

Green Thursday* - the Thursday before Good Friday; third day before Easter.

mussel man - one who gathers mussels (a bivalve mollusc belonging to either of the two families Mytilacea and Unionacea (Fresh-water Mussels).)

muscle man* - a person who employs or threatens violence on behalf of a professional criminal, or who commits crimes of violence without instigation; Used to denote a paragon of powerful physique.

mamie - a child's word for mother

dreary* - dismal, gloomy; repulsively dull or uninteresting

felicitation* - the action of congratulating; an instance of the same; a congratulatory speech or message.

daff - a simpleton, a fool; a coward


twinned - born two at one birth, twin


white war* - war without bloodshed, economic warfare; not open warfare but with oblique methods.


Welsh-Briton* = Welshman - a native of Wales

unbiassed - fig. Not unduly or improperly influenced or inclined; unprejudiced, impartial.

embarrassment - perplexity, sense of difficulty or hesitation with regard to judgement or action.

disposal - power or right to dispose of, make use of, or deal with as one pleases; control, command, management.

to step into the breach - to take over a course of action or duty e.g. part in a stage play, when no one else is willing or able to do it.

soggy - Of persons: Dull, spiritless                                                                                                                                  soldier

to join up - to enlist in the army