wash - nonsense, rubbish, 'twaddle'

accord - to agree, be in harmony, be consistent; Const. with

witching - the use or practice of witchcraft; fig. Enchantment, fascination

longue - obs. form of lung                                                                                                                                            longer

retouch - to touch again with a view to improving, to amend or improve by fresh touches; to touch upon, to speak of, to introduce or bring in, again (rare.)

Rooshian = Rhoosian - joc. var. of Russian                                                                                                                    raving

shapeless - without shape or form; having no definite or regular shape; destitute of beauty or elegance of form, unshapely.

thunderous - fig. Suggestive of thunder; of threatening aspect, or charged with latent energy, like a thunder-cloud; violent, destructive, or terrifying like thunder.

narod (r.) - people

old stager - one who has become graduated or qualified by long experience; one who has been long employed in an office, a profession, course of life, etc.; a veteran, an old hand.


sum - to give the substance of in a few words or a brief statement; to summarize, epitomize.

gentile* - a heathen, a pagan; one of any nation other than the Jewish.

coax - to influence or persuade by caresses, flattery, or blandishment.

to put it - to present or submit a question, statement, etc. to a person for consideration or by way of appeal.

sunflower - a tall-growing plant commonly cultivated for its very large showy flowers; fig. Applied to a person of resplendent beauty.

heliotrope* - a name given to plants of which the flowers turn so as to follow the sun; in early times applied to the sunflower, marigold, etc.; now, a plant of the genus Heliotropium.

venture - to risk oneself; to dare, or have the courage, to attempt or undertake (some action).

vie - to display, advance, practise, etc., in competition or rivalry with another person or thing; to enter into, or carry on, rivalry; to contend or compete for superiority in some respect.

tare - defect, vice, blemish

mole - a blemish, fault

earthworm - a worm that lives in the ground, esp. an individual of the genus Lumbricus: fig. As a disparaging designation for a human being, esp. a mean or grovelling person.

outer - colloq. var. out of


lump - to collect together into a lump; to drop down like a lump

lot - fig. That which is given to a person by fate or divine providence; esp. one's destiny, fortune, or 'portion' in this life.

billed - entered in a bill or list                                                                                                                                             built

out-and-out - to knock out, exhaust

noli me tangere* - 'touch me not'

pantaloon* - the Venetian character in Italian comedy, represented as a lean and foolish old man, wearing spectacles, pantaloons, and slippers;  Hence, in modern harlequinade or pantomime, a character represented as a foolish and vicious old man, the butt of the clown's jokes, and his abettor in his pranks and tricks; Applied at different periods to garments of different styles for the legs. (Chiefly in pl.)