scandalmonger - a talebearer (one who officiously carries reports of private matters to gratify malice or idle curiosity).

familiar - a person with whom one has constant intercourse, an intimate friend or associate.

Normand = Norman - a native or inhabitant of Normandy; one belonging to, or descended from, the mixed Scandinavian and Frankish race inhabiting that part of France.

all over the show = all over the shop - scattered about the place, spread out in every direction; following an erratic and undefined course; in a state of confusion.

in sum - (Expressed) in a few words, briefly or summarily; to conclude in few words, to sum up; in brief, in short.

hum - a piece of humbug; an imposition, a hoax (slang or colloq.)

stake - that which is placed at hazard; esp. a sum of money or other valuable commodity deposited or guaranteed, to be taken by the winner of a game, race, contest, etc.

rocky road

assembling* - gathering together, meeting                                                                                                                    to Dublin

courting - the paying of courteous attention, in order to win favour or love; paying of addresses, wooing.

wellfire = wellgrate - ...In the closing years of the 19th century a 'well-grate' was invented, in which the fire burns upon the hearth, combustion being aided by an air-chamber below.

hoy - a heavy or clumsy person (obs.)

Schotte (d) - a Scotchman, a Scotsman

Hell-fire club - name given to clubs of reckless or abandoned young men, chiefly about the beginning of the eighteenth century.


vacuum* - a space entirely empty of matter

Punch -the name of the principal character, a grotesque hump-backed figure, in the puppet-show called Punch and Judy.

Ecclesiastes - the title of a book of the Old Testament, written in the person of Solomon, and traditionally ascribed to his authorship.

nonne - obs. form of nun

ninny - a simpleton, a fool; a child

Eccles - Name of a town in Lancashire;                     Eccles cake - a kind of fancy cake.

hostel - a public house of lodging and entertainment for strangers and travellers; an inn, a hotel.

to scrape out - to dig out with the nails or claws; Also fig.

redress - to restore or bring back (a thing or person) to a proper state; to set (a person) right, by obtaining, or (more rarely) giving, satisfaction or compensation for the wrong or loss sustained; to remedy or remove (trouble or distress of any kind)            address

to call it a night - to stop at least for the present whatever one has been doing.

shakeup - an act of shaking up or being shaken up, or the result of this; a thorough or drastic change or rearrangement; a disturbing or unsettling experience.

plighter - one who or that which plights or pledges

palm - to conceal in the palm of the hand, as in cheating at cards or dice, or in juggling; to impose (a thing) fraudulently (on or upon a person); to pass off by trickery or fraud.

winker - one who winks (in various senses) (rare.)

mayhap - perhaps, maybe

hora - a Romanian and Israeli round-dance                                                                                                                         ora

Fitz - the Anglo-French word for 'son'; chiefly Hist. in patronymic designations, in which it was followed by the name of a parent in the uninflected genitive. Some of these survive as surnames, e.g. Fitzherbert, Fitzwilliam, etc.; in later times new surnames of the kind have been given to the illegitimate children of royal princes.

Tartar - a native inhabitant of the region of Central Asia extending eastward from the Caspian Sea, and formerly known as Independent and Chinese Tartary.

auspice - any divine or prophetic token; prosperous lead

bonny - pleasing to the sight, comely, beautiful, expressing homely beauty                                                               Donnybrook

barmaid* - a female who sells food and drink at the bar of a tavern or hotel.

pontifical - pertaining or proper to a bishop or prelate; of or pertaining to a chief or high priest; characterized by the pomp, state, dignity, authority, or dogmatic character of a pontiff; short for pontifical mass.

soddenly - in a sodden manner; heavily and dully; damply                                                                                             certainly

there are no flies on* - there is no fault to be found with, there are no blemishes in; there is nothing dishonest or 'shady' about (a transaction).

mayhem - the crime of violently inflicting a bodily injury upon a person so as to make him less able to defend himself or annoy his adversary                                                                                                                                                                     maybe

sweepstakes* - a betting or gambling transaction in which each person contributes a stake, and the whole of the stakes are taken by one or divided among several under certain conditions.

providential - that is, or is thought to be, by special interposition of providence; lucky, fortunate.

squeeze - a strong financial or commercial demand or pressure, esp. a restriction in the supply of money, credit, goods, etc.

pint - a vessel containing a pint

kick - an indentation in the bottom of a glass bottle, diminishing the internal capacity.

punch - a beverage now generally composed of wine or spirits mixed with hot water or milk and flavoured with sugar, lemons, and some spice or cordial.

Gaelicize* - to make Gaelic in form, quality or customs

barley - a hardy awned cereal (genus Hordeum), cultivated in all parts of the world.

on one's ear* - drunk