confabulation - a familiar talk or conversation

pewter - any of various alloys of tin with small amounts of other metals (especially lead) + pint - a vessel containing a pint; a pint-pot.

Gilbey - kind of gin + O'Giollabuidhe (o'gilibwi) (gael) - descendant of Giollabuidhe ("yellow lad").

whey - watery part of milk produced when raw milk sours and coagulates + FDV: by all that's holy this pewterful of goatswhey which is his prime consolation,

esophagus -  the passage between the pharynx and the stomach

regurgitation -  the reflex act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth

eructation - the action of voiding wind from the stomach through the mouth; belching + (in The Clouds, Aristophanes ponders if a gnat's buzzing emits from its mouth or from its anus).

offensive - unpleasant or disgusting especially to the senses

dilatation - widening out, expansion

nepmen - a small private traders in Russia during the third decade of the 20th century + FDV: if he was still extremely offensive to the 24 a score & four nostrils dilatation still sure he was likewise on the other side has as I believe I shd might have been [without the least alienation] distinctly the two a pair of eye's eyes' delectation

delectation - delight, enjoyment, great pleasure

alienation - the feeling of being alienated from other people

pray - an act of praying; a prayer (obs. rare.) + please + FDV: so prays of his fault you wd make an obliteration

bar - the barrier or wooden rail marking off the immediate precinct of the judge's seat, at which prisoners are stationed for arraignment, trial, or sentence + behind bars - Of a person: In prison, locked away + (notebook 1924): 'behind behind prison bars' Connacht Tribune 7 Jun 1924, 2/3: 'Tuam District Council': (of political prisoners) 'no patriots should now be behind prison bars in Ireland'.

Findlater, Adam - 19th-century Dubliner who made money in groceries and spent it in civic restoration. The Dublin Presbyterian chapel in Parnell Square was restored by him and is called Findlater's Church.  

estimation - the respect with which a person is held; favorable opinion

sum up - (of the judge in a trial, or of counsel concluding his case for his client) to recapitulate (the evidence) to the jury before they retire to consider their verdict, giving an exposition of points of law when necessary + FDV: but as for our friend behind the bars though a man of high estimation, summing him up to be done,

excess - immoderation as a consequence of going beyond sufficient or permitted limits

exaltation - elation of feeling, a state of rapturous emotion, an undue degree of pleasurable excitement

sully - an act of sullying, soiling, or polluting (lit. and fig.); a stain, blemish + Sulla - Roman soldier-politician + O'Suiligh (o'suli) (gael) - descendant of Suileach ("quick-eyed") + Sully, leader of the twelve (*O*) and Magrath's thug.

extenuation - an attempt to represent an offense as less serious than it appears by showing mitigating circumstances + FDV: be what will [of spirits excess] his hyperborean exaltation is no this we think, is no extinuation for contravention to our statute & common legislation

contravention - violation, infringement, transgression

legislation - the whole body of enacted laws

remedy - the manner in which a right is enforced or satisfied by a court when some harm or injury, recognized by society as a wrongful act, is inflicted upon an individual + FDV: for which the appropriate expiation resides in corporal amputation

"Foughtarundser...  had not been three monads in his watery grave" [078.19] + "— Three quarks for Muster Mark!" [383.01]

Jeroboam - king of Israel ('a mighty man of valour' (1 Kings xi. 28), 'who made Israel to sin') 912 B.C + jeroboam - wine bottle holding 4/5 gallon.

whiskered - having whiskers + FDV: so three months for the old Jeraboam the beerheaded pest of the park,

pest - any thing or person that is noxious, destructive, or troublesome; a 'curse', 'plague' + park-pest (Slang) - man who accosts girls in park.

schedule - any tabular or classified statement, esp. one arranged under headings prescribed by official authority

jark - a seal + FDV: as per act one, section two, schedule three, clause four of the first fifth of King Jark,

nolens volens - willing or unwilling, whether willing or not, willy-nilly + volans (l) - flying + O'Nuallain (o'nulan) (gael) - descendant of Nuallan (diminutive of nuall, "noble") + FDV: this sentence to be carried out by Nolans Volans tomorrow morn at six o'clock shark

trans. Cluain Meala (klun male) (gael) - Meadow of Honey, Co. Tipperary; anglic. Clonmel + Clonmel prison, County Tipperary + "where the Meadow of Honey is guestfriendly" [076.04] + "and swing for your perfect stranger in the meadow of heppiness and then wipe the street up with the clonmellian, pending my bringing proceedings verses the joyboy before a bunch of magistrafes and twelve good and gleeful men? [443.09-12]

hurlyburly - characterized by or attended with commotion, tumult, or disturbance; tumultuous + FDV: & may maiz the may the yeastwind hail whohehail hoppinghail of have malt mercy on his honeymead & his hurlyburlygrowth.

Clarke, Sir Edward (b.1841) - Enghish lawyer and politician, defended Wilde at one of his trials + FDV: Amen says the clerk! 

FDV: nice niece by nice by neat by natt whilst in revery's happy gardens nine & twenty Leixlip yearlings had such a lovely ripping time playing plaguing having with gleeful cries of what is little shaun made of made of and weeping like fun, him to be gone, for they were never so happier than when they were miserable

natty - marked by smartness in dress and manners

amongst = among

revery = reverie - a fit of abstracted musing; a 'brown study' or day-dream.

yearling - U.S. colloq. A student in his first year or beginning his second year at college + darlings.

darter - a person or animal that darts or moves swiftly; daughters (Slang)

ripping - slang. Excellent, splendid.

topping - very fine, excellent, tip-top, first-rate (colloq. and slang.)

What are little girls made of, made of? (nursery rhyme)

bolster - a long stuffed pillow or cushion used to support the sleeper's head in a bed; the name is now restricted to the under-pillow, stuffed with something firm, which extends from side to side, and on which the softer and flatter pillows are laid.

hardship - a condition which presses unusually hard upon one who has to endure it; hardness of fate or circumstance; severe toil or suffering

glimmer - a feeble or wavering light; a faint gleam (of knowledge, hope, etc.)

coverlet - the uppermost covering of a bed; a counterpane, quilt

cowardice - want of courage to face danger

ALBERT NYANZA - Lake (nyanza) in central Africa; receives the Victoria Nile from Lake Victoria (Victoria Nyanza) and is the source of the Albert Nile + albatross. 

VICTORIA NYANZA - Lake (nyanza) Victoria, in central Africa, the source (through the Albert Nynaza) of the White Nile + victa (fem.) (l) - defeated, vanquished. 

mortified - deadened, numbed, insensible (obs.)

fell - animal skin + beautiful + (gown).

modern + mathairin (maherin) (gael) - little mother + maidrin (mod'rin) (gael) - little dog + Moddereen Rue = maidrin ruadh (mod'erin rue) (gael) - "red little dog": fox.

arue - to be sorry, to feel regret, compassion, or pity + 'an maidrin ruadh ruadh ruadh ruadh ruadh': "the red red red red red little dog" i.e., "the fox fox fox fox fox" - refrain of children's song

holy poker - an oath; the penis + by the holy poker (by the holy poker and tumbling Tom!) - a mainly jocular expletive of uncertain meaning + Hokey Pokey (song).

brazier - a portable metal container for burning charcoal or coal (French braise: live coals)

dinny - resounding with or filled with din + the penny has dropped - a situation or statement has belatedly been comprehended; one has reacted belatedly. (With allusion to the mechanism of a penny-in-the-slot machine) + duine (dini) (gael) - person.

dyke - a water-closet or urinal (slang); a small pond or pool (dial.)

cry off - to exclaim that a negotiation is broken off, on the part of the exclaimer; to announce one's withdrawal from a negotiation, engagement, etc. + FDV: A cry, off.

FDV: Tell me us something. Where are we at all?

whenabouts - the time (or the approximate time) at which a thing happened


FDV: Interior of home dwelling on the outskirts of city. Ordinary bedroom set. Pink Salmon wall paper. Right Back centre, empty Irish grate. Left wall, Right North wall with window, practicable [no curtain, blind drawn]. South wall. Bed for two. Chair for one. Woman's clothes garments charged against on chair. Man's trousers, collar with tie on bedknob. Linen Man's corduroy coat on nail, well right. Woman's gown on ditto, ditto left. Small table near bed, front. Lighted Lamp without globe practicable, newspaper, Saint Andrew's tie, glass tumbler etc on table. Time: about four a.m.

balm - fig. Aromatic fragrance, agreeable perfume.

mead - meadow + TEACH MIODHCHUARTA - The great banqueting hall at Royal Tara. The name means "house of the circulation of mead." 

garth - a small piece of enclosed ground, usually beside a house or other building, used as a yard, garden, or paddock

fion (fin) (gael) - wine + fíonghort (Irish) - vineyard + Fionn (fin) (gael) - Fair + Finn.

scene plot - the list and description of the scenes in a play

property plot - a list of the properties required for a play

stagemanager - one whose office it is to superintend the production and performance of a play, and to regulate the arrangements of the stage

prompt - quick to act when occasion arises