in one's shirtsleeves* - with one's coat off;                         shirttail - the tail of a shirt.

alleged - cited, quoted; produced in court, brought forward or adduced as legal ground, or as a reason.


feature* - a distinctive or prominent article or item in a newspaper, magazine, etc.

welcomed - made welcome, gladly received

aperitif* - an alcoholic drink taken, before a meal, to stimulate the appetite. fig.


Persse O'Reilly

batter - to bruise, beat out of shape, or indent by blows or rough usage.

duty - a payment due and enforced by law or custom


Paradise Lost* - a long epic poem by John Milton

nil - nothing, nonexistent

ensemble - a woman's dress, hat, etc., as a complete whole

easychair* - a chair adapted for sitting or half reclining in in an easy posture, often furnished with arms and padded back.

lock - to enclose, hem in, surround; Chiefly with in

ruddy - Of the face, complexion, etc.: Naturally suffused with a fresh or healthy redness.

raw - having the skin removed, so that the flesh is exposed

charmer - one who uses spells and enchantments, or who has magic powers.


dip - to plunge one's hand (or a ladle or the like) into water, etc., or into a vessel, esp. for the purpose of taking something out.

loudspeaker* - any instrument for converting variations in an applied electric current or voltage (of appropriate magnitude and frequency) into corresponding sound waves that are able to be heard at a distance from the instrument.

seaserpent - any ophidian inhabiting the sea

siss - a hissing sound

meditation* - that kind of private devotional exercise which consists in the continuous application of the mind to the contemplation of some religious truth, mystery, or object of reverence. 

parasite - fig. A person whose part or action resembles that of an animal parasite.

turkeycock* - a male turkey; a strutting pompous person

lithia - the oxide of lithium, LiO

M.D. - abbreviation of Latin MedicinŠ Doctor, doctor of medicine.

snooker - a game, played with balls on a billiard table                                                                                                         sure

bort (OF) - bastard

wham - to strike violently                                                                                                                                                     was

whim - a pun or play on words, a double meaning (obs.)                                                                                                     when


nihil (l) - nothing

clothing - that clothes, investing, enveloping

wahr (d) - real, genuine

woolsack* - a large package or bale of wool; a seat made of a bag of wool for the use of judges when summoned to attend the House of Lords.

mode - to put (a person) into fashionable clothing; to be or become 'the mode'                                                                 made

girlery - girls collectively

peerless - unequalled, matchless                                                                                                                                 princesses

pomposity* - display of dignity or importance in deportment or language.

fierte* - haughtiness, pride; high spirit

flounced - adorned or trimmed with a flounce or with flounces;                flounce - 'an ornamental appendage to the skirt of a lady's dress, consisting of a strip gathered and sewed on by its upper edge around the skirt, and left hanging and waving.'

frangipane - a perfume prepared from, or imitating the odour of, the flower of the red jasmine.


whereby - by means of or by the agency of which; from which (as a source of information).

ephialtes - a demon supposed to cause nightmare; nightmare itself.

exceed - to pass out of (boundaries, etc.); to transcend the limits of; to proceed beyond (a specified point).

simplex - simple

mandacium (l) - untruth, lie

yerd = yird - Sc. and north. f. earth

nude - a nude figure in painting or sculpture; Of the human figure, or those parts of it which are usually clothed: Naked, unclothed, undraped.

aye - As an affirmative response to a question: Yes, even so

vide (l) - look! see!

fadeless - that is exempt from fading or decay                                                                                                                 faithless

beray - fig. To befoul, stain, disfigure                                                                                                                              betrayed

irise - to become, suit, be suitable to;                        arise - to get up from sitting, lying, repose.


poise - to place or keep in equilibrium, to balance

pont - a bridge

vignette* - an ornamental or decorative design on a blank space in a book or among printed matter, esp. at the beginning or end of a chapter or other division, usually one of small size or occupying a small proportion of the space; spec. any embellishment, illustration, or picture uninclosed in a border, or having the edges shading off into the surrounding paper.


overseer - one who oversees or superintends, a supervisor

numen - spirit in objects, local deity, a presiding spirit; deity, divinity.

triumphant - that has achieved victory or success; rejoicing or exulting for or as for victory; splendid, glorious, magnificent.

"Let me fly like a hawk, let me cackle like a goose, let me lay always like the serpent-goddess Neheb-ka." (THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD)

corncrake - a name (originally Scottish) of the bird also called Landrail, Crex pratensis, found in summer in the British Islands; it lives concealed among standing corn and the grass of the hayfields, whence its harsh grating voice may be heard.

postern - a back door; a private door; any door or gate distinct from the main entrance; fig. A way of escape or of refuge.

THE PRAYER OF ANI:- My heart, my mother; my heart, my mother! My heart whereby I came into being! May nought stand up to oppose me at [my] judgment, may there be no opposition to me in the presence of the Chiefs (Tchatchau) (THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD)

calendarist* - one who calendars (events, days, etc.), one who assigns dates and periods.