wash - nonsense, rubbish, 'twaddle' + Where Did You Get That Hat? (song).

accord - to agree, be in harmony, be consistent; Const. with.

vecer (Pan-Slavonic) - evening + watchers.

watching brief - instructions to someone to watch a situation carefully but not to become involved in it

witching - the use or practice of witchcraft; fig. Enchantment, fascination.

longue - obs. form of lung + longer

retouch - to touch again with a view to improving, to amend or improve by fresh touches

TOMSK - Administrative district (oblast), West Siberia, USSR, and its capital city. The Tomsk Regiment defended Sevastopol in the Crimean War + Toucher Thom + time + how goes the enemy? - what is the time?

In a papyrus from the Late Period (ca. 312 BC), preserved in the British Museum, we read: "I am he who came into being in the form of Khepera. I became the creator of what came into being (...) Not existed heaven, not existed earth (...) I raised them up from out of Nun from a state of inactivity. (...) I, even I, had union with my clenched hand, I joined myself in an embrace with my shadow, I poured seed into my own mouth ..." Here, the components of the two theologies (Memphis & Heliopolis) are summarized. On the one hand, heart, authoritative command & teeth point to Ptah and, on the other hand, semen, lips & hand are suggestive of Atum. Contrary to Atum, Ptah creates everything by using his mind and authoritative command. As soon as the latter is expressed (lips & teeth), creation unfolds. The only part of the body which both have in common are the lips. Indeed, Atum brings his seed to his mouth. Likewise, only when the divine words are articulated will creation unfold (Wim van den Dungen). 

Rooshian = Rhoosian - joc. var. of Russian + raving

shapeless - without shape or form; having no definite or regular shape

thunderous - fig. Suggestive of thunder; of threatening aspect, or charged with latent energy, like a thunder-cloud; violent, destructive, or terrifying like thunder.

Schaum (ger) - foam

narod (Russian) - people + rossiya moya rodnaya mat (Russian) - Russia, my native mother.

old stager - one who has become graduated or qualified by long experience; one who has been long employed in an office, a profession, course of life, etc.; a veteran, an old hand.

South + What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander (proverb).

sum - to give the substance of in a few words or a brief statement; to summarize, epitomize

gentile - a heathen, a pagan; one of any nation other than the Jewish + giant.

Diodorus Siculus reported that in Egypt anyone killing a cat was executed (History I.83.8-9)

coax - to influence or persuade by caresses, flattery, or blandishment

Galli (l) - Gauls + galli (l) - cocks + coq Gaulois (French) - Gallic cock.

put it - to present or submit a question, statement, etc. to a person for consideration or by way of appeal

sol (l) - sun

sunflower - a tall-growing plant commonly cultivated for its very large showy flowers; fig. Applied to a person of resplendent beauty.

heliotrope - a name given to plants of which the flowers turn so as to follow the sun; in early times applied to the sunflower, marigold, etc.; now, a plant of the genus Heliotropium.

het (Dutch) - it + hat

venture - to risk oneself; to dare, or have the courage, to attempt or undertake (some action)

vie - to display, advance, practise, etc., in competition or rivalry with another person or thing; to enter into, or carry on, rivalry; to contend or compete for superiority in some respect.

PUTAMAYO - River, forming boundary between Columbia and Peru, flows East through Brazil to Amazon River; also the area of the river basin. Roger Casement served in Putamayo as a British civil servant investigating the Anglo-Peruvian Amazon Country, and was knighted for his services there and in the Congo.

Liburnus - Roman god of lustful enjoyment + Liburnia in ancient geography was the land of the Liburnians, a region along the northeastern Adriatic coast in Europe, in modern Croatia, whose borders shifted according to the extent of Liburnian dominance at a given time between 11th and 1st century BC. Domination of the Liburnian thalassocracy in the Adriatic Sea was confirmed by a several Antique writers, but the archeologists have defined a region of their material culture more precisely in northern Dalmatia, Kvarner and eastern Istria.

NEW YORK CITY - First colonized by the Dutch West India Co in 1624; in 1626 Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island from the Indians. The tiny settlement was called Fort Amsterdam, later New Amsterdam.

tare - defect, vice, blemish + tare (Irish Pronunciation) - tear.

mole - a blemish, fault + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: Erin! The Tear and the Smile in Thine Eyes.

Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: The Time I've Lost in Wooing: 'The light, that lies In woman's eyes, Has been my heart's undoing'.

lid (Dutch) - limb, member + lyd efter lyd (Danish) - sound after sound + led efter led (Danish) - link after link.

mind's eyes

earthworm - a worm that lives in the ground, esp. an individual of the genus Lumbricus: fig. As a disparaging designation for a human being, esp. a mean or grovelling person + Ohrwurm (German) = oorwurm (Dutch) - earwig.

outer - colloq. var. out of

close both + claudere (l) - to close, shut + cloudburst.

garce (fr) - slut

lump - to collect together into a lump; to drop down like a lump

lot - fig. That which is given to a person by fate or divine providence; esp. one's destiny, fortune, or 'portion' in this life.

billed - entered in a bill or list + 'A man may laugh through the whole of a farce, A man may laugh through the whole of a play, But a man can't laugh through the hole of his arse, 'Cause he just isn't built that way' (Irish, anonymous).

out-and-out - to knock out, exhaust

noli me tangere - 'touch me not' + John 20:17: 'Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not' + voli me (Serbian) - love me.

The Three Ravens (song): 'Down a down'

pantaloon - the Venetian character in Italian comedy, represented as a lean and foolish old man, wearing spectacles, pantaloons, and slippers;  Hence, in modern harlequinade or pantomime, a character represented as a foolish and vicious old man, the butt of the clown's jokes, and his abettor in his pranks and tricks; Applied at different periods to garments of different styles for the legs. (Chiefly in pl.) + (defecation of the Russian General).

poetry + pottery + puer (French) - to stink + James Joyce: Ecce Puer (a poem written in 1932).