infantine* = infantile - existing in its infancy or earliest stage of development.

Isabel* = Isabella - greyish yellow

to take the veil - to become a nun, to enter a convent or nunnery

presentation - Eccl. The action, or the right, of presenting a clergyman to a benefice, or to the bishop for institution.

peach - someone or something particularly suitable or desirable, esp. an attractive young woman.

Samaritan - a kind and helpful person

starched - stiffened with or as with starch

cuff - an ornamental part at the bottom of a sleeve, consisting of a fold of the sleeve itself turned back, a band of linen, lace, etc. sewed on, or the like.

veuve - a widow

blossoming - that blossoms or puts forth flowers; flowering, blooming.

weeper - one who weeps or sheds tears, esp. one who is constantly weeping; spec. A hired mourner at a death-bed or funeral.

queenly - belonging to, appropriate to, a queen; resembling a queen

methinks - it seems to me

cot - a small bed for a child; properly, one suspended so as to swing between uprights; a swing-cot; also frequently applied to a 'crib' or four-legged bed-stead with sides to prevent the child from falling out.

chamer = chamber (obs.)

greengage - a variety of plum of roundish shape, green colour, and fine flavour.

duett - to perform a duet

crazy quilt - a patchwork quilt made of pieces of stuff of all kinds in fantastic patterns or without any order.

wildwood - a forest of natural growth, or allowed to grow naturally; an uncultivated or unfrequented wood. (In later use chiefly poet.)

primrose* - Elliptical for primrose colour: A pale greenish yellow or lemon colour.

mauve - a bright but delicate purple dye obtained from coal-tar aniline.

daphne - the laurel; in Mythol. a nymph fabled to have been metamorphosed into a laurel.

neath - beneath

whitethorn - the common hawthorn, Cratægus Oxyacantha: so called from the lighter colour of its bark as compared with that of the blackthorn.

stilled - made quiet, quietened, silent

anon - straightway, at once, forthwith, instantly

nowth = nought - nothing                                                                                                                                                night

nacht = nought - nothing                                                                                                                                                 night

tumbril - a cart so constructed that the body tilts backwards to empty out the load; esp. a dung-cart                                tumbler

see queer scenes

yonside - the farther side; the other side

choppy - Of the sea: = chopping (breaking in short, abrupt waves, the result of a strong wind blowing against a tide or current, or of a change of wind, etc.)

long - aphetic f. along

stow - to place in a receptacle to be stored or kept in reserve.


to wet (erron. whet) one's whistle* - to take a drink

sequester - Law. To remove (property, etc.) from the possession of the owner temporarily; to seize and hold the effects of a debtor until the claims of creditors be satisfied.

propertied - possessed of, owning, or holding property; furnished with theatrical properties.

Walpurgis night* - in German folklore and esp. Goethe's Faust a feast of the powers of darkness or witches' sabbath celebrated on the Brocken, a peak in the Harz mountains, on 30 April. Also transf., an orgiastic celebration or party.

gneiss - a metamorphic rock, composed, like granite, of quartz, feldspar or orthoclase, and mica, but distinguished from it by its foliated or laminated structure                                                                                                                                             nice


Brille (d) - spectacles

knapper - a hammer used for shaping flints; also, Sc. a stone-breaker's hammer.

etiquette* - In the primary Fr. sense: A label;                   ...The smugglers, or, as they are styled from the manner of conveying the whisky, Flaskers They entered a house and deposited their laden flasks;                         flasket - a small flask.

cushy - Of a post, job, etc.: easy, comfortable, 'soft'.

simmering - the state of being near boiling-point; the gentle murmuring of a liquid under the influence of heat;         simmer - Of feelings, tendencies, etc.: To be in a state of gentle activity; to be on the verge of becoming active or breaking out.

astore - in great number; in a heap; together;                 asthore* - my treasure, (my) darling.

Basque* - a native of Biscay;                 bask - to expose oneself to, or disport oneself in, an ambient flood of genial warmth, as in the sunshine, the rays of a fire; fig. of the 'sunshine' of love,  favour, prosperity.


king;                    knock.

howr = hour

yare - an inclosure extending into a tide-way in a river or on the sea-shore, for catching fish.

Schritt (d) - step

mineral* = mineral water (Usu. in pl.)

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