said - named or mentioned before

sully - an act of sullying, soiling, or polluting (lit. and fig.)

barracker - one who barracks (to shout jocular or derisive remarks or words of advice as partisans against a person, esp. a person, or side collectively, engaged in a contest.)

tinker - a craftsman (usually itinerant) who mends pots, kettles, and other metal household utensils.

Black Hand - Defining a Spanish revolutionary society of anarchists; Defining a secret society of Italian immigrants in U.S., concerned chiefly in levying blackmail.



skirtless* - Of persons: Wearing no skirt

Parsee - one of the descendants of those Persians who fled to India in the seventh and eighth centuries to escape Muslim persecution, and who still retain their religion.

franch - to devour, to feed greedily (on)                                                                                                                        French

thug - one of an association of professional robbers and murderers in India, who strangled their victims; a cutthroat, ruffian, rough.

dibbler - one who dibbles (to fish by letting the bait (usually a natural insect) dip and bob lightly on the water).

guts - As food: = offal. Phrase: not fit to carry guts to a bear

sylph - one of a race of beings or spirits supposed to inhabit the air (orig. in the system of Paracelsus); Applied to a graceful woman or girl; usually with implication of slender figure and light airy movement.

poss - colloq. abbrev. possible

so long - good-bye, 'au revoir'

silly man

stitcher - a tool or machine used for stitching

snuff - a preparation of powdered tobacco for inhaling through the nostrils.


orange fin - a variety of trout found in the Tweed

dispensation - Theol. A religious order or system, conceived as divinely instituted, or as a stage in a progressive revelation, expressly adapted to the needs of a particular nation or period of time, as the patriarchal, Mosaic (or Jewish) dispensation.

froren - intensely cold, frosty, frost-like; frozen

patata = potato (obs.)

milliner - a vendor of 'fancy' wares and articles of apparel, esp. of such as were originally of Milan manufacture, e.g. 'Milan bonnets', ribbons, gloves, cutlery (obs.); In modern use, a person (usually a woman) who makes up articles of female apparel, esp. bonnets and other headgear.

withworker - a fellow-worker, co-worker

stretch - to pull (a person's) limbs lengthwise; esp. to torture by so doing, to rack.

starlight - the light of the stars; occas. the time when the stars shine.

hip-hip-hurrah;                   hemp - the cortical fibre of this plant, used for making cordage, and woven into stout fabrics; In allusion to a rope for hanging; stretchhemp, a person worthy of the gallows.

roly poly* - a pudding made of rolled dough

borrowing - taking on loan, taking at second-hand, etc.

Riley - In colloq. phr. the life of Riley, a comfortable, enjoyable, and carefree existence.

quink - the golden-eyed duck; a variety of goose (obs.)                                                                                                 (onomat.)

cawl - a wooden basket for carrying a fish                                                                                                                             call

joyant - feeling or showing joy, joyous


plunk - the resonant sound of a heavy blow, or of a plunge; the blow or plunge itself; also, the sound made by the drawing of a cork, etc.

forty winks* - (colloq.): a short nap, esp. after dinner

freely - plentifully, abundantly; generously, liberally; also used as an intensive, very.

pledge - to deliver, deposit, or assign as security for the repayment of a loan or the performance of some action.

pennis - obs. pl. of penny

slot machine* - a machine which is operated by inserting a coin in a slot.

brack - an Irish cake or loaf containing seeds or fruit


gunning - shooting with a gun; esp. the act or practice of hunting game with guns.

noblesse - noble birth or condition; the nobility, persons of noble rank.

leecher - one who 'leeches' (to cure, heal), a physician

tannery - a place where tanning is carried on


engraving - that which is engraved, an engraved figure or inscription.

manly - Of things, qualities, etc.: Befitting or belonging to a man, masculine.

magistrate* - a civil officer charged with the administration of the laws, a member of the executive government; chief magistrate, first magistrate: in a monarchy, the sovereign: in a republic, usually the president.

kneecap - the convex bone in front of the knee-joint

patron-us (l) - protector, defender

silvan - a person dwelling in a wood                                                                                                                                Sullivan

misled - led astray