cloth - Theat. The curtain which separates the auditorium from the stage; Also, a large piece of painted scenery, etc.

windmachine - in theatrical and other productions, a machine for simulating the sound or other effects of wind.

thundersheet - Theatr. A piece of sheet metal shaken to imitate thunder.

blunket - a fabric presumably of light grey or blue colour; possibly the same as blanket (a white or undyed woollen stuff used for clothing (obs.))

common or garden - a jocular substitute for 'common', 'ordinary';               common - the undivided land belonging to the members of a local community as a whole; Hence, often, the patch of unenclosed or 'waste' land which remains to represent that.

starey - inclined to stare; giving the appearance of staring;                starry - Of the sky, night, etc.: Full of stars, spangled or lit up with stars. The phrases starry heaven, sphere, etc. were formerly used spec. = the 'sphere' of the fixed stars.

oleo - - Used as combining form of L. oleum, oil;                    auditorium - the part of a public building occupied by the audience; the reception-room of a monastery.

pottery - the products of the potter's art collectively; pottery-ware, earthenware.

kitchen midden* - a refuse-heap of prehistoric date, consisting chiefly of the shells of edible molluscs and bones of animals, among which are often found stone implements and other relics of early man. Such mounds are especially characteristic of the Danish coast, and were first brought into scientific notice by Danish archæologists, but they are also found in many other parts of the world.

assorted - arranged in sorts, classified; matched, suited, fitted;                         ...The rich variety to be found in the well-assorted warehouses of the dissenting congregations.

junker - a young German noble

aneath - beneath

skidoo - to go away, leave, or depart hurriedly; Used as an exclamation of disrespect (for a person).

God-a-mercy* - Used as an exclamation of applause or thanks, (or as a mere exclamation).

talker* - one who talks or is given to talking; a talkative person

stow = place, in various senses; a place on the surface of the earth or in space.

wold - a hill, down (obs.); a piece of open country; Used in the specific designations of certain hilly tracts in England, viz. the hill country of North Yorkshire and Humberside (Yorkshire Wolds, York(e)swold, York-wolds)

woful = woeful - Of times, places, occurrences, etc.: Fraught with woe, affliction, or misery.

bottom - low-lying land, a valley, a dell; a deep place, a depth, either in the sea or land (obs.)

green;                        gangrene.

tricolour - having three colours, three-coloured; a tricolour flag, cockade, etc.; esp. the national flag of France adopted at the Revolution, consisting of equal vertical stripes of blue, white, and red; the green, white, and orange Irish Republican flag.

spell - to enunciate or write letter by letter; to signify, imply, or involve.

flagstone - a flag or flat stone suitable for paving, etc.

Peter the Great

wooden* - made or consisting of wood

thereof - of it, of that

trespasser* - a transgressor, a law-breaker; a wrong-doer, sinner, offender.

persecute* - to prosecute (a person, or suit) at law; Now only a dialectal or humorous substitution for prosecute (v.)

stick up - to stand out from a surface, to project

overlisten* - to listen so as to overhear; to listen to (a speaker, or what is spoken) without the speaker's knowledge or consent.

ford - a shallow place in a river or other water, where a man or beast may cross by wading; a tract of shallow water.

ashe - obs. form of ash

snowdrift* - a heap or mass of snow driven together, or piled up, by the action of the wind.

birchen* - of, pertaining to, or composed of birch

bough - one of the larger limbs or offshoots of a tree, a main branch; but also applied to a smaller branch.

consecrated - dedicated to a sacred purpose; made sacred; hallowed, sanctified.

maypole - a high pole, painted with spiral stripes of different colours and decked with flowers, set up on a green or other open space, for the merrymakers to dance round on May-day; Applied jocularly to a tall object.

thesaurus - a 'treasury' or 'storehouse' of knowledge, as a dictionary, encyclopædia, or the like.

plantarium* - a nursery ground