lordy - exp. of surprise, astonishment or strong feeling                                                                                                        lord

daw - a small bird of the crow kind; fig. Applied contemptuously to persons; a silly fellow, simpleton (obs.)

foozle - one who is 'behind the times', a fogy

aunty - a familiar, endearing form of aunt

humbugger - one who humbugs or practises imposture

boycott - to combine in refusing to hold relations of any kind, social or commercial, public or private, with (a neighbour), on account of political or other differences, so as to punish him for the position he has taken up, or coerce him into abandoning it. The word arose in the autumn of 1880, to describe the action instituted by the Irish Land League towards those who incurred its hostility.

doom - final fate, destruction, ruin, death

to show the flag - to make an official visit to a foreign port or elsewhere, showing the White Ensign.

inscribed* - written upon or in something; Of a state (or other) loan: Issued not in the form of bonds passing from hand to hand, but as shares of which the names of the holders are registered or entered in a list kept at the head office of the issuing state or company.

gratuitous - freely bestowed or obtained, granted without claim or merit; spec. Sc. Law. Of a charter or deed: Made or granted without any value given in return.

conspue - to spit upon (in contempt)

Humpty Dumpty

archimandrite - In Grk. Ch. The superior of a monastery or convent, corresponding to the abbot in the Western Church.

Dane - a native or subject of Denmark; in older usage including all the Northmen who invaded England from the 9th to the 11th c.

townland - In Ireland, A division of land of varying extent; also, a territorial division, a township.

minx - a pert girl, hussy; a lewd or wanton woman;              Manx - of or pertaining to the Isle of Man, its inhabitants, language, etc.

ecumenical* - Eccl. Belonging to or representing the whole (Christian) world, or the universal church; general, universal                                                                                                                                                                    economical

conciliabulum (l) - a small private or secret assembly

ingen - obs. form of engine; ingine (genius, natural ability, intellect)


seedman - one who sows seed; a dealer in seed

nurseryman - one who sows seed; one who owns, or works in, a nursery for plants.

bungalow* - Orig., a one-storied house (or temporary building, e.g. a summer-house), lightly built, usually with a thatched roof; In modern use, any one-storied house.

auxilium (l) - help

meum (l) - mine

rime - Coupled with reason: Chiefly in negative phrases used to express lack of good sense or reasonableness. (Cf. F. ni rime ni raison, etc.)

ration - reasoning (obs. rare.); an allowance, share, portion, of provisions or other supplies.

pile - a small castle, tower, or stronghold; a large building or edifice; a pillar; fig. Applied to the neck, leg, etc.; the side of a coin opposite to the 'cross' or face; the reverse.

wag - Of a limb, the head or tail, etc.: To be moved briskly from side to side.

Eire - Ireland

flabbergast* - to put (a person) in such confusion that he does not for the moment know what to do or say.

recount - to tell in detail, to give a full or detailed account of (some fact, event, etc.)

to have at one's fingers' end* - to know by heart, be able to quote with readiness.

piggy - a little pig

leggy - having conspicious (attractive, long) legs

peggy - nickname of Margaret

pucker - a boxer, a fighter (rare.)

peeping Tom* - one who obtains gratification from furtively observing women not fully clothed or the sexual activity of others.

ma - a childish and colloquial shortening of mamma

da - nursery and homely abbrev. of dada (a child's word for father)

patruum (l) - uncle

cum (l) - with

filia (l) - daughter

familia (l) - family

margery - a pearl

watershed* - the whole gathering ground of a river system                                                                                                 waters

subjunct - in Jespersen's terminology, a word or group of words of the third rank of importance in a phrase or sentence. Cf. primary, adjunct.

dramaturgy* - dramatic or theatrical acting; dramatic composition, the dramatic art.

for once in a way* - on a single (exceptional) occasion, as a solitary or rare instance;                    once in a while - at long intervals, very occasionally.

dart - to spring or start with a sudden rapid motion; Also fig.

if so be (that) - if it happen that, supposing that: a somewhat rhetorical equivalent of simple 'if' (arch. and dial.)

fluctuous - watery (obs.); full of, or resembling waves, lit. and fig.

mudder - a horse which runs well on a wet or muddy racecourse; transf., a sportsman or team similarly proficient                mother

get on - With to: to get into touch or communication with (someone)

Christopher Columbus

jailbird - a prisoner in jail; esp. one who has been long, or is often, in jail, a habitual criminal; also, as a term of reproach, an incorrigible rogue.

unbespeak* - to cancel an order or request for (obs.)


swayed - Of a horse: Having a depression in the spinal column, caused by strain; gen. Bent.

swarm - a body of bees which at a particular season leave the hive or main stock, gather in a compact mass or cluster, and fly off together in search of a new dwelling-place, under the guidance of a queen.

rotacism - excessive use or peculiar pronunciation of r; Philology. Conversion of another sound (esp. s) into r.

canny - cautious in worldly matters, worldly-wise, shrewd, having a constant eye to the main chance.

maun = must

quis (l) - who

novitas (l) - news, novelty