was (ger) - what + waas (Dutch) - fog.

mult - abbr. of multiple + tumult - fig. Great disturbance or agitation of mind or feeling; confused and violent emotion + FDV: What was thass? Fog what wass? Listen, Souly me, deary... Too mult sleepth. Less me sleepl.

whenabouts - the time (or the approximate time) at which a thing happened

expatiate - to speak or write at some length, to be copious in description or discussion

live in - to reside in the establishment

FDV: And natt by naught by night by naked. while kinderwardens minded the twins' bed, the four of them, in their pussycorners, listening, so gladded gladdied up when niceboy nice child Kevin Mary (who was going to be rise to become a benefacturist of bonbons commander chief in the fireboys' brigade when he grew up [under all the auspices]) smiled [awake] a sweet his milky way dribble of cream dribble, mustard & dressed cabbage but so frightied of out when boldbrat nastybrat Jerry Godobphing (who was going to fall to remain a chemicomicker cardinal waiter of cruxnuts as soon as he was bald cured enough to leave the hospital) frowned asleep fumed [on his own aroma] draper's ink, methylated spirit.

nat - in the animistic native religion of the Burmese people, a spirit or demon, a supernatural being; not + nat (Danish) - night.

naught - nothing, nought (Now arch.); wickedness, evil, moral wrong, mischief (obs.)

nackt (ger) - naked

lousy - full of lice, infested by lice; fig. Dirty, filthy, obscene. Also as a general term of abuse: Mean, vile, contemptible + (notebook 1924): 'good old lousy days (sulphur waters)'.

Kinder (ger) - children + warden - one who guards, protects, or defends; occas. a guardian angel (obs.)

sycomore - a species of fig-tree, Ficus Sycomorus, common in Egypt, Syria, and other countries, and having leaves somewhat resembling those of the mulberry.

quartan - Path. Of a fever or ague: Characterized by the occurrence of a paroxysm every fourth (in mod. reckoning, every third) day + Quartan agues kill old men and cure young (proverb).

BALEARIC ISLANDS - Island group and Spanish province, in Mediterranean off East coast of Spain. The 4 largest isls are Majorca, Minorca, Iviza, and Formentera (latter said to derive name from production of wheat); there are 11 smaller islands. 

fermentarian - a name applied in reproach by Latin Christians to those of the Greek church, as using fermented bread in the Eucharist

ballyhoo - a noisy attention-getting demonstration or talk + BALLYHOURA MOUNTAINS - In County Cork, on Cork-Limerick border + The Ballyhooly Blue Ribbon Army (song). 

tetra- (gr) - four + nox (l) - night + tetricus (l) - gloomy, dark.

Puss in the corner - a game played by children, of whom one stands in the centre and tries to capture one of the 'dens' or 'bases' as the others change places

pall you'll guess + palaiologos (gr) - one who discusses old times + Palaiologoi (gr) - last Byzantine dynasty + (notebook 1924): 'pallyollogass'.

coper - one who 'copes', a dealer (e.g. in horses)

fearsome - fear-inspiring, frightful, dreadful + foursome.

cuddy - a donkey; fig. A stupid fellow, an 'ass'. In ancient Ireland, a supper and night's entertainment due to the lord from his tenant (or a rent in lieu) [(notebook 1924): 'cuddy' Studies, An Irish Quarterly Review, vol. 13, no. 50, 302: Irish Land Tenures (W.F. Butler): (of sixteenth century Ireland) 'O'Driscoll Mór was lord of Baltimore and the adjoining territory called Collymór, under Mac Carthy Reagh. The territory consisted of sixty-five ploughlands, which paid yearly as Cuddy, Dubh Chios (probably maintenance of horses, dogs etc.), and Cess at Beltaine and Samhain a total of £27 11s. 11 ½d. to Mac Carthy Reagh'].

esker - a sinuous ridge of fluvial deposits resulting from a sub-glacial melt-water stream

saggard - ? One who 'sags' or hangs helplessly + The 4 Royal Manors of County Dublin, established under Henry II, were Esker, Newcastle, Saggart, and Crumlin.   


donk - colloq. abbrev. of donkey + donc (fr) - then.

beeline - a straight line between two points on the earth's surface, such as a bee was supposed instinctively to take in returning to its hive

glad - to become or to be glad (obs.)

Kevin Barry died for Ireland, aged eighteen, in 1920 (song Kevin Barry) + Mary Jane, 'The Dead': "ever since Kate and Julia, after the death of their brother Pat, had left the house in Stoney Batter and taken Mary Jane, their only niece, to live with them in the dark, gaunt house on Usher's Island, the upper part of which they had rented from Mr Fulham, the corn-factor on the ground floor. That was a good thirty years ago if it was a day. Mary Jane, who was then a little girl in short clothes, was now the main prop of the household, for she had the organ in Haddington Road. She had been through the Academy and gave a pupils' concert every year in the upper room of the Ancient Concert Rooms."

commandeer - to command or force into military service + Commander in Chief - the chief or supreme commander of all the military land forces of a State.

choirboy - a boy who sings in a choir

auspice - propitious influence exerted on behalf of any undertaking; patronage, favouring direction; esp. in phr. under the auspices of

dribble - a small trickling and barely continuous stream

orange + onager - wild ass.

custard - a dish made with eggs beaten up and mixed with milk to a stiff consistency, sweetened, and baked; also a similar preparation served in a liquid form

jerry - German, poor, slipshod

dess - to arrange in a layer or layers + dressed cabbage.

fright - to affect with fright; to scare, terrify

brat - 'a child, so called in contempt' + brat (Serbian) - brother.

cardinal - chief, principal, of special importance (almost always of abstract things)

scullion - a domestic servant of the lowest rank in a household who performed the menial offices of the kitchen; hence, a person of the lowest order, esp. as an abusive epithet (Now only arch) + Cullen, Paul, Cardinal (1803-78) - archbishop of Dublin, bitter enemy of the Fenians, execrated at Christmas dinner in Portrait.  

refuge - a place of safety or security; a shelter, asylum, stronghold + 'The Night Refuge' - Night Asylum for Houseless Poor, Bow Street, Dublin.

bald (ger) - soon

furrin - humorous or dialectal perversion of foreign

wrinkly - full of, marked with, wrinkles; corrugated, puckered

methylated spirit - containing about ten per cent. of pyroxylic spirit, is the form in which alcohol is most commonly employed for industrial purposes

ick - I + hick - a hiccup.

lemoncholy (Slang) - melancholy

lee - the sediment deposited in the containing vessel from wine and some other liquids; pl. fig. Basest part, 'dregs', 'refuse'.

pulverize - to reduce to powder or dust

rhubarb - the medicinal rootstock (purgative and subsequently astringent) of one or more species of Rheum; fig., as a type of bitterness or sourness + rhus barbarorum (l) - rhubarb.

icky - sticky, esp. unpleasantly so