climber - he who or that which climbs; Bot. A plant which climbs or creeps upwards by attaching itself to some support.

clomb - dial. past of climb

better half

conundrum - a riddle in the form of a question the answer to which involves a pun or play on words; any puzzling question or problem; an enigmatical statement.

hoose = house (obs.)

precurse - to run or occur before; hence, to herald, foretoken, prognosticate.


crawler - one who or that which crawls; a crawling creature, a reptile, etc.

of the deepest due* - of the worst kind

thunder - to speak in the way of vehement threatening or reproof, to utter terrible menace or denunciation.


...All photographers are familiar with the Finlay screen plate process. The ruled colour screen is on a separate plate which is exposed in contact with the photographic plate; from the negative so exposed a transparency print in black and white is made, and this is finally viewed bound in register with a ruled colour screen plate similar to that which was used when the negative was exposed.


lag - to slacken one's pace, as from weakness or sloth; to transport or send to penal servitude.

um = 'em, hem (them)                                                                                                                                                          him

coombe - a deep hollow or valley

wo - a call to a horse to stop;                    boohoo - A word imitative of the sound of noisy weeping or laughter.


to grow on or upon (a person, etc.)* - to increase so as to be more troublesome to; Of an affection, feeling: To acquire more and more influence over (a person). Hence, in recent use, of an object of contemplation: To gain more and more of (a person's) liking or admiration.

ramble - fig. with ref. to mental pursuits or studies; to wander in discourse (spoken or written); to write or talk incoherently or without natural sequence of ideas.

sobriquet* - an epithet, a nickname

true-false* - Educ. and Psychol., denoting a type of test question constructed so that only the words 'true' or 'false' (or another pair of opposites) are acceptable responses; characterizing a test that uses this technique.

capo (i) - head

promontory - a point of high land which juts out into the sea or other expanse of water beyond the line of coast.

lodging house* - a house, other than an inn or hotel, in which lodgings are let.

woup - a hoop or ring, esp. a finger-ring of plain metal as distinguished from one set with stones                                            soup

near the mark* - almost but not completely true;                     mehr (d) - more.

lansdowne - trademark for fine light weight dress fabric

pippin - the name of numerous varieties of apple, raised from seed.

thereabouts - near that place

to crop up - to come up or turn up unexpectedly or incidentally, in the field of action, conversation, or thought.

spotlight - a source of artificial light casting a narrow and intense beam; esp. Theatr., a lamp used to cast intense illumination on a small area of a stage.

pagany = pagandom - the realm or domain of pagans, the pagan world (as opp. to  Christendom).

vicariously - by substitution of one thing or person for another; by means of a substitute.

habitat - Nat. Hist. The locality in which a plant or animal naturally grows or lives; Hence generally: Dwelling-place, habitation.

inter nubila nimbus (l) - among clouds a splendour

strike - to catch the admiration, fancy, or affection of (one of the opposite sex); in pass., to be favourably impressed by (an idea, suggestion, etc.); In pass., constr. by, with, also (vulgarly) to be struck on.

pekoe - a superior kind of black tea, so called from the leaves being picked young with the down still on them.

messuage - Originally, the portion of land intended to be occupied, or actually occupied, as a site for a dwelling-house and its appurtenances. In modern legal language, a dwelling-house with its outbuildings and curtilage and the adjacent land assigned to its use; obs. form of message.