weiss (ger) - know + Joyce's note: 'How voice you' Caradoc Evans, 26: "[A Heifer without Blemish] 'How voice you then about Gwen the widow of Noah?' asked Tomos." MS 47484a-12, LMA: ^+How voice you that, nice Sandy man? Not big large gent ^+goodman+^is he, Sandy nice!+^ | JJA 58:113 | Dec 1924-Jan 1925 |

Sandy - a shortened form of Alexander, chiefly used in Scotland; Hence used as a nickname for a Scotchman; having hair of a yellowish-red colour + Sandemanians - sect expelled from Church of Scotland in 1730 + Joyce's note: 'Nice Big Man' Caradoc Evans, 7: "[A Father in Sion] "'Your mother Achsah is not what she should be. [...] You did hear how I said to the Nice Big Man that I was like Job? Achsah is mad.'" MS 47484a-12, LMA: ^+How voice you that, nice Sandy man? Not big large gent ^+goodman+^ is he, Sandy nice!+^ | JJA 58:113 | Dec 1924-Jan 1925| 

goodman - the master or male head of a household or other establishment, the host (of an inn) + (notebook 1924): 'Large gent is he' → Evans: My People, Stories of the Peasantry of West Wales 51: 'The Way of the Earth': 'Large gentleman is he'.

this 1 minute (Joyce's note) → Evans: My People, Stories of the Peasantry of West Wales 32: 'A Heifer Without Blemish': 'She was here this one minute'.

upthrow - to throw or cast upwards, to toss or fling up + up through.

lotus - the water-lily of Egypt and Asia, Nymphæa Lotus; the plant yielding the fruit which was the food of the Lotophagi of Greek legend

burly - sturdy, massively built + Béarla (Irish) - English language + Joyce's note: '*E* his good ear' → Chateaubriand: Œuvres Choisies Illustrées III.170, Mémoires d'outre-tombe: (of Charles X) 'he sat down next to the same table, leaning toward me his good ear, the better to hear me, thus drawing my attention to his years'.

womit (ger) - with what? + SDV: And Ask him how he lost his [bass's] voice.

flat - Music. Of a note or singer: Relatively low in pitch, below the regular or true pitch. 'B, D, E, etc. flat': a semitone lower than B, D, E, etc.

baited - worried by dogs; fig. harassed, tormented + bated + alpha, beta, gamma.

gamut - the 'Great Scale' (of which the invention is ascribed to Guido d'Arezzo), comprising the seven hexachords or partial scales, and consisting of all the recognized notes used in mediæval music; Hence in later use: The whole series of notes that are recognized by musicians.

dies Lunae (l) - Moon's day, Monday + lunes (sp) - Monday + lunacy.

dies Martis (l) - Mars' day, Tuesday + martedi (it) - Tuesday + martyred.

dies Mercurii (l) - Mercury's day, Wednesday + Mehercule (l) - by Hercules! + Colossus (l) - statue at Rhodes + miércoles (sp) - Wednesday + Mittwoch (ger) - Wednesday (literally 'midweek').

dies Jovis (l) - Jupiter's day, Thursday + jeudi (French) - Thursday + Judas + deceased.

Paraskeue (gr) - day before the sabbath of Passover (Good Friday) + menaced by a pair of skivvies.

lørdag (Danish) - Saturday + lured & dogged.

nedelya (Old Church Slavonic) - Sunday + need I tell yoy.

crescendo - to increase gradually in loudness or intensity + voskresen'e (Russian) - Sunday + voskresenie (Old Church Slavonic) - resurrection + foul & false crescendo died.

dies Domini (l) = Dia Domhnaigh (Irish) - the Lord's day, Sunday + Dia's donas (Irish) - God and evil + {Speaker: Matthew}

doll - to dress up finely or elaborately, to deck up

dolthead - a dull and stupid person + dolt - a person who is not very bright + adulthood. 

dolittle - one who does little, a lazy person + delitto (it) - crime.

dainty - of delicate or tender beauty or grace

diva - a distinguished female singer, a prima donna + diva (l) - goddess.

deltic = deltaic - of, pertaining to, or forming a delta; of the nature of a delta.

henpecked - domineered over by, or subject to the rule of, a wife

Russisch (ger) - Russian

"Till he becomes acquainted through the bars with the animals that are in future to be his cage-mates."

włosy (Polish) = vólosy (Russian) - hair

Caspian Sea + Krasnoe more (Russian) - Red Sea.

khorosho (Russian) - very well, good + shag (Slang) - fuck.

groggy - intoxicated; shaky, tottering + dragi (Russian, Serbian) - dear.

stoop - to bend one's back forward from the waist on down; to debase oneself morally, act in an undignified, unworthy, or dishonorable way + scopare (Italian Slang) - to fuck.

Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. CLIX: 'The Chapter of the Uatch Amulet [Made of] Mother-of-Emerald' (amulet-necklace of green feldspar placed by priest on deceased's neck to secure for him Isis' protection and Horus's strength in the journey through the underworld).

ara (l) - altar + ora pro nobis (l) - pray for us (REFERENCE) + Dion Boucicault: Arrah-na-Pogue (play).

capilla (pl.) (l) - hairs + SDV: I beg to travers above statement [inasmuch] as my revered was confined in barracks by doctor Finncane [entailing a laxative tendency and him being forbidden fruit] when my reputed husband took a drink from out of the said bottle and he showed me a poker [which was [here] produced] with the remark: This is for Sneak. / — Creeping into through the children of Mary class disguised as a judge a blancmange with two sorts of false heads on him of jam on him with melasses. Three cheers for the name of Magrath!

rubra (fem.) (l) - red, ruddy + {Speaker: Yawn as *A*}

mel (l) - honey + camomile - Eurasian plant with apple-scented foliage and white-rayed flowers and feathery leaves used medicinally.

dauby - crudely executed; smeary, dirty


traverse - Law. To contradict formally (a matter of fact alleged in the previous pleading) + Joyce's note: 'traverse yr statement'.

luter - a lute-player + Sechseläuten - Zurich spring festival + sexy letters.

black hole - The name has become historic, in connexion with the horrible catastrophe in 1756 at the black hole of the barracks in Fort William, Calcutta, into which 146 Europeans were thrust for a whole night, of whom only 23 survived till the morning.

reflect - to turn one's thoughts (back) on, to fix the mind or attention on or upon a subject; to cast a slight or imputation, reproach or blame, on or upon a person or thing.

administrant - one who administers or conducts any office or affair

slow poison - Indicating the accumulative effect of a deleterious drug or agent taken for a length of time.

revere - to hold in, or regard with, deep respect or veneration

mein Herr - Used in a jocular or ironic tone in addressing a German man; so as n., a male German + mijnheer (Dutch) - gentleman, sir, Mr + menhir - a tall upright megalith (found primarily in N France and England).

confined - shut up, enclosed, imprisoned

guardroom - a room in which prisoners are guarded

understand + Hindustani - a form of Hindi spoken around Delhi; a native or inhabitant of Hindustan or India.

pint - a measure of capacity for liquids, equal to half a quart or 18 of a gallon

Pilsener - In full Pils(e)ner beer: A pale-coloured lager beer with a strong hop flavour.

due to = owing to - that owes its existence to

John Zephaniah Holwell was a surgeon, an employee of the English East India Company. Holwell was a survivor of the Black Hole of Calcutta, June 1756, the incident in which British subjects and others were crammed into a small poorly-ventilated chamber overnight, with many deaths. Howell's account of this incident (1758) obtained wide circulation in England and some claim this gained support for the East India Company's conquest of India.

par- - beside, beyond + apothecary - drugs collectively; attrib. quasi-adj.

sedan chair - a closed vehicle to seat one person, borne on two poles by two bearers, one in front and one behind

chemist - one who deals in medicinal drugs

drugger - a dealer in drugs, a druggist (obs.)

Surrajah Dowlah, the Newab of Bengal, cast 146 persons into the "Black Hole of Calcutta" in 1756; only 23 survived. 

V.S. - veterinary surgeon

aural - of or pertaining to the organ of hearing; of or pertaining to the aura

surgeon - a physician who specializes in surgery

afamado (sp) - famous

Herr Doktor (ger) - doctor

Joyce, Patrick - Irishman who called himself Dr Achmed Borumborad and masqueraded as a Turkish doctor with such success that he became the lion of Dublin in 1790 and persuaded the government to help him finance a magnificent Turkish bath in Dublin. As Mr Atherton points out, Joyce called him "Hairductor" because Sir Jonah Barrington says his fascination lay in his hair + (notebook 1924): 'Dr Achmed Borumborad Turkish bath Dubl (Dr Ptk Joyce, Kilkenny)' Freeman's Journal 14 Jul 1924, 8/6: 'By the Way': 'The recent discussion about Turkish baths recalls... their originator in Dublin, Dr. Achmet Borumborad... The doctor fell in love with a Miss Hartigan, who declined to marry him unless he shaved and became a Christian. He shaved, reappeared, fell upon his knees before her, and cried, "... I'm your own countryman, Mr. Patrick Joyce from Kilkenny County..."'

sahib - a respectful title used by the natives of India in addressing an Englishman or other European (= 'Sir'); in native use, an Englishman, a European

syringa - any of the shrubs of the genus Philadelphus, esp. P. coronarius, the mock-orange, having creamy-white strongly sweet-scented flowers, cultivated as an ornamental shrub

padam (Malay) - extinguished, calmed down; lotus flower + SERINGAPATAM - Town in Mysore, South India; former capital of Mysore and site of palace of Tippoo Sahib, killed in siege by British, 1799. The Mahratta princes (but Tippoo Sahib was not a Mahratta) were called "lords of the umbrella."

ALLAPALLI - Seaport city, Kerala, South-West Indian; now usually Allepey, aka Aulapalay. No known connection with Seringapatam.

musical + mesi (Italian) - months.

Wasserguss (ger) - downpour, sink + (menstruation) + "When the Fire Snake moves and stimulates the bodily chakras, then the cerebral centres discharge through them the vibrations that merge as gross secretions at the region of the muladhara. In those amnayas where Suvasini is sexually engaged, the fluids are drawn in by the penis, syphonwise, and absorbed by the Fire Snake at the muladhara chakra of the worshiper... Crowley sought access to these fluids by means of cunnilingus, a mode that has been in use since remote antiquity." (Kenneth Grant: Beyond the Mauve Zone)

bollworm - an insect which destroys the cotton boll or pod

pilch - an outer garment of skin or wool

knickers - colloq. contraction of knickerbockers (loose-fitting breeches, gathered in at the knee, and worn by boys, sportsmen, and others who require a freer use of their limbs).

yerd = yard - 0.914 m + yerd (Obsolete) - penis + King Fergus of Ulster said to have had a seven fingers (or fists) long member.

calendar + gland (French) - glans, penis.


slopper - wide baggy breeches or hose, of the kind commonly worn in the 16th and early 17th cent.; loose trousers, esp. those worn by sailors + slipper + (condom).

forfear - to terrify (obs.) + forever + farfar (Danish) - grandfather + Vorfahre (ger) - ancestor.

reverend + reverberate.

misfortune - bad or adverse fortune, ill-luck

repetition + my petition.

kavvanah - devotion or fervor in prayer + Kavanaugh, Thomas Henry - English leader in the Indian Mutiny. 

journal + Governor-general.

humpbacked - having a humped or crooked back

Dreifaltigkeit (ger) - trinity + dry filthy heat.

Trinidad (Spanish) - Trinity

Pinsler (ger) - dauber (a coarse or unskilful painter; one who plasters or covers walls with mortar, clay, etc.)

oil paintings + Sir William Orpen - painter, died 1931 (painted, among others, McCormack and Gogarty).

entail - to bring on by way of necessary consequence

laxative - Of medicines, food, etc.: Having the property of loosening and evacuating the bowels; Of the bowels, or the bodily constitution: Loose, subject to 'flux' or free discharge of the fæces; having a loosing power, affording remission or relief (rare.)

mary - stomach, belly; marry (obs.) + marry + too many + SDV: I beg to travers above statement [inasmuch] as my revered was confined in barracks by doctor Finncane [entailing a laxative tendency and him being forbidden fruit] when my reputed husband took a drink from out of the said bottle and he showed me a poker [which was [here] produced] with the remark: This is for Sneak.

forbidden fruit - i.e. that forbidden to Adam (Gen. ii. 17), also fig. + (notebook 1924): '*E* was forbidden fruit'.

secular - Eccl. Of members of the clergy: Living 'in the world' and not in monastic seclusion, as distinguished from 'regular' and 'religious'.

bad-hazmi (Persian) - indigestion + bad as my.

valvular - having the form or function of a valve; Chiefly Anat. and Bot + volvulus - a form of intestinal obstruction caused by a twisting or knotting of the bowel + volvula (l) - little womb.

basketful - as much as fills a basket; also fig., a considerable quantity

Priester (ger) - priest

Saint George's Channel between Ireland and Wales

aroint - In aroint thee! (? verb in the imperative, or interjection) meaning apparently: Avaunt! Begone! [Origin unknown. Used by Shakspere, whence by some modern writers.] + anoint

tummy - the stomach or intestine; an abdominal pain or complaint + Thomas Moore: His ballads were published as Moore's Irish Melodies (commonly called Moore's Melodies) in 1846 and 1852.

moor - a tract of unenclosed waste ground; now usually, uncultivated ground covered with heather; a marsh (obs.) + tumor - a permanent circumscribed morbid swelling, consisting in a new growth of tissue, without inflammation.

malady - a specific kind of ill health, an ailment, a disease; fig. A morbid or depraved condition (e.g. of mind, morals, social arrangements, etc.)

thereinafter - after, before, below in that document, statute, etc.

liable - exposed or subject to, or likely to suffer from (something prejudicial); in older use with wider sense, subject to the operation of (any agency), likely to undergo (a change of any kind); Normally const. to.

succumb - to yield to the attacks of a disease, the effect of wounds, etc.; hence, to die

letters patent - an open letter or document, usually from a sovereign or person in authority, issued for various purposes, e.g. to put on record some agreement or contract, to authorize or command something to be done, to confer some right, privilege, title, property, or office; now, especially, to grant for a statutory term to a person or persons the sole right to make, use, or sell some invention.

strike below the belt - (from the language of pugilists) is used fig. for 'to act unfairly in any contest'

rupee - the monetary unit of India

repure - to make pure again + (stuttering).

reputed - supposed, accounted, reckoned (to be something specified)

husbandship - the action or office of husband

H.R.H. - His Royal Highness (in this case His Royal Reverendness)