lecture - a discourse given before an audience upon a given subject, usually for the purpose of instruction.

cran - Applied formerly to the crane and the heron;                            crann (ir) - tree.

squire - a man, esp. a young man, who attends upon, accompanies, or escorts a lady; a gallant or lover.

Plantagenet - English royal house furnishing sovreigns (1154-1399);                plantage - the cultivation of plants; plants in the mass; vegetation, herbage.

to hide one's light under a bushel* - to hide or be modest about one's ability or skill.

fornenst* - right opposite to, over against; facing

Sumerian* - pertaining to Sumer or Sumir, one of the districts of ancient Babylonia, or to its population.

Cimmerian - one of the mythical people described by Homer as dwelling in remote realm of  mist and gloom; a member of a nomadic people of antiquity, the earliest known inhabitants of the Crimea, who overran Asia Minor in the 7th century b.c.

invisibly - so that it cannot be seen, imperceptibly

lying - the action of lie (v.) in various senses; resting, reclining; spec. The state of being buried.

take down - to write down so as to use or preserve (what is said); to take a written report or notes of.

stereo = stereophonic (giving the impression of a spatial distribution in reproduced sound; spec. employing two or more channels of transmission and reproduction so that the sound may seem  to reach the listener from any of a range of directions); of, pertaining to, or adapted to the stereoscope (an instrument for obtaining, from two pictures (usually photographs) of an object, taken from slightly different points of view (corresponding to the positions of the two eyes), a single image giving the impression of solidity or relief, as in ordinary vision of the object itself.)

tuk - obs. pa. tense of take (v.)

thunk - dial. and joc. pa. tense and pa. pple. of think (v.)

remount - to ascend or go up (a place or thing) again; to go back, in the course of an investigation or study, to a certain point, period, etc.


cardinal number* - (Arith.): a number which answers the question 'how many?'; one of the primitive or 'natural' numbers (one, two, three, etc.), as distinguished from the ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.).

preeminent - eminent before or above others, excelling or surpassing others.

arber - obs. form of arbour (a garden of fruit-trees, an orchard)


burble - to speak murmurously; to 'ramble' on; to flow in or with bubbles, or with bubbling sound.

conclave - the assembly of cardinals met for the election of a Pope; any private or close assembly, esp. of an ecclesiastical character.

Italiote - of or pertaining to the Greek colonies in southern Italy or Magna Gręcia.

interfair* - erron. ff. interaffair (? An affair or business between two parties)                                                             interference

in petto (i) - in one's own breast or private intention; in contemplation; undisclosed.

stalk - the main stem of a herbaceous plant, bearing the flowers and leaves; the main part of anything long and slender, as distinguished from the extremities.

dite - something indited or composed and put in writing; a composition, writing; a written message, letter, 'passage', etc.; to compose or put in words (a set speech, poem, or writing).

Udi - an almost extinct north-east Caucasian language of Daghestan.

imminence - the fact or condition of being imminent or impending; impending evil or peril.

delict - a violation of law or right; an offence, a delinquency                                                                                              elicted

fraternity* - a body or order of men organized for religious or devout purposes.

shopgirl - a saleswoman

woody - of the nature of or consisting of wood


fugle - to act as guide or director; to make signals

topmast* - a smaller mast fixed on the top of a lower mast; spec. the second section of a mast above the deck, which was formerly the uppermost mast, but is now surmounted by the topgallant mast.

Tyburn - the place of public execution for Middlesex until 1783, situated at the junction of the present Oxford Street, Bayswater Road, and Edgware Road. Hence in allusive use.

quicken - the mountain-ash, or rowan-tree

crossbones - a figure of two thigh-bones laid across each other in the form of the letter X, usually placed under the figure of a skull, as an emblem of death.

strew - to cover (the ground, a floor, any surface) with something loosely scattered or  sprinkled.

underhand - secret, clandestine, surreptitious; not open or obvious, unobtrusive.

leadpencil - a pencil of graphite, often enclosed in cedar or other wood.

crotch - the fork of a tree or bough, where it divides into two limbs or branches.

charlotte - a dish made of apple marmalade covered with crumbs of toasted bread; also, a similar dish made with fruit other than apple.

dissent - difference of opinion or sentiment, disagreement; esp. The practical expression of disagreement with the form of religious worship which prevails or is authoritatively established in any country.

gibbon* - a name common to the long-armed apes of the genus Hylobates.

blighting - that blights; blasting, withering

pensioner - spec. One who is in receipt of a pension or stated allowance, in consideration of past services or on account of injuries received in service.

chuck - to throw with the hand with little action of the arm, to throw underhand.

overthrown - thrown over on its side, face, or upper surface

cranberry - the fruit of a dwarf shrub, Vaccinium Oxycoccos, a native of Britain, Northern Europe, Siberia, and N. America, growing in turfy bogs: a small, roundish, dark red, very acid berry.

pomme - a potato. Chiefly pl., esp. in pommes allumettes, 'potato matchsticks'.

hoyden - a rude, or ill-bred girl (or woman); a boisterous noisy girl, a romp.

...Or where wert thou, O goddess of the fiddle? To suffer Air to join with Goosy Gander, Cock Robin, Horner, and High-diddle diddle.

peg - to aim with, or as with, a weapon at (or for)

honeysuckle - the common name of Lonicera Periclymenum, also called Woodbine, a climbing shrub with fragrant yellowish trumpet-shaped flowers, frequent in woods.