Genesis 2:20: 'Adam gave names... to every beast of the field'

climber - he who or that which climbs; Bot. A plant which climbs or creeps upwards by attaching itself to some support + (serpent).

clomb - dial. past of climb


bitter (Irish Pronunciation) - better + better half (Slang) - wife.

con- (l) - with- + con (fr. slang) - vulva + conundrum - a riddle in the form of a question the answer to which involves a pun or play on words; any puzzling question or problem + condom.

bit + Bitte (ger) - request, prayer + bite (fr. slang) - penis.

hoose = house (obs.)

precurse - to run or occur before; hence, to herald, prognosticate


crawler - one who or that which crawls; a crawling creature, a reptile, etc. + Genesis 3:14: 'God said unto the serpent... upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life'.

of the deepest due - of the worst kind

thunder - to speak in the way of vehement threatening or reproof, to utter terrible menace or denunciation


Leif Ericson (fl. 999-1000) - Scandinavian explorer, first European to reach "Vineland" in North America + his life.

"All photographers are familiar with the Finlay screen plate process. The ruled colour screen is on a separate plate which is exposed in contact with the photographic plate; from the negative so exposed a transparency print in black and white is made, and this is finally viewed bound in register with a ruled colour screen plate similar to that which was used when the negative was exposed" + O'Fionnghalaigh (o'fingali) (gael) - descendant of Fionnghalach ("fair-valorous"), a leader of Brian Boru's forces at Clontarf.

culprit + O felix culpa (l) - O happy sin.

Haides, Hades (gr) - god of the nether world; the nether world; the grave; death + Exsultet: 'O certe necessarium Adae peccatum': 'Needful indeed was Adam's sin' + Up, guards, and at them! (motif).

hehr (ger) - sublime, majestic + Herr - Mr.

lag - to transport or send (a convict) to penal servitude

um = 'em, hem (them) + him

coombe - a deep hollow or valley + The Coombe - street and area west of Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin + Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? (song): 'Were you there when they laid Him in the tomb... Sometimes it grows on me to tremble, tremble, tremble... Were you there when they nailed Him to the tree?' 

wo - a call to a horse to stop + wo (ger) - where + wo (Chinese Colloquial) - I (pronoun) + ho ho - Representing deep, exuberant laughter.

grow on or upon (a person, etc.) - to increase so as to be more troublesome to; Of an affection, feeling: To acquire more and more influence over (a person). Hence, in recent use, of an object of contemplation: To gain more and more of (a person's) liking or admiration.

ramble - to wander in discourse (spoken or written); to write or talk incoherently or without natural sequence of ideas

trifler - one who behaves lightly or not seriously + Holzfäller (ger) - wood-cutter + three fellows.

Esche (ger) - ash tree + yes

sobriquet - an epithet, a nickname

finest + fairest.

true-false - Educ. and Psychol., denoting a type of test question constructed so that only the words 'true' or 'false' (or another pair of opposites) are acceptable responses; characterizing a test that uses this technique + phalluses.

bap (Hindustani) - father

bomslanger (Afrikaans) - tree snake

capo (it) - head, cape + (Howth)

promontory - a natural elevation (especially a rocky one that juts out into the sea)

lodging house - a house, other than an inn or hotel, in which lodgings are let + 'There is a boarding house, Far, far away' (song).

woup - a hoop or ring, esp. a finger-ring of plain metal as distinguished from one set with stones + soup + weep.

mehr (ger) - more + near the mark - almost but not completely true.

lansdowne - trademark for fine light weight dress fabric + Lansdowne Road, Dublin + (Joyce's note): 'Trist wounded at Lansdowne Rd'.

pippin - the name of numerous varieties of apple, raised from seed

thereabouts - near that place

crop up - to come up or turn up unexpectedly or incidentally, in the field of action, conversation, or thought + Cadmus sowed dragon's teeth, and armed men sprang up.

Ezekiel 18:2: 'The fathers have eaten sour grapes and the childrens' teeth are set on edge' (also Jeremaiah 31:29).

Thomas Moore, Irish Melodiessong: St. Senanus and the Lady: 'Oh! haste and leave this sacred isle' [air: The Brown Thorn].

spotlight - a source of artificial light casting a narrow and intense beam; esp. Theatr., a lamp used to cast intense illumination on a small area of a stage.

pagany = pagandom - the realm or domain of pagans, the pagan world (as opp. to 'Christendom') + (notebook 1924): 'pagany'.

vicariously - indirectly, as, by, or through a substitute + SDV: — [Consider yourself on oath the stand [& watch yr words.]] Be careful how you answer this now. You know Are you acquainted with a [pagany] man [better] known as Toucher Doyle [who is]? / — I [consider] I wd be frightfully ashamed to be if I was.

Finglas - district of Dublin + Finnegan.

habitat - Nat. Hist. The locality in which a plant or animal naturally grows or lives; Hence generally: Dwelling-place, habitation.

consider yrself - (Joyce's note)

inter nubila nimbus (l) - among clouds a splendour

habitat + appetite.

frightfully ashamed (Joyce's note)

strike - to catch the admiration, fancy, or affection of (one of the opposite sex); in pass., to be favourably impressed by (an idea, suggestion, etc.); In pass., constr. by, with, also (vulgarly) 'to be struck on'.

(notebook 1924): 'Cosgrave (at 50) brother & trousers does messages' ('brother & trousers' not clear); Vincent Cosgrave ('Lynch' in A Portrait and Ulysses) would have been forty-seven when this note was taken.

pekoe - a superior kind of black tea, so called from the leaves being picked young with the down still on them + Anne Lynch and CO. - Tea merchants, with shops at 162 North King Street and several other locations in Dublin.

messuage - a dwelling house and its adjacent buildings and the adjacent land used by the household + does messages (Irish) - goes shopping for someone else + SDV: — [He is a man of fifty who does messages?] Have you ever seen heard of him being [seen] down at the Green Man [beyond]? / — He was as mad as the brambles