upsydown - upsidedown

creation - a costume, etc., designed by an expert modiste

drysalter - a dealer in chemical products used in the arts, drugs, dye-stuffs, gums, etc.; sometimes also in oils, sauces, pickles, tinned meats, etc.

in the pink* - in the best of health;                 pink - the most perfect condition or degree of something; the height, extreme.

stickup - a stick up collar; a hat or cap turned up in front

megalo - - 'great'               Magellan - the Eng. form of the name of a famous Portuguese navigator, Fernão de Magalhães (?1470-1521), the first European discoverer who passed through the channel now called the Straits of Magellan into the Pacific Ocean.

winevat - a vat in which the grapes are pressed in wine-making

waterway - a route for travel or transport by water; a river, canal, or a portion of a sea or lake, viewed as a medium of transit.

Christopher Columbus;                         caramba - an exclamation of surprise or dismay.


punk - to back out; to withdraw one's support, to quit

musked - flavoured, or perfumed with musk; tasting like musk

masked ball - a ball at which those taking part wear masks

yep - repr. a dial. (esp. U.S.) or vulgar pronunc. of yes

yup - colloq. (orig. U.S.) var. of yes

toller - one who tolls a bell

aye - Indicating assent to a previous statement, and preliminary to a further or more forcible one.

lithe - Of persons, their actions, dispositions and utterances: Gentle, meek, mild.

pleasable - acceptable, pleasing, agreeable (obs.); capable of being pleased; placable, mild.

wilt = will (arch)

lee - a sheltered position or condition; hence, calmness, peace, tranquillity.

hee = he (obs.)

hussif - dial. f. housewife

deef = deaf (obs.)                                                                                                                                                            deer

saft - Sc. var. soft

sap - the vital juice or fluid which circulates in plants; juice or fluid of any kind (obs.)

main - ellipt. for main sea: The high sea, the open ocean

strick - Of running water: Swift, rapid

strait - a comparatively narrow water-way or passage connecting two large bodies of water.

to go west* - of the sun; also fig., to die, perish, disappear

conversion* - the action of turning round or revolving; revolution, rotation (obs.); the action of turning back or returning; spec. the turning back of the sun in its apparent course on reaching the tropic (obs.)

ante - - before;                     lithos (gr) - stone.

energumen* - person possessed by an evil spirit; a 'possessed' person, an enthusiast, a fanatical devotee.

caeco (l) - to blind, to darken;                     dedition - giving up, yielding, surrender.

absque (l) - without;                     littera (l) - letter.

Patagonian* - a South American Indian of a race inhabiting southern Patagonia, said to be the tallest known people (their stature, however, being much exaggerated by 17th and 18th c. travellers and romancers); hence, fig. a giant, a gigantic specimen.

cabotin (fr) - strolling player

explose = explode;                     exploder - one who refutes a theory, etc.; something which bursts with a loud noise;
exposer - one who exposes (to exhibit openly; to display to the public gaze).

tiptop* - first-rate, prime, superlatively good

reelly - representing a vulgar pronunciation of really (adv.)

ye = you

doth - arch. 3rd pers. pres. ind. of do

crackle - to crush or break down with slight but rapidly continuous cracking; as in the case of anything hard and brittle.

log - a bulky mass of wood; now usually an unhewn portion of a felled tree, or a length cut off for use as firewood.

ingle - fire; a fire burning upon the hearth; a house-fire

to lend an ear or one's ears - to listen, pay attention

burrow - fig. To bore, penetrate, or make one's way under the surface.


soulful* - expressive or indicative of deep feeling or emotion


hairweed - a green alga

sickly - Of conditions, etc.: Connected with, arising from, characterized by, ill-health; Of feelings, etc.: Weak, mawkish.

ginger - to put ginger into (a drink); to flavour with ginger

primus (l) - first

auriferous (l) - golden

ordain* - to set up (something) to continue in a certain order; to put into a particular mental condition or disposition, esp. into a right or fitting frame of mind (obs.)

flatter = flatterer


chew - In reference to counsels, opinions, statements, etc.: To consider or examine deliberately (as a process preliminary to swallowing and digesting them); fig. To exercise the mind, meditate, ruminate upon, on, occas. at.

toot - an act of tooting; a note or short blast of a horn, trumpet, or other wind instrument.

solarly - by itself, without addition


canicular year - the ancient Egyptian year, computed from one heliacal rising of Sirius to the next.