embalm* - to impregnate (a dead body) with spices, to preserve it from decay.

pending - while awaiting, until the occurrence of, until

resurrection* - the rising again of Christ after His death and burial

bogey - a bogle or goblin                                                                                                                                                  body

astounded - shocked mentally, amazed; confounded with surprise and wonder.

everlasting* - eternal

gully - a furrow, groove

gaff - humbug, 'stuff and nonsense'; any public place of amusement

callisthenic* - of or pertaining to the development of physical vigour in association with  beauty.

trepas - obs. ff. trespass (to commit a transgression or offence, to intrude on or upon the rights or domain of).


dauncy - sickly; delicate, not robust

daddy-o - colloq. var. daddy

smrt (sr) - death

requiem aeternam dona eis... (l) - 'Eternal rest grant them, O Lord. (the opening words of the Introit of the Mass for the Dead).


dolmen* - a prehistoric structure, consisting of a large flattish stone supported upon two or  more smaller upright stones.

pepperpot* - a small box, usually cylindrical, with a perforated lid, used for sprinkling powdered pepper.

loosen - to undo, unfasten (bonds, a knot, or the like). Now usually: To render looser or less tight, to relax, slacken.

lep - obs. or Sc. form of leap

flam - a sham story, fabrication, falsehood; a piece of deception, a trick                                                                              flame

keying - the action of the verb key in various senses                                                                                                             king

muster - a pattern, specimen, example                                                                                                                               master

serf - obs. form of serve (v.)

yous - dial. varr. you pers. pron. (with pl. inflection, though used in sing. sense also).

adipose - of or pertaining to adeps, or animal fat; fatty

rex - a king

fee-faw-fum* - the first line of doggerel spoken by the giant in the nursery tale of 'Jack the giant killer' upon discovering the presence of Jack; an exclamation indicating a murderous intention;                                 fime - dung.

impassable - impossible to traverse or travel through                                                                                               impossible



sett = set - to cause to sit, seat; to be seated, sit

coddle - to treat as an invalid in need of nourishing food and nursing; to nurse overmuch, cocker.

supernumerary - that is beyond or in excess of the usual, proper, regular, stated, or prescribed number.

yur - obs. forms of your

shindy - a spree, merrymaking; a row, commotion, 'shine'

muck - the dung of cattle (usually mixed with decomposing vegetable refuse) used for manure.

knoll - a small hill or eminence of more or less rounded form; a hillock, a mound.

surly - churlishly ill-humoured, rude and cross, 'gloomily morose'.

replete - fully imbued or invested with some quality or property; filled to satisfaction with, full of, food or drink; satisfied, sated, gorged.

homespun* - cloth made of yarn spun at home

insense - to cause (a person) to understand or know something; to inform.

to upset the apple cart* - to spoil something that has been carefully planned.

ollave - Among the ancient Irish, A master in some art or branch of learning; a learned man.

zounds - a euphemistic abbreviation of by God's wounds used in oaths and asseverations.

Oliver - the moon;                         oliver - an olive-tree.

groan - a low vocal murmur, emitted involuntarily under pressure of pain or distress, or produced in voluntary simulation as an expression of strong disapprobation.

dingle - a deep dell or hollow; now usually applied (app. after Milton) to one that is closely wooded or shaded with trees.

bagpipes - a musical instrument of great antiquity and wide diffusion, consisting of an air-tight wind-bag and one or more reed-pipes into which the air is pressed by the performer.

anima - Jung's term for the inner part of the personality or character, as opposed to the persona or outer part; also, the feminine component of a male personality;            Quare tristis es, anima mea? (l) 'Why art thou cast down, 0 my soul?'

mea (l) - my

bleeding heart* - fig. an excessively soft-hearted or sympathetic person (colloq.);                    hart - the male of the deer, esp. of the red deer.

aubain - a non-naturalized foreigner subject to the right of aubaine (...Aubaine, a right of French Kings, which existed from the beginning of the monarchy, whereby they claimed the property of every stranger who died in their country, without having been naturalised, was abolished by the national assembly in 1790.)

usque - short for usquebaugh

lignum (l) - wood


Donnybrook* - a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, once famous for its annual fair;                Donner (d) - thunder;          Brucke (d) - bridge.

babel - a confused turbulent medley of sounds

to link in - (fig.): to entice, beguile