glory be

crick - a painful spasmodic affection of the muscles of the neck, back, or other part, appearing as a sudden stiffness which makes it more or less impossible to move the part                                                                                                                           crack


cantle* - a section, or segment, cut out of anything                                                                                                         candle


wrake - ruin, destruction, wreck; shipwreck

Hesperus* - the evening star

googoo - an imitative representation of baby talk


slive - to slip off or away, to move quietly or slyly in some direction.

sawdust - wood in the state of small particles, detached from a tree, plank, etc. in the process of sawing.

lobby - a passage or corridor connected with one or more apartments in a building, or attached to a large hall, theatre, or the like; often used as a waiting-place or ante-room.

back room - a room at the back of a house or other building

in turns* - each in due succession; in one's due order in the series

trim - equipment, outfit, dress: usually in reference to style or appearance.

tocher - the marriage portion which a wife brings to her husband

whisht - to be silent, keep silence

sowbelly - (salted) side of pork

swear - to cause to take an oath, to bind by an oath

court* - attention or courtship shown to one whose favour, affection, or interest is sought.

juridical - of, relating to, or connected with the administration of law or judicial proceedings.

whenas - while

goodman - husband, innkeeper, landlord

fox and geese - a board game in which pegs representing geese attempt to corner the fox.

overboard* - to extremes, excessively, beyond one's means


whereas - in view or consideration of the fact that; seeing that, considering that, forasmuch as, inasmuch as. (Chiefly, now only, introducing a preamble or recital in a legal or other formal document.)

fornication* - voluntary sexual intercourse between a man (in restricted use, an unmarried man) and an unmarried woman.

albo-crural (l) = white-legged (McH)

school - to educate, train (a person, his mind, powers, tastes, etc.)

conjugation - the action of joining together or uniting

carnation - the colour of human 'flesh' (obs.); a light rosy pink, but sometimes used for a deeper crimson colour as in the carnation flower.

deretano (It) = posterior (McH)

denudation - the action of making naked or bare; a stripping off of clothing or covering; denuded condition.

retrogradation - the action, fact, or condition of falling back in development; retrogression, decline.

titillation - excitation or stimulation of the mind or senses; esp. pleasing excitement, gratification.

mitigation - abatement or relaxation of the severity or rigour of a law, penalty, or the like; alleviation of anything painful, oppressive, or calamitous.

alimentation - the supplying with the necessaries of life; maintenance, support.

reprobate - one rejected by God; one who has fallen away from grace or religion; one lost in sin.

washleather - a soft kind of leather, usually of split sheepskin, dressed to imitate chamois leather; made of wash-leather.

stump - something (e.g. a pencil, quill pen, cigar) that has been reduced by wear or consumption to a small part of its original length.

transubstantiation - the conversion in the Eucharist of the whole substance of the bread into the body and of the wine into the blood of Christ, only the appearances (and other 'accidents') of bread and wine remaining.

in respect of - in comparison with (obs.)

highpowered - having great power or drive (lit. and fig.); forceful, energetic; of good or high quality.

whereof - for what reason, wherefore; from or out of which (as source or origin, in the way of result or consequence, liberation or privation, etc.)

genteel - with excessive regard for conventional morality or ideals, puritanical.

oftentimes - many times; on many occasions, or in many cases; frequently, often.

festination - haste, speed (obs. or arch.); spec. (Path.) Involuntary hurrying in walking, as observed in some nervous diseases.

complore - to bewail or weep together (obs.)

obsecration - earnest entreaty, supplication

coagulation - the act or process of forming or uniting into a mass