fishy - resembling a fish; Of the eye: Dull, vacant of expression

crofting - 'the state of being successively cropped; the land itself which is cropped in this way.'

not all there - lacking common sense of good judgement, not quite right in the head.

gaily - cheerfully, joyously, festively

inside out* - so that the inner side becomes the outer



go for - to set out, leave, start for (a destination)

grocery - a grocer's shop

get - what is begotten; an offspring, child

catgut* - the dried and twisted intestines of sheep, also of the horse and ass.

wemble - var. wamble (to turn and twist the body about, roll or wriggle about).

accoutrement* - apparel, outfit, equipment. Almost always in the pl., clothes, trappings, equipments. Milit. The equipments of a soldier other than arms and dress.

tabernacle* - a place of worship distinguished in some way from a church; a dwelling-place, a dwelling, a place of abode.

bramble - a rough prickly shrub; spec. the blackberry-bush (Rubus fruticosus).

lawyer - a long bramble (dial.); Also in New Zealand, etc., applied to certain creeping plants.


Basque - a native of Biscay                                                                                                                                                 back

beret - a round flat woollen cap worn by the Basque peasantry

Snooks - a proper name or familiar appellation applied to a hypothetical person in a particular case; also, any individual person                                                                                                                                                                                 sure

get out - imp. = 'Go away', 'be off' (expressing disbelief, dissent, or a desire to hear no more).

striking - that strikes the attention of an observer; producing a vivid impression on the mind; telling, impressive, unusually remarkable.

ur - obs. or dial var. our


unhindered - not hindered or restrained                                                                                                                                  100

dumb show* - significant gesture without speech; In the early drama, A part of a play represented by action without speech, chiefly in order to exhibit more of the story than could otherwise be included, but sometimes merely emblematical.

lately - not long since, recently

billet - Mil. An official order requiring the person to whom it is addressed to provide board and lodging for the soldier bearing it.

barrack - a set of buildings erected or used as a place of lodgement or residence for troops.

illude - to mock, make sport of, deride (obs.); to evade, elude (obs.); to trick, impose upon, deceive with false hopes.

Pekin - a name originally given by the soldiers under Napoleon I to any civilian.

elude - to escape by dexterity or stratagem (a blow, attack, danger, or difficulty); to slip away from, escape adroitly from.

treat - an entertainment of food and drink, esp. one given without expense to the recipient.

to brush up - to brighten up by brushing, to free from dust or cobwebs, to furbish up, renovate; also fig. to revive or refresh one's acquaintance with anything.

pater - familiarly used for father (chiefly in schoolboys' slang)

demented - out of one's mind, crazed, mad

qua - in so far as; in the capacity of

arc - an arch (Cf. Fr. arc de triomphe) (obs.)

covenant - a mutual agreement between two or more persons to do or refrain from doing certain acts.

methodist - Applied contemptuously to a person of strict religious views.

William Shakespeare


forker - one who throws up (hay, etc.) with a fork;                forger - an author or creator; Now only in bad sense, a fabricator, inventor (of false stories, etc.).

hawk - to carry about from place to place and offer for sale; to make an effort to clear the throat of phlegm, to clear the throat noisily.

crannock - an old unit of capacity (few bushels)