far enough;                         Pharaoh.

fall - a descent of rain, hail, snow, meteors, etc.; the quantity that falls at one time or in a certain period.

Jesse - a genealogical tree representing the genealogy of Christ, from 'the root of Jesse' (cf. Isa. xi. 1); used in churches in the Middle Ages as a decoration for a wall, window, vestment, etc., or in the form of a large branched candlestick                           yes

six o'clock

Himalayas* - a system of mountains forming the northern boundary of India, and containing the highest summits in the world.

gale - a wind of considerable strength; 'a wind not tempestuous, but stronger than a breeze'.

out of (one's) turn - out of one's due order or place in a series

sprungen - ME. p. of spring

brrr* - an interjection expressive of shivering with cold or apprehension

na - not, in no way, by no means

ny = ne - colloq. shortening of never

lie to - Naut. Of a ship: To come almost to a standstill, with her head as near the wind as possible, by backing or shortening sail.

galumph* - [Invented by 'L. Carroll' (perh. with some reminiscence of gallop, triumphant)] to march on exultingly with irregular bounding movements; Now usu., to gallop heavily.


nackt (d) - naked;                          nacht (d) - night.

midday - the middle of the day, the time when the sun is at its highest point, noon.

quando (l) - when

qondam (l) - formerly

latterly* - at the latter end (of life or of some period); of late, lately

frostwork - work produced by frost; esp. the delicate tracery formed on the surface of glass, etc. by frost.

thick - Of the weather, etc.: Characterized by mist or haze, foggy, misty.


calid - warm, hot

moistly - in a moist manner                                                                                                                                             mostly

boatshaped - shaped like a boat; esp. applied to a wide neck-line curving downwards from the shoulders.

bruma (l) - winter

hailstorm* - a violent fall or storm of hail

watershoot* - a waterfall, cascade

Hail Mary full of grace

Holy Mary, Mother of God;                         smother - dense or suffocating dust, fog, etc., filling the air.

obsoletely - in an obsolete manner or degree

cowled - furnished with or wearing a cowl (a garment with a hood, worn by monks)                                                               cold

at one's best* - in the best state, point, or condition                           parky - cold, chilly.

amenity - the quality of being pleasant or agreeable; pleasant places or scenes (obs.); in pl.

formous - beautiful, comely

fumous - giving off fumes; consisting of fumes, vaporous, windy (obs.)

maidan - an open space in or near a town, an esplanade or parade-ground.

somer = summer (obs.)


rimy* - covered with, abounding in, rime or hoar-frost; frosty

shire - short for Shire horse (a horse of a heavy powerful breed, used for draught, chiefly bred in the midland counties of England).

whitecap - a white-capped or crested wave

flake - one of the small flocculent pieces in which snow falls; a small piece of some light loosely-cohering substance.

lambskin* - the skin or hide of a lamb with the wool on                                                                                                 landscape

marine - a sailor, mariner (obs.)

panorama* - an unbroken view of the whole surrounding region; a mental vision in which a series of images passes before the mind's eye.

horizon - the boundary or limit of any 'circle' or 'sphere' of view, thought, action, etc.