confabulation - a familiar talk or conversation

pewter - a grey alloy of tin and lead, usually containing one fifth of its weight of lead, for which other metals are sometimes substituted, partly or entirely, in the composition of different varieties;                     pint - a vessel containing a pint; a pint-pot.

whey - the serum or watery part of milk which remains after the separation of the curd by coagulation, esp. in the manufacture of cheese.

esophagus* - the tube or canal (in man and the higher animals musculo-membranous) extending from the mouth to the stomach, and serving for the passage of food and drink; the gullet.

regurgitation - the act of pouring or gushing back; the fact of re-issuing or being ejected again from a receptacle. Chiefly Med. with reference either to the blood or to food.

eructation - the action of voiding wind from the stomach through the mouth; belching.

offensive - causing painful or unpleasant sensations; now in reference to taste or smell, or to the moral feelings.

dilatation - widening out, expansion, enlargement

nepmen - a small private traders in Russia during the third decade of the 20th century.

delectation - delight, enjoyment, great pleasure

alienation - withdrawal, loss, or derangement of mental faculties; insanity.

pray - an act of praying; a prayer (obs. rare.)

behind bars* - Of a person: In prison, locked away;                bar - the barrier or wooden rail marking off the immediate precinct of the judge's seat, at which prisoners are stationed for arraignment, trial, or sentence.

estimation - the condition of being esteemed; 'account' or worth in the opinion of others.

to sum up - (of the judge in a trial, or of counsel concluding his case for his client) to recapitulate (the evidence) to the jury before they retire to consider their verdict, giving an exposition of points of law when necessary.

excess - ecstasy, trance, stupefaction (obs.); the overstepping the limits of moderation; an instance of this.

exaltation - elation of feeling, a state of rapturous emotion, an undue degree of pleasurable excitement.

sully - an act of sullying, soiling, or polluting (lit. and fig.); a stain, blemish.

contravention - violation, infringement, transgression

legislation - the whole body of enacted laws

remedy - legal redress

Jeroboam - king of Israel ('a mighty man of valour' (1 Kings xi. 28), 'who made Israel to sin') 912 B.C.

whiskered - having whiskers

pest - any thing or person that is noxious, destructive, or troublesome; a 'curse', 'plague'.

jark - a seal

schedule - any tabular or classified statement, esp. one arranged under headings prescribed by official authority.

nolens volens* - willing or unwilling, whether willing or not, willy-nilly.

hurlyburly - characterized by or attended with commotion, tumult, or disturbance; tumultuous.

natty - neatly smart; spruce, trim; exhibiting dainty tidiness, taste or skill.

amongst = among

revery = reverie - a fit of abstracted musing; a 'brown study' or day-dream.

yearling - U.S. colloq. A student in his first year or beginning his second year at college.

darter - a person or animal that darts or moves swiftly

ripping - slang. Excellent, splendid

topping - very fine, excellent, tip-top, first-rate (colloq. and slang.)

bolster - a long stuffed pillow or cushion used to support the sleeper's head in a bed; the name is now restricted to the under-pillow, stuffed with something firm, which extends from side to side, and on which the softer and flatter pillows are laid.

hardship - a condition which presses unusually hard upon one who has to endure it; hardness of fate or circumstance; severe toil or suffering.

glimmer - a feeble or wavering light; a faint gleam (of knowledge, hope, etc.)

coverlet - the uppermost covering of a bed; a counterpane, quilt.

cowardice - want of courage to face danger

mortified - deadened, numbed, insensible (obs.)


arue - to be sorry, to feel regret, compassion, or pity

hodgepoker* - a bug-bear or hobgoblin

dinny - resounding with or filled with din;                 the penny has dropped - a situation or statement has belatedly been comprehended; one has reacted belatedly. (With allusion to the mechanism of a penny-in-the-slot machine).

dyke - a water-closet or urinal (slang); a small pond or pool (dial.)

cry off - to exclaim that a negotiation is broken off, on the part of the exclaimer; to announce one's withdrawal from a negotiation, treaty, engagement, etc.

whenabouts - the time (or the approximate time) at which a thing happened.

balm - fig. Aromatic fragrance, agreeable perfume

mead - meadow

garth - a small piece of enclosed ground, usually beside a house or other building, used as a yard, garden, or paddock.

scene plot - the list and description of the scenes in a play

property plot - a list of the properties required for a play

stagemanager - one whose office it is to superintend the production and performance of a play, and to regulate the arrangements of the stage.

prompt - ready in action; quick to act when occasion arises; acting with alacrity; ready and willing.