groove - a 'channel' or routine of action or life; Theatr. ...The scenery is pushed back as far as it will go in the slides, or grooves, so called.

boxed - enclosed in, or as in, a box; confined within uncomfortably narrow limits.

set - the setting, stage furniture, etc., used on stage in a theatre.

salmon - of the colour of the flesh of salmon; a kind of orange-pink.

grate - a frame of metal bars for holding the fuel in a fireplace or furnace. Hence, the fireplace itself.

Adam - late 16th century architecture style with classic ornaments.

mantel - mantelpiece

wilt - to become limp

elopement - the action of eloping;                 elope - Law. Of a wife: To run away from her husband in the company of a paramour; gen. To run away, escape, abscond.

fan - an instrument for blowing a fire

soot - a black carbonaceous substance or deposit consisting of fine particles formed by the combustion of coal, wood, oil, or other fuel.

tinsel - cheap and showy ornamentation, gaudy stage costumes, anglers' flies.

condemned - pronounced to be guilty; adjudged or officially pronounced unfit for use.

practicable - Theatr. Said of windows, doors, etc., which are capable of actual use in the play, as distinct from things merely simulated.

argentine - imitation silver, electroplate

casement - a frame or sash forming a window or part of a window, opening on hinges attached to the upright side of the frame in which it is fixed.

vamp - anything vamped, patched up, or refurbished; a patchwork.

pelmet* - a valance or horizontal strip of curtain, wood or other material, fitted across the top  of a door or window, usu. to conceal curtain fittings.

blind - spec. A screen for a window, made of woven material mounted on a roller, of wire gauze, etc.; used to prevent the entrance of too much light, or to keep people from seeing in.

party wall - a wall which divides two adjoining properties (owners) usu. having half of his thickness on each property.

bedspread - a decorative cloth cover for a bed; a light coverlet for a bed, usually removed  when the bed is occupied.

wickerworker - one who makes wickerwork

Sessel (l) - armchair

milking stool* - a three-legged stool

shrine - a box, coffer; a cabinet, chest

without - outside (or out of) the place mentioned or implied; esp. outside the house or room.

facetowel - a small smooth-surfaced towel (for face)

crossbelt - a double belt passing over both shoulders and crossing at the breast.

knob - a small globular body at the top or other extremity of something.

corduroy - a kind of coarse, thick-ribbed cotton stuff, worn chiefly by labourers or persons engaged in rough work.

surcoat - an outer coat or garment, commonly of rich material, worn by people of rank of both sexes; often worn by armed men over their armour, and having the heraldic arms depicted on it.

tabret - a small kind of drum, used chiefly as an accompaniment to the pipe or trumpet.

tace = tasse - pl. A series of articulated splints or plates depending from the corslet, placed so that each slightly overlapped the one below it, forming a sort of kilt of armour to protect the thighs and the lower part of the trunk.

nacre - the pinna or sea-pen, or other shell-fish yielding mother-of-pearl; a smooth, shining, iridescent substance forming the inner layer in many shells.

ditto - a thing mentioned previously

Michael - archangel identified as patron of the Jewish nation and leader in war against the devil.

lance - a horse-soldier armed with a lance; a lancer

eiderdown* - a quilt filled with eider-down or any similar soft material; a heavily napped wool or cotton or man-made fabric of thick texture, in plain and fancy colours, used for petticoats, cloaks, bath-robes, etc.

lime - colloq. abbrev. of limelight. Freq. in pl.;                limelight - the intense white light produced by heating a piece of lime in an oxyhydrogen flame. Called also Drummond light. Formerly much used in theatres to light up important actors and scenes, and so direct attention to them.

gazette - a news-sheet; a periodical publication giving an account of current events.

yule* - Christmas and the festivities connected therewith; locally applied to articles of food made specially for Christmas as yule-bread, -cake, -dough, -loaf

ticker - the pendulum or escapement of a clock or watch; also (slang) a watch.

prop - an article or object used to aid in creating a realistic effect.

eventual - of or pertaining to events or occurrences; of the nature of an event or result.

gummy - toothless; of the nature of gum

dumb show - In the early drama, A part of a play represented by action without speech, chiefly in order to exhibit more of the story than could otherwise be included, but sometimes merely emblematical.

closeup - an intimate view or examination; a theatrical scene in which action is focused on the facial expression and emotional tension of characters.

lead - Theatr. The leading or principal part in a play; one who plays such a part.

hind - situated behind, in the rear, or at the back

matt - Of colours, surfaces: Without lustre, dull, 'dead';                        mate - checkmate.

fishy - Of the eye: Dull, vacant of expression

homo - - same;             homoplast* - an organ or part homoplastic with another;             homoplastic - Biol. Having a similarity of structure without community of origin: said of parts or organs of different animals or plants;                platt (d) - flat.

pondus - a weight; chiefly fig. power to influence or bias (obs.)

ruddy - red or reddish

Armenian bole - a pale red-coloured earth from Armenia, used medicinally, and in the composition of tooth-powders.

black patch - a disease of red clover characterized by groups of blackened plants;            patch - Anat. and Path. A small well-defined area of the skin, etc. distinct in colour or appearance.

episcopalian - belonging to an episcopal church, esp. (usually with initial capital) to the Anglican Church.

haggish - like, resembling, or of the nature of a hag

peaky - peaked, pointed; peak-like

feathery* - light, flimsy;                 featherweight* - Boxing. Applied to a pugilist who is very light, as distinguished from a heavy-, middle-, or light-weight.

Welsh rabbit - a dish consisting of cheese and a little butter melted and mixed together, to which are added ale, cayenne pepper, and salt, the whole being stirred until it is creamy, and then poured over buttered toast: also, simply, slices of toasted cheese laid on toast.

teint  = taint (obs.) - colour, hue, tint, tinge, dye (obs.)

Nubian - pertaining or belonging to the country of Nubia

nasal - of, belonging or pertaining to, the nose

fossette - a little hollow, depression, or dimple

turfy - having the nature or appearence of peat

tuft - a small tufted patch of hair on the head or chin; a lock

undersized - below the proper or ordinary size

Free Church* - a church free from state control; (With small initials.) A church in which the seats are free.              kirk - the Northern English and Scotch form of the word church, in all its senses.

callboy - a youth employed (in a theatre) to attend upon the prompter, and call the actors when required on the stage.

tabler - a backgammon board; hence, the game of backgammon or 'tables'. Also, a chess-board.

footage - the length in feet of cinematographic or television film used in photographing a scene, etc.

sinewy - having strong, well-developed, or prominent sinews.

sallow - Of the skin or complexion: Having a sickly yellow or brownish yellow colour.

nanny - nickname for Anne; a child's form of address to a nurse; hence, a children's nurse;                nanny goat - a she-goat.

gambit - a method of opening the game, in which by the sacrifice of a pawn or piece the player seeks to obtain some advantage over his opponent. The original gambit is that by which a bishop's pawn is offered (King's or Queen's gambit), but the name is also given to other openings, many of which are distinguished by special names.

bunk - a box or recess in a ship's cabin, railway-carriage, lodging-house, etc., serving for a bed; a sleeping-berth. Freq. one of two or more beds arranged in a tier.

mesopotamic* - of the nature of a 'Mesopotamia' or district between two rivers;            Mesopotamia - a proper name for the tract between the Tigris and the Euphrates. Sometimes used allusively in etymological sense for: A tract between two rivers.

nightlamp* - a lamp which is kept burning during the night, esp. in a bedroom.

billy = billy-goat - Familiar term for: A male goat