rethunder - to sound or echo again like thunder + Teems of times and happy returns, the seim anew, ordovico or viricordo [.01-.02]

the same to you


mastodontic - of or belonging to a mastodon; resembling the mastodon (a large extinct mammal resembling the elephant, characterized by having nipple-shaped tubercles in pairs on the crowns of the molar teeth).

mammoth - a large extinct species of elephant (Elephas primigenius) formerly native in Europe and northern Asia

tropper (Danish) - troops

unrelieved - not provided with relief, not aided or assisted

trooper - a soldier in a troop of cavalry; a horse soldier + trousers.

stultitiam (l) - folly, foolishness

in vino (l) - in wine, i.e., while drunk

condone - to forgive or overlook (an offence), so as to treat it as non-existent; esp. to forgive tacitly by not allowing the offence to make any difference in one's relations with the offender.

ineptias (pl.) (l) - sillinesses, absurdities

virtue - With a and pl. A particular moral excellence; a special manifestation of the influence of moral principles in life or conduct + veritas (l) - truth, reality.

top of the morning! (Irish phrase) - A generic greeting said to someone in the morning

strapping - Originally of a young woman: Full of activity, vigorous, lusty (obs.). Now of a person of either sex: Strongly and stoutly built, robust, sturdy + strapping (Slang) - copulating, fucking.

turkey drive - a whist drive (a party of whist played for prizes, often to raise funds for charities) with a turkey as the prize

perhaps + puppa (l) - girl, damsel.

that would be telling - that would be to divulge something secret (colloq.)

hoh - obs. ff. ho (int.) + (notebook 1923): 'Trist narrat - Hoh! Is screams - Heh - - etc' (pair of dashes dittoes 'Is screams').

heh - an exclamation used to express emotion, as sorrow or surprise, or to attract attention

fra (Danish) - from

tammy - a fine worsted cloth of good quality, often with a glazed finish

thorny - pricking or piercing to the mind; full of points painful or wounding to the feelings

laney - of or pertaining to a lane + lawn mower - a machine provided with revolving spiral or horizontal knives for cutting the grass on a lawn.

prentice = apprentice + Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress and the Prince of Wales.

Oscar Wilde

Schottland (ger) - Scotland + shorthand.

Guinness - the proprietary name of a brand of stout manufactured by the firm of Guinness

scenography - the art or act of representing a body on a perspective plane; also, a representation or description of a body, in all its dimensions, as it appears to the eye + stenography.

TAILORS' HALL - The present building was built 1706 in Back Lane, opposite St Audoen's Arch. Tailors' Hall was one of the largest public rooms in Dublin, site of many early 18th-century balls, auctions, concerts; the tailors were notorious for riotous dinners on June 24.  


mellay - an engagement in which the two parties or combatants are mixed together in a close hand to hand fight; a cloth of a mixture of colours or shades of colour + merry.

mailer - one who mails or dispatches by post; one who pays rent; ? = Landlord (obs.)

mall - a convention or assembly among the Franks; a sheltered walk serving as a promenade; in some towns adopted as a proper name; Also, a shopping-precinct.

eat, drink and be merry - enjoy yourself now!

Gaedheal (gel) (gael) - Irishman, Scotsman

gall (goul) (gael) - foreigner + gallus (l) - cock + call.

skin - Without contemptuous implications: a person (of a specified kind).

'The Leather World', trades journal + nether world.

in fact

stock company - a company who regularly act together at a particular theatre + lock, stock and barrel - the whole thing (the 'whole thing' in question when this phrase originated was a musket).

thomistic - in manner of Saint Thomas Aquinas or his followers

laircim (Irish) - I smite, I strike + Lorcan O'Tuathail (lurkan o'tuhil) (gael) - Lorcan (diminutive of lorc, "fierce") descendant of Tuathal ("pople-mighty"); patron saint of Dublin; anglic. Laurence O Toole + Joyce's note: 'famine abbeylands Swords Lusk, Finglas Larking o'Tooth see' → Sheed: The Irish Way, 'St. Laurence O'Toole (1128-1180)', 136: (of Saint Lorcan (Laurence) O'Toole, patron of Dublin) 'During a famine... He exerted himself... by organised assistance, quartering the city poor upon the abbey lands of his Cathedral - Swords, Lusk and Finglas'.

tootler - a writer of 'tootle', verbiage, or twaddle + Laurence O’Toole and Thomas à Beckett, "larking o'tootlers with tambours a'beggars," two saintly brothers, one Irish and one English.

The Black and Tans - English recruits in 1920-1 serving in the Royal Irish Constabulary + Butt and Taff.

brandywine - early form of brandy (from Dutch brandewijn).


through + trou normand (fr) - pause in the middle of a long meal; also, the Calvados one drinks during it + true Norman.


blunt - Of an angle, edge, or point: Not sharp, obtuse. Of a tool or weapon: Without edge or point + blunt (Slang) - cash.

club - a heavy stick or staff for use as a weapon, thin enough at one end to be grasped with the hand, and increasing in thickness and weight towards the other end + Nast-Kobb and Schumacher - Roman bank where Joyce worked as a correspondent, 1906-7. ("blunt" = cash).  

Wellesley, Richard Colley Wesley, Marquess (1760-1842) - Weilington's older brother, who had a distinguished diplomatic career and in 1821 became Irish viceroy. Advocating Catholic emancipation, he so annoyed the Orange faction that in 1822, at a performance of Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer, the audience rioted and threw bottles at him. 

Riot Act - the Act providing that if twelve or more persons unlawfully or riotously assemble and refuse to disperse within an hour after the reading of a specified portion of it by a competent authority they shall be considered as felons.

shied - p. of shy (to fling, to throw with a jerk)

Ehren (ger) - honors + 'Timothy' stems from Greek time: honour, and theos: god (hence, Tim Finnegan).

Fionn (fin) (gael) - Fair + fyn (Cornish) - head + Fyn - Danish island.

insula (l) - island; apartment-house + Insel (ger) - island.

wap - occas. spelling of whop whopping - abnormally large or great; of surpassing excellence, uncommonly good, first-rate + wedding.

radio + Roderick O'Connor - last Irish high king + rainbow covenant between God and Noah (Genesis 9:9-17) + hollowing.

broadcast + Kost (German) = kost (Dutch) - food + Ecclesiastes 11:1: 'Cast thy bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.'

depredation - the action of making a prey of; plundering, pillaging

sloop - a sailing vessel with a single mast set about one third of the boat's length aft of the bow; a relatively small ship-of-war, carrying guns on the upper deck only

coasts + unusual suits of clothes → "and umwalloped in an unusuable suite of clouds," [324.29-.30]

telltale - a thing that reveals or discloses something not intended to be made known

grandsire - grandfather, ancestor, forefather

Arthur (Wellesley, Duke of Wellington; Richard's brother)

The white horse was the emblem of the House of Hanover. Under George I and George II, many British inns changed their signs from "Royal Oak" (etc) to "White Horse" + "This is his big wide harse. Tip." [008.21] 

sip - to drink (liquid, etc.) in very small draughts

louty - clownish, coarse + ladies

Kerstfeestijd (Dutch) - Christmas time + crucified.

Inis Fail (inish fal) (gael) - Island of Fal (name of fetish stone at Tara): Ireland (poetic) + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: Song of Innisfail: 'They came from a land beyond the sea'.

whisky-and-milk, -soda, -water - (often so hyphened), denoting mixed or diluted drinks + [Anima mea tristis] usque ad mortem (l) - [My soul is sorrowful] even unto death (Christ in Gethsemane, Vulgate Matthew 26:38:).

pusiporcus (l) - little pig + pusė porcijos (Lithuanian) - half of a portion.

invitem (l) - unwillingly + invitus (l) - unwilling.

happiness + kapinės (Lithuanian) - graveyard.

(notebook 1923): 'bride & priest sober best man kicks sacristan' ('sacristan' not clear)

reverent = reverend

eleftheros (gr) - free + elect.

frizzy - tightly curled + Schaff, Fritzi - dancer, singer, played in Frou-Frou 

frau - a married woman, wife + Frou Frou - title of Meilhac and Halévy's opera + froufrou (fr) - rustle of clothes.