sucket - fruit preserved in sugar, either candied or in syrup; pl. sweetmeats of candied fruit or vegetable products                sockets

wrang = wrong (obs.)

pint - 0.473 l                                                                                                                                                                    points

abaft - Of position: literally, back, behind, in the rear                                                                                                          above

scatterling - a wandering or vagabond person; a vagrant

brewers' grains - refuse malt left after brewing or distilling


ostensibly - avowedly, declaredly, professedly: distinguished from, and often implicitly or explicitly opposed to 'actually', 'really', and so = under mere profession or pretence; conspicuously, ostentatiously (obs.)

pax (l) - peace

hullo - a call used to hail a person or to excite his attention. Also used in response to a telephone call and (freq. repeated) to express surprise.

evoe - the Bacchanalian exclamation 'Evoe!'

epiphany - a manifestation or appearance of some divine or superhuman being.

needer - one who needs

necess - necessity

walty - Of a ship: Unsteady, crank

lintel - a horizontal piece of timber, stone, etc. placed over a door, window, or other opening to discharge the superincumbent weight.

concave - to make concave; to vault, arch over or round

convexly - in a convex form or manner; with a convex outline or surface.

semi - - precisely half

demi - - half

minister* - to be helpful or serviceable; also, to be conducive, contribute to something.

subligate - to under-bind, to under-tye, to tye or hang at                                                                                                 sublimate

mutatis mutandis - 'things being changed that have to be changed', i.e. with the necessary changes; with due alteration of details (in comparing cases).

in a pickle - in an awkward or difficult situation;                    pickle - a condition or situation, usually disagreeable; a sorry plight or predicament.

peach - someone or something of exceptional worth or quality; someone or something particularly suitable or desirable, esp. an attractive young woman.

quick - living persons; a living thing

pickle - a person, usually a boy, who is always causing trouble; a woman with a sour disposition, an unattractive woman (slang.)

unmatchable* - incapable of being compared to others; incomparable, matchless.

ante - an amount paid in advance; price, subscription, means;                         ante (l) - before.

bopeep - to play bo-peep (a nursery play with a young child, who is kept in excitement by the nurse or play-mate alternately concealing herself (or her face), and peeping out for a moment at an unexpected place, to withdraw again with equal suddenness; an act of peeping, a look or glance as through a narrow aperture or from concealment (colloq.))

seesaw - to cause to move in a see-saw motion; to move up and down, or backwards and forwards.

pranksome - addicted to pranks; prankish, frolicsome



gape - an open-mouthed stare; a gaze of wonder or curiosity

bore - a tiresome or uncongenial person; one who wearies or worries.

liable - Law. Bound or obliged by law or equity, or in accordance with a rule or convention; answerable (for, also const. to with the same sense); legally subject or amenable to.

Collins - a letter of thanks for entertainment or hospitality, sent by a departed guest.

Ferencz (Franz) Liszt* - (1811-86) Hungarian pianist and composer.

etude* = Mus. Study - the name given to a large class of musical compositions, having the cultivation of the powers of execution for their chief object. Studies have been written for nearly every instrument, but it will be sufficient here to speak of Pianoforte Studies, which form the great majority of all those in existence.