culp - guilt, sin, fault, blame

penance - the performance of some act of self-mortification or undergoing of some penalty, as an expression of penitence; any kind of religious discipline, whether imposed by ecclesiastical authority, or voluntarily undertaken, in token of repentance and by way of satisfaction for sin.

to ring the bell* - to carry off the prize, to be the best of a lot;                belle - a handsome woman, esp. one who dresses so as to set off her personal charms.

kickee - one who is kicked

goodman - innkeeper, landlord, husband, mister

rue - to affect (a person) with penitence or contrition (for sins or offences committed);                                red fox - the common European fox, Vulpes vulgaris.

clam - a name applied to various bivalve shell-fish

cram - a lie; the action of cramming information for a temporary occasion; the information thus hastily and temporarily acquired.

spick and span* - brand new, fresh, clean, neat; that which is quite new or particularly trim and smart;             spat - the spawn of oysters or other shell-fish.

richman - a wealthy man

periwinkle* - the English name of a gastropod mollusc of the genus Littorina.

galled - fig. Irritated, vexed, unquiet, distressed

nock - a small piece of horn fixed in the butt-end of an arrow, provided with a notch for receiving the bowstring                        not

mock - a derisive or contemptuous action or speech; an act of mocking or derision.

fortitudo (l) - courage, strength

eius (l) - that

rhodone (l) - rose

tenuis (l) - gentle, weak

maim - mutilation or loss of some essential part; a grave defect, blemish, or disablement; an injury or hurt of any kind.

euphonize* - to render euphonious; to alter (a word) for the sake of euphony (the quality of having a pleasant sound).

isochronism - the character or property of being isochronous, or of oscillating or taking place in equal spaces of time; Prosody. The character or property of being isochronous (spec. in Prosody, equal in metrical length).

disvowelled* - rendered vowelless; that does not pronounce vowels.

wellmeant - rightly, honestly, or kindly intended; said or done with good intention.

to take for granted - to regard as not requiring proof, or as likely to be admitted by every one.

ultra vires - beyond the scope of legal power or authority

whereby - in consequence of, as a result of, or owing to which

sublimate - to transmute into something higher, nobler, more sublime or refined; Psychoanal. To refine or direct (instinctual energy), esp. that of the sexual impulse, so that it is manifested in more socially acceptable ways.

blepharospasm - spasmodic winking of the eyelids

suppression - restraint or stifling (of utterance or expression); Psychoanal. The action or result of (consciously) inhibiting an unacceptable feeling, desire, or memory.

mix up - to mix or associate irrelevantly, unsuitably, or confusingly; to confuse.

inexactly - in an inexact or inaccurate manner; not with perfect correctness.

one's mind's eye - mental view or vision, remembrance

pore - to fix one's thoughts earnestly upon something; to look intently or fixedly, to gaze; pour.

pidgeon = pigeon (obs.) 

massacred;                     mascarade, -ado - obs. ff. masquerade (an assembly of people wearing masks and other disguises (often of a rich or fantastic kind) and diverting themselves with dancing and other amusements; a masked ball).

rally - a rapid reunion for concentrated effort, esp. of an army after repulse or disorganization.

afoul - entangled, in collision; fouled                                                                                                                                   afore


campaign - Mil. The continuance and operations of an army 'in the field' for a season or other definite portion of time, or while engaged in one continuous series of military operations constituting the whole, or a distinct part, of a war.

bamboozle* - to deceive by trickery, hoax, cozen, impose upon; to mystify, perplex, confound.


thrice - three times (in succession); very, highly, greatly, extremely.

eyewitness* - to be an eye-witness of (an event)

go on - to continue in speech

gig - fun, merriment, glee; a fancy, joke, whim (obs.)

gag - a joke; a humorous remark, situation, action, etc.

impediment* - hindrance, obstruction


blank - pure, unmixed, utter, downright, sheer, absolute (with a negative or privative force).

hatless - having no hat; not wearing a hat

darky - a Black, esp. a Southern U.S. Black (usu. considered patronizing or mildly offensive).

dove - An appellation of tender affection

hayward* - an officer of a manor, township, or parish, having charge of the fences and enclosures, esp. to keep cattle from breaking through from the common into enclosed fields; sometimes, the herdsman of the cattle feeding on the common.

patcher - a worker who repairs something by patching



delicacy - a refined sense of what is becoming, modest or proper; exquisite fineness of feeling, observation, etc.