tomtit - A common name of the Blue Titmouse (Parus cśruleus); also locally, of the Coal Titmouse (P. ater), the Great Tit, (P. major), and the American P. atricapillus; incorrectly of other small birds, as the Wren, and the Tree-creeper.  

tap - to pierce (a vessel, tree, etc.) so as to draw off its liquid contents

wold - forest, forest land (obs.); a piece of open country, a plain + (notebook 1924): 'creatures of this wold' ('wold' not clear).

with + mit (ger) - with + The Holly and the Ivy (song).

claw - to scratch or tear with the claws, or (transf.) with the nails or a pointed instrument

bark - to speak or cry out in a tone or temper that suggests the bark of a dog

triliteral - consisting of three letters; a triliteral word or root + Their [sc. the Semitic languages'] most fundamental peculiarity is the triliterality of their roots, every Semitic verbal root containing just three consonants.

acorn - the fruit or seed of the oak-tree

pinecone - the seed-producing cone of a pine tree

plentitude - erroneous form of plenitude, influenced by plenty (a.)

outsend - to send out or forth, to emit + "blessed with twentytwo thousand sorters out of a biggest poss of twentytwo thousand, mine's won, too much privet stationery and safty quipu was ate up larchly by those nettlesome goats out of pension greed." [412.26-.29]

truant - a lazy, idle person; esp. a child who absents himself from school without leave; hence fig., one who wanders from an appointed place or neglects his duty or business.


slider + sludder (Danish) - nonsense, chatter, talk.

snakke (Danish) - to talk, to chatter, to talk nonsense + snakke du norsk? (Danish) - do you speak Norwegian? + (Eve and the Serpent).

Nausicaa encountered the naked Odysseus when she came to do her laundry by the water's edge.

wimmer (ger) - whimper


celeb - a celebrity

fashionable + fascinating.

satin + Satan.

dressed in leaves (notebook 1924)

twisty - full of twists or bends, winding

germination - the action or process of germinating, sprouting, or putting forth shoots

gemination - a doubling, duplication, repetition; Gram. The doubling of an originally single consonant sound, or the doubling of a letter in the orthography of a word.

onde (Danish) - evil

outset - the act or fact of setting out upon a journey, course of action, business, etc.; start, beginning

odds and ends - odd fragments or remnants, miscellaneous articles or things

in saeculum saeculi (l) - in an age of an age, forever

evoe (l) - shout of joy at Dionysiac festivals

exaltatus (l) - raised up, elevated

eximious - excellent, distinguished, eminent

dair (Irish) - oak + extraordinary.

excelsior (l) - higher, more lofty

Mark 8:24: 'I see men as trees, walking'

John Milton: Paradise Lost I.620: 'Tears such as Angels weep' (Ulysses.9.33)

aviarius (l) - pertaining to birds + ever

eagle - to fly as an eagle; Also, 'to eagle it' + Outlook 29 Apr 1922, 339: 'James Joyce's Ulysses' (review of Ulysses by Arnold Bennett): (of 'Penelope') 'I have never read anything to surpass it, and I doubt if I have ever read anything to equal it'.

rock - fig. To distress, perturb, upset.

ague - an acute or violent fever + ages

cliff - to erode so as to form a cliff

for aye - for ever, to all eternity + 'Rock of Ages, Cleft for me' (song).

eke - also, too, moreover; in addition + oak.

mushe = much (obs.) + muise (mwishi) (gael) = musha (Anglo-Irish) - well, indeed (interj.) + mishe/tauf [.23]

mixne = mixen (obs.) - a place where dung and refuse is laid; a dung-hill or laystall.

libertine - a man who is not restrained by moral law, esp. in his relations with the female sex; one who leads a dissolute, licentious life

Steyne - a pillar formerly standing in Dublin, erected by the Vikings near their landing place + stone.

stile = style - to give a name or style to, to call by a name or style

name + nemus (l) - grove.

Tod (ger) - death + tauf.

Matthew 16:18: 'thou art Peter'

melam- (gr) - black-, dark- + mellemmand (Danish) - middleman.

mens (l) - mind, intelligence + mens (Danish) - while, meanwhile.

tree bisexual / m form fem gend (Joyce's note) MS 47482b-97v, LPA: ^+The form, I perceive, was masculine & the gender feminine+^ | JJA 58:066 | probably Nov-Dec 1924 |

derivative - a thing flowing, proceeding, or originating from another; Gram. A word derived from another by some process of word-formation, any word which is not a primitive word or root + dereva (Russian) - trees.

pundit - a learned Hindu, one versed in Sanskrit and in the philosophy, religion, and jurisprudence of India; a learned expert or teacher + R. Ord and W. Gayer-Mackay: Paddy-the-Next-Best-Thing (play, 1920).

splanck - the sound of falling fruit + Planck, Max (1858-1947) - German physicist.  

Apfelbaum (ger) - apple tree (Newton) + (notebook 1924): 'Upfellbowm' + up, down.

Thomas Moore, Irish Melodiessong: The Meeting of the Waters + Luke 23:28: 'Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me'.

remount - to go back, in the course of an investigation or study, to a certain point, period, etc.

arrest - the act of stopping anything in its course

wittol - a man who knows his wife's infidelity and submits to it, a tame cuckold

Rausch (ger) - drunkenness, intoxication + Frau (ger) - woman.

dibble (Slang) - penis + the world, the flesh and the devil - a diabolical equivalent of Father, Son and Holy Ghost (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

Lucifer + lucifer - a match (contains phosphorus).

brimstone + stinks.

phosphorus + fuss for us.

treeman - one of a race of men living in trees

sored - pained, troubled + sore bottom.

knockout - a person or thing of overwhelming or surpassing quality

nicknamer - one who nicknames another person or thing

knack - to deal (sharp sounding) blows (obs.); to sing or speak in a lively manner (obs.); a trick; a device, artifice; formerly often, a deceitful or crafty device, a mean or underhand trick; later esp. an adroit or ingenious method of doing something.

Knechtschaft (ger) - slavery

crudity - an impolite manner that is vulgar and lacking tact or refinement + Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals + 'Bywaters wrote prize essay on Kindness to Animals' (Joyce's note) [Keveen]