...The lower head has occasionally strings of catgut stretched over its surface, and then it is called a snare drum.

yer - repr. a dial. or vulgar pronunc. of your

lug - ear

Thimble and Bodkin Army* - (Eng. Hist.): a nickname of the Parliamentary Army of the Civil War;           bodkin - a small pointed instrument, of bone, ivory, or steel, used for piercing holes in cloth, etc.

Gael - a Scottish Highlander or Celt; also, an Irish Celt

Donegal* - the name of a county in the north-west of Ireland

ring - a ringing sound or noise

crum - to break down into crumbs or small fragments

gore - to pierce or stab deeply, with a sharp weapon, spike, spur, or the like (obs.)

gash - to cut, slash or wound (the body); to cut or tear asunder (nonce-use.)

gun - to assail or fight with guns (obs.), to shoot (a person); to look at closely, to examine.

to gloat on - to feast one's eyes upon, to contemplate, think of, or dwell upon with fierce or unholy joy.

yeoman - a volunteer cavalry force in the British army, originally formed at the time of the French revolution, and consisting chiefly of men of the yeomanry class or status; first embodied in 1794.

redshank - one of the Celtic inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands and of Ireland.

Lancastrian* - an adherent of the house of Lancaster; one of the Lancastrian faction in the Wars of the Roses (whose emblem was the Red Rose).

roedeer - deer, or a deer, of the roe kind

hind - the female of the deer, esp. of the red deer

slot - the track or trail of an animal, esp. a deer, as shown by the marks of the foot.

Freeman's Journal;                     freedman - a man who has been a slave and is manumitted, an emancipated slave.

Daily Express

slog - to hit or strike hard; to drive with blows; Also fig., to assail violently.

cloudy - fig. Darkened by misfortune, grief, anger, forebodings, etc.; full of gloom or trouble; gloomy, sullen, frowning.

unsure - not safe against attack or mishap; Of persons, etc.: Not to be trusted or relied upon, unreliable, untrustworthy.

erste (d) - first

fort - to defend or protect with a fortification, to fortify, to enclose in a fort.

through* - finished, at an end; defeated, 'done for'

tune in - to tune a radio or television to (a particular station or transmission, or a particular frequency).

forain - obs. form of foreign