FDV: night by night while little winning infantina sister Isabel Isobel (who was going to be when she grew up one Sunday a sister Isabelle in the wimpled coif the beautiful nun [of only 20 years] & next Sunday the beautiful nurse Isabelle [still in her teens] in with her white starched cuffs but on Easter Sunday morning the beautiful widow [of [scarce] eighteen springs,] Madame Isa la Belle, so sad & lucksome), for she was the only girl they loved, because she was the only girl they prize, because of the way she was to be after the darling of my heart, sleeping, in her snug april cot in other a sweet mild way her sweetmay room a barleycandy whistle on her counterpane, bluebell wildhid wildwood's eyes, and primarose hair, quietly, all the woods so wild in mauve mauves of moss and daphne sleeping daphnedew daphnedews, now all so still she lay, like a [wild happy] lost leaf, like any flower stilled, like dew as fain would she anon and soon again 'twill be, win me, woo me, wed me, weary me, sleeping, how evencalm lay sleeping: night on nox on alia nox... (here ended the primitive draft).

infantine = infantile - existing in its infancy or earliest stage of development

Isabel = Isabella - greyish yellow

took the veil (Joyce's note) take the veil - to become a nun, to enter a convent or nunnery + Joyce's note: 'Is going to be a nun'.

presentation - Eccl. The action, or the right, of presenting a clergyman to a benefice, or to the bishop for institution + Presentation Order of nuns.

mistletoe + Michaelmas.

peach - someone or something particularly suitable or desirable, esp. an attractive young woman

Samaritan - a kind and helpful person

starched - stiffened with or as with starch

cuff - an ornamental part at the bottom of a sleeve, consisting of a fold of the sleeve itself turned back, a band of linen, lace, etc. sewed on, or the like

She Wore a Wreath of Roses the Night That First We Met (song)

Isa Bowman - friend of Lewis Carroll, played title role in an adaptation of 'Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland'

veuve - a widow + veuve (fr) - widow.

blossoming - that blossoms or puts forth flowers; flowering, blooming + (orange blossom for wedding).

weeper - one who weeps or sheds tears, esp. one who is constantly weeping; spec. A hired mourner at a death-bed or funeral.

queenly - belonging to, appropriate to, a queen; resembling a queen

Matthew 13:46: 'Pearl of great price'

methinks - it seems to me

cot - a small bed for a child; properly, one suspended so as to swing between uprights; a swing-cot; also frequently applied to a 'crib' or four-legged bed-stead with sides to prevent the child from falling out.

chamer = chamber (obs.) + sengekammer (Danish) - bedroom (from Danish seng: bed and Danish kammer: room) + FDV: sleeping, in her snug april cot in other a sweet mild way her sweetmay room

greengage - a variety of plum of roundish shape, green colour, and fine flavour + FDV: a barleycandy whistle on her counterpane,

duett - to perform a duet

crazy quilt - a patchwork quilt made of pieces of stuff of all kinds in fantastic patterns or without any order (PICTURE)

wildwood - a forest of natural growth, or allowed to grow naturally; an uncultivated or unfrequented wood. (In later use chiefly poet.) + FDV: bluebell wildhid wildwood's eyes, and primarose hair,

primrose - Elliptical for 'primrose colour': A pale greenish yellow or lemon colour.

Woods so Wild - song by English composer William Byrd

mauve - a bright but delicate purple dye obtained from coal-tar aniline

daphne - the laurel; in Mythol. a nymph fabled to have been metamorphosed into a laurel + daffodils + FDV: all the woods so wild in mauve mauves of moss and daphne sleeping daphnedew daphnedews,

neath - beneath

whitethorn - the common hawthorn, Cratægus Oxyacantha: so called from the lighter colour of its bark as compared with that of the blackthorn.

stilled - made quiet, quietened, silent

anon - straightway, at once, forthwith, instantly

nowth = nought - nothing + night + Howth + FDV: nox upon nacht while in his ___ watchman Havelook Seequeersense, punkt by his cursbog cursebog, went long adream the way seq seequestering, for all love's propertied offices, the all leavethings of from loafersnight loafers all purges night leavethings, kikkers, brillers, knappers and bands, handshoes and strumpers, sminkysticks and eddiketsflaskers,

nacht = nought - nothing + night

tumbril - a cart so constructed that the body tilts backwards to empty out the load; esp. a dung-cart + tumbler

wacht (ger) - wakes, guards + watchman - a member of a military guard, a sentinel or sentry + De Nachtwacht (Dutch: 'The Night Guard') - Rembrandt's most famous painting.

Havelok the Dane - hero of a 14th-century verse romance which has much in common with the early Hamlet story. Havelok is a watcher like Hamlet and brings a malefactor to justice. 

see queer scenes + sequester (l) - umpire, mediator + Sackerson.

yonside - the farther side; the other side

choppy - Of the sea: = chopping (breaking in short, abrupt waves, the result of a strong wind blowing against a tide or current, or of a change of wind, etc.)

Punkt (ger) - dot, full stop, period; exactly

Kursbuch (ger) - train schedule + FDV: nox upon nacht while in his ___ watchman Havelook Seequeersense, punkt by his cursbog cursebog,

long - aphetic f. along

gross (ger) - big

Bahnhofstrasse - The main shopping street and promenade in Zurich + (notebook 1924): 'the grassgrown strass that henders the pubbel to pass,' ('grassgrown strass' replaces a cancelled 'strass').

stow - to place in a receptacle to be stored or kept in reserve

pobal (pubel) (gael) - people, the public + poubelle (fr) - dust bin + (notebook 1924): 'roads made to prevent people from passing'.

for at (Danish) - in order to

wet (erron. whet) one's whistle - to take a drink

sequester - isolate or hide away (someone or something); take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority + sequester (l) - umpire, mediator + FDV: went long adream the way seq seequestering,

propertied - possessed of, owning, or holding property; furnished with theatrical properties + lost property office.

Walpurgis night - in German folklore and esp. Goethe's Faust a feast of the powers of darkness or witches' sabbath celebrated on the Brocken, a peak in the Harz mountains, on 30 April. Also transf., an orgiastic celebration or party.

og (Danish) - and

gneiss - a metamorphic rock, composed, like granite, of quartz, feldspar or orthoclase, and mica, but distinguished from it by its foliated or laminated structure + nice

agus (ogus) (gael) - and


kikkert (Danish) - binoculars

Brille (ger) - spectacles + briller (Danish) - eyegalsses.

knapper - a hammer used for shaping flints; also, Sc. a stone-breaker's hammer + knapper (Danish) - buttons.

baand (Danish) - ribbons

handsker (Danish) = Handschuhe (German) - gloves

Strumpf (ger) - stocking + strømper (Danish) - stockings.

Schminke (ger) - make-up + sminke (Danish) - rouge, makeup.

etiquette - In the primary Fr. sense: A label + Etikett (ger) - bottle-label + The smugglers, or, as they are styled from the manner of conveying the whisky, Flaskers. They entered a house and deposited their laden flasks + flasket - a small flask + Flasche (ger) - bottle + eddikeflasker (Danish) - vinegar bottles.

wan (Chinese) - ten thousand; a large number + one.

Kot (ger) - dirt, filth + Lovecraft, in Through the Gates of the Silver Key, identifies a Tower named Koth situated on the borderland between dreaming and waking.

FDV: Nightly mean the while Katherine the Sot Slop in her old native's chamber cushy was saying basquing to herself her pillasleep how she heard thought thawght a knock knogg came to the door dour in at that hour howr and she dowandshe went to see was it sweeps or Shaun Shoehorn the posht with a telegram tillygram tillyeramp for the old One Himself Hemself and Co, esquara and glory bit glorybit of the saints sanets in heaven hevelt there was a creak crick on up the stairs stairkiss and when she ruz the candle cankle to see, glo glohery galohery, down she downandshe went on her knees for a to bless [her] blesseref blessersef that were knocking knogging together like milkjugs milkjuggles like as if it was the old fellows King O'Toole's googoo ghost she saw coming sliding sliving off over the sawdust out of one of the under rooms backroom that was everyone's everywan's in turn turruns Turruns in that his female trim with holding up his finger up finger hat for her to whisht, you sowbelly, and the whites of his goo eyes pious eyeballs swearing her to silence and coort:

cushy - Of a post, job, etc.: easy, comfortable, 'soft' + chambre à coucher (fr) - bedroom.

simmering - the state of being near boiling-point; the gentle murmuring of a liquid under the influence of heat + simmer - Of feelings, tendencies, etc.: To be in a state of gentle activity; to be on the verge of becoming active or breaking out.

astore - in great number; in a heap; together + asthore - my treasure, (my) darling + mo mhile stor (mu vile stor) (gael) - my thousand treasures (endearment).

Basque - a native of Biscay + bask - to expose oneself to an ambient flood of genial warmth, as in the sunshine, the rays of a fire; to derive or receive pleasure from.

pillowslip - a removable sacklike covering, usually of cotton, drawn over a pillow + {recites into her pillow in Basque language}

king + FDV: how she heard thought thawght a knock knogg came to the door dour

dour (Irish Pronunciation) - door

howr = hour

yare - an inclosure extending into a tide-way in a river or on the sea-shore, for catching fish + pierce the air + Persse O'Reilly.

Schritt (ger) - step

Schrat (ger) - hobgoblin, imp + Schratt, Kathe - dancer, mistress of Kaiser Franz Joseph.

Schweep's - Schweppe's Tonic Water

mineral = mineral water (Usu. in pl.) + mingere (l) - to urinate.

Shaun the Post + FDV: and she dowandshe went to see was it sweeps or Shaun Shoehorn the posht

telegram + tilly (Anglo-Irish) - an extra measure, 13th to the dozen.