stump - Applied to a person: A blockhead                                                                                                                       stop

incarnation* - assumption of, or existence in, a bodily (esp. human) form.

warping - fig. The action of distorting or perverting from the right course or direction, or the fact of deviating or going astray                                                                                                                                                                             work in

declaim - to speak aloud with studied rhetorical force and expression; to recite with elocutionary or rhetorical effect.

arra - variant of arrah

clandestine* - a clandestine or underhand proceeding

imband* - to form or enrol into a band                                                                                                                   embodiment

Agnus Dei* - [L. = lamb of God.] a part of the Mass beginning with the words Agnus Dei.

bawler* - one who bawls; sometimes applied contemptuously to a declamatory preacher.

crack - pre-eminent, superexcellent, 'first-class'

lean - Of seasons, etc.: Characterized by scarcity

jagger - a pedlar, a hawker

scarlet - a brilliant vivid red colour, inclining to orange

trainful - as much or as many (goods or passengers) as fill a railway train.

twoedged - having two edges; esp. of a sword, axe, etc., having two cutting edges, one on each side of the blade.

totalling - computing, amounting to

legate* - an ecclesiastic deputed to represent the Pope and armed with his authority.

prelate* - an ecclesiastical dignitary of exalted rank and authority, as a bishop, archbishop, metropolitan, or patriarch;
prelapsarian - pertaining to the condition before the Fall.

aggregate - constituted by the collection of many particles or units into one body, mass, or amount; collected, collective, whole, total.

decimus (l) - tenth

centry - obs. form of sentry (one who or something which keeps guard like a military sentry).

insider - a person who is within the limits of some place, society, organization, etc.; hence, one in possession of special information, one who is 'in the secret'.

tuttifrutti - a confection of mixed fruits

parade - a public walk, square or promenade

besure* - be sure; you may be sure; ? surely, certainly

wally - an unfashionable person; one who is foolish, inept, or ineffectual; Also as a mild term  of abuse.

Sorrento - the name of an Italian town in the province of Naples

lure - something which allures, entices, or tempts

weal - wealth, riches, possessions (obs.)

oppidum* - fortified town                                                                                                                                             epidemics

esperance (fr) - hope

keel - that part of anything which corresponds in position, form, or otherwise to a ship's keel.

kraal - a village of Southern or Central African native peoples, consisting of a collection of huts surrounded by a fence or stockade, and often having a central space for cattle, etc.

lode - a vein of metal ore

flock - to gather in a company or crowd, to congregate

afeared* - affected with fear or terror; frightened, afraid

gunner - one whose office it is to work a cannon

Kremlin* - the citadel or fortifed enclosure within a Russian town or city; esp. that of Moscow, which contains the imperial palace and various public buildings.

boyard - a member of a peculiar order of the old Russian aristocracy, next in rank to a knyaz or 'prince', who enjoyed many exclusive privileges, and held all the highest military and civil offices.

burg - a town or city

battler* - one who battles or fights; a warrior, a fighter

contemplate - to look at with continued attention, gaze upon; to consider attentively, meditate upon, ponder, study.

manifest - a public proclamation or declaration, an open statement

firstrate - of the highest class or degree of excellence

duty - the action and conduct due to a superior; homage, submission; due respect, reverence.

thieve - to act as a thief, commit theft, steal; to steal (a thing)

roué - one who is given to, or leads, a life of pleasure and sensuality

yr - your

usque ad nauseam* (l) - 'right up to sickness'

infernus (l) - hell

ebrius (l) - drunk

licensed premises* - an establishment for consummation of alcoholic beverages.

bazar - an Oriental market-place or permanent market, usually consisting of ranges of shops or stalls, where all kinds of merchandise are offered for sale; a fancy fair in imitation of the Eastern bazaar.

reunite - to unite or bring together again

Persee = Parsee (obs.) - one of the descendants of those Persians who fled to India in the seventh and eighth centuries to escape Muslim persecution, and who still retain their religion.

poppa = papa;                     popcorked - provided with a cork which pops when drawn.

Peter the Great

Dunker - a member of a body of German-American Baptists, who administer baptism only to adults, and by triple immersion; corruption of Dunkirk.

durbar - the court kept by an Indian ruler; a public audience or levee held by a native prince, or by a British governor or viceroy in India; the hall or place of audience.

indiarubber - the coagulated juice of certain trees and plants of South America, Africa, the East Indies, etc., which forms a highly elastic and flexible substance, used for rubbing out black lead pencil marks, and for many purposes in the arts and manufactures; also called caoutchouc.

umpire - one who decides between disputants or contending parties and whose decision is usually accepted as final; an arbitrator.

shah* - a Persian title equivalent to 'king'

Paisley - the name of a town in Renfrewshire, Scotland, used attrib. or absol. to designate a garment or material made there or having the curvilinear design characteristic of cloth made there, or the pattern itself.

mufti - a Muslim priest or expounder of the law

muslin* - the general name for the most delicately woven cotton fabrics, including many varieties, used for ladies' dresses, curtains, hangings, etc. Also occas. a dress made of this; pl. muslin skirts.

sulatana - the wife (or a concubine) of a sultan

raisin* - a grape partially dried, either in the sun or by artificial means; (Chiefly pl.); the dark purplish-brown colour of raisins.

jordan almond* - a fine variety of almond, now coming chiefly from Malaga.

Jam - a hereditary title of certain princes and noblemen in Sind, Kutch, and Saurashtra.

sahib - a respectful title used by the natives of India in addressing an Englishman or other European (= 'Sir'); a gentleman.

odd - Of persons, their actions, etc.: Strange in behaviour or appearance.

principessa* - an Italian princess

petted - treated as a pet or favourite, made a pet of, made much of                                                                             petticoat

ringleader - one who takes a leading place or part among a body or number of persons whose character or conduct is reprehensible; esp. a leader, a chief instigator or organizer, of a mutiny, tumult, etc.

salaam - the Oriental salutation (as)salam (alaikum), Peace (be upon you).

halfa - the North African name of species of Esparto grass (Stipa tenacissima, S. arenaria) used in the manufacture of paper, etc.

khan - the specific title given to the successors of Chingiz Khan, who were supreme rulers over the Turkish, Tartar, and Mongol tribes, as well as emperors of China, during the middle ages.

maharaja* - the title of certain Indian princes

geyser - an intermittent hot spring, throwing up water, etc. in a fountain-like column;            Kaiser - the German Emperor (from 1871).

polish up - to bring to a highly developed, finished or refined state, perfect.

pro tem.* - for the time, temporarily;         contemptible - exhibiting or expressing contempt, full of contempt (obs. in educated use.)

tintinnabulation* - a ringing of a bell or bells, bell-ringing


Dunlop - the name of a parish in Ayrshire, Scotland, used (chiefly attrib.) to designate an unskimmed-milk cheese originally made there.