title - a descriptive or distinctive appellation; a name, denomination, style.

thru = through

act drop - In a theatre: The painted curtain let down between the acts of a play to shut off the stage from the view of the audience.

stand by! - Naut. Often in imperative = be ready!;                    stand by - to stand near at hand; Now chiefly, to be present as an unconcerned spectator, without interfering or protesting.

blinder - a blinker for a horse. Also fig., an obstacle to clear judgement or perception; Usu. pl.

juice - In figurative uses: usually denoting the essence or 'spirit' of something                                                                         music

foots - footlights

cigar - the brown colour of a cigar

shank - that part of the leg which extends from the knee to the ankle; Also (now jocularly) the leg as a whole; chiefly pl. one's legs.

gobble - to swallow hurriedly in large mouthfuls, esp. in a noisy fashion                                                                         Dublin's

parfey - by (my) faith, verily, truly

jiff = jiffy - a very short space of time

siesta - an afternoon rest or nap; esp. that commonly taken during the hottest hours of the day in tropical countries.

child's play - Applied to anything that involves very little trouble, or is of very little  importance.

sounding - fig. Investigation

swash channel* - a channel across a bank, or among shoals, as the noted instance between the Goodwin Sands' (Smyth Sailor's Word-bk., 1867);                             swish - smart, elegant, fashionable.

due - fated, inevitable, expected in logical course of events, scheduled.

truce - a suspension of hostilities for a specified period between armies at war.

demob - colloq. abbrev. of demobilize (v.)

swearword* - a word used in profane swearing, a profane word

Sybil = Sibyl - one or other of certain women of antiquity who were reputed to possess powers of prophecy and divination; a prophetess, a fortune-teller, a witch.

baby spot - a small spotlight (a projected spot of light used to illuminate brilliantly a single person or object on a stage).

luke - lukewarm (moderately warm, tepid)

crying - calling for notice, acute;                     crying cold - a cold that makes the eyes run.

to moisten the lips, throat, etc. - to refresh oneself with liquor

lightning strike - a sudden strike which takes place without any warning;                lightning - gin; Also, any strong, freq. low-quality, alcoholic spirit.

flicker - a wavering unsteady light or flame

dimmer - a device for reducing the brilliance of a light, esp. in a theatre, cinema, etc.


Penzance - the title of James Plaisted Wilde, Lord Penzance (1816-99), English lawyer and amateur horticulturist.

vehement - Of persons, their character, etc.: Acting, or tending to act, in a manner displaying passion or excitement.

Delhi - the name of the capital of India

expulse - a synonym of expel; sometimes expressing more strongly the notion of violence.

discontinuous* - not continuous in space or time; interrupted, intermittent.

bald - Of trees, mountains, etc.: Leafless, treeless, barren, bare

cove - a small bay, creek, or inlet where boats may shelter

bonfire - a fire of bones, a great fire in which bones were burnt in the open air (obs.); a fire in which to consume corpses, a funeral pile, a pyre; a large fire kindled in the open air for a celebration, display, or amusement.

high - of exalted quality, character, or style; of lofty, elevated, or superior kind; high-class.

white night - a sleepless night; a night when it is never properly dark, as in high latitudes in summer.

host - to receive (any one) into one's house and entertain as a guest; to gather into a host, to assemble in battle array, to encamp.

ghost - to flit about, prowl as a ghost

Andean - of, pertaining to, or resembling the Andes

Balkan - peninsula bounded by the Adriatic, Ęgean, and Black Seas.


carol - a ring-dance with accompaniment of song; a song or hymn of religious joy.